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Sized’ Teaser For Marvel’s ‘Ant

Final week we were teased with an “ant-sized” teaser trailer for Marvel’s upcoming superhero movie, Ant-Man. At this time, the studio thankfully launched a human-sized version of the 15-second clip in order that non-insects can m&m t shirts for adults tell what the hell is occurring. But not a lot will be revealed in a scant quarter-minute. We see star Paul Rudd at his most badass, bandages on his eye and backpack slung over his shoulder. We see some sort of prison brawl. We see Ant-Man’s legs sprinting somewhere essential. That’s Men’s Cotton foam mask superhero templates nightwing Short Sleeve Tee Shirt about it. To see more we’ll should tune into the premiere of ABC’s m&m t shirts for adults Agent Carter on Tuesday night for the total-length teaser. So sure, this was just a teaser for the teaser. fumetto (And sure, that makes last week’s “ant-sized” clip a teaser for a teaser for a teaser.) On July sixteen, we will count on someplace round a whole two hours of Ant-Man content when Marvel releases the precise feature movie in theaters. We won’t wait.