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Younger Justice Wiki

Martian Manhunter (real title J’onn J’onzz, alias John Jones) is a Martian and a founding member of the Justice League.[6] He is Miss Martian’s mentor and uncle.

Martian Manhunter is a severe and stage-headed voice of motive for the Justice League. He at all times speaks with politeness to his associates, each young and previous, and has not proven any sign of anger or ego, though he may be stern at occasions.[4]

He is caring and protecting of his niece, Miss Martian, who he initially did not deliver to the Corridor of Justice to satisfy with the opposite young heroes.[4] Ultimately he changed his mind and launched her to the Crew.[7] He later visited her on the Cave to see how she was doing, a number of instances.[Eight][1]

Martian Manhunter’s human alter ego, John Jones.
Martian Manhunter usually prefers to take the form of a tall, green-skinned humanoid. His head is totally bald, and his face is oddly proportioned, with heavy brows, thick lips and pink eyes.

His costume is primarily black, with crimson accents, and a large purple belt and x-shaped straps throughout his chest. He always wears a blue cape that’s fastened by gold clips.[Four]

In his civilian identification of John Jones, he takes on the look of a bald, middle aged African American male with brown eyes.[1]

Martian Manhunter’s pure appearance is much like that of Miss Martian, with features that look monstrous to human eyes, except that he is bigger than she is and has green pores and skin.[9]

In 1955, J’onn J’onzz was transported from Mars to Earth as a consequence of a Zeta-Beam accident that came about throughout an experiment conducted by Dr. Erdel.[10] Stranded on Earth for decades, J’onn grew to become the hero Martian Manhunter.[Eleven] He lives in an residence in Chicago.[12]

In February[thirteen] 2003,[14] the Martian Manhunter worked along with six other heroes[15] to defeat an Appellaxian invasion, and eventually drove them off the planet.[16] The seven assembled heroes then formed the Justice League,[13] with them as the founding members.[4]

In June 2010,[17] he found a martian girl who claimed to be his niece, stowed away on his ship on a trip back from Mars.[18] After contacting her dad and mom and receiving their permission,[19] he decided to let her stay with him for the time being.[20] Miss Martian is the daughter of J’onn’s sister from an interracial marriage to a white Martian.[9]

When Batman, Flash, Aquaman and Inexperienced Arrow determined it was time to take steps through which to induct their sidekicks Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad and Speedy into the League, J’onn and Red Twister were both current at their first go to to the Hall of Justice. He welcomed them inside and gave them a short tour, culminating in the library, and which point Speedy confronted the grownup heroes about all the stuff that had been kept from them such as the orbiting satellite headquarters called the Watchtower. As Speedy stormed off, Green Arrow inquired if J’onn was glad that he did not carry “you recognize who” along, which J’onn couldn’t assist but agree with.[4]

After the sidekicks managed to defeat Blockbuster at Cadmus Labs, the League agreed that the kids had made a formidable team, and opted to turn them into the League’s covert operative group. Seeing what the newly created Group had accomplished, J’onn determined it was time to introduce them to overlook Martian.[7]

Martian Manhunter is greeted by his niece within the Cave.
Some time later, J’onn paid a go to to the Team’s base inside Mount Justice, where he greeted his niece very warmly, and proceeded to watch the Staff’s first fight coaching classes with Black Canary, shortly earlier than they were assigned a mission by Batman.[8]

Just a few months later, he and Red Twister helped Miss Martian and Superboy put together for his or her first day of faculty. Martian Manhunter revealed that his Earth title was “John Jones”, whereas Pink Twister went by John Smith”, and prompt that Superboy would possibly go by “John” as properly. Superboy goes with “Conner”, a reputation Miss Martian chosen, and the final name “Kent”, which Martian Manhunter suggested.[1]

Martian Manhunter and Superman took down the Terror Twins after their three-state rampage.[21]
Martian Manhunter fought and defeated the Headmaster.[21]

Following the assault on the Cave, Martian Manhunter helped repair the pc techniques with Captain Atom. Throughout the repairs he stopped and petted Sphere.[22]

After the Injustice League attacked a number of world cities with mutated plant creatures, the Justice League responded in full power. Aquaman and Martian Manhunter took care of a plant that had fully lined the Eiffel tower. They acquired assist from Icon and Rocket.[23]

As a part of the Workforce’s training, Batman and Martian Manhunter devised a telepathic simulation that would teach them mary poppins t shirts the best way to deal with an alien invasion after the League was killed in action. However, after Artemis was “killed” in the mission, Miss Martian’s far superior mental powers took over the simulation. With a purpose to regain control, he needed to enter the illusion. But in the method, his thoughts was overwhelmed by the Workforce’s emotional turmoil, and he could not remember why he entered. Solely after all different members of the Workforce had been killed might he get via to his niece. He “killed” her, so the telepathic trance could be lifted.[24]

He was shocked his niece possessed telepathic powers which, although crude, outmatched his own. He expressed his concerns to Batman, who had his fingers full in consoling the Workforce after their traumatic experience.[24]

Martian Manhunter and Batman kept shut watch on the Crew, who had been nonetheless not totally recovered from the trauma. After Superboy ran off with the remodeled Sphere and reported again, Martian Manhunter agreed with Batman that they need to investigate Sphere.[25]

Martian Manhunter fought alongside his niece at one in every of five flying ice fortresses that covered the United States with snow. He telekinetically destroys a defensive turret, earlier than Zatanna brought the airship down.[26]

Martian Manhunter was with Batman to ease Green Arrow and Black Canary after viewing surveillance footage of Canary apparently kissing Superboy. J’onn assured her it was a common recreation on Mars, and Conner likely knew it wasn’t Black Canary. It didn’t absolutely fulfill Dinah.[27]

Martian Manhunter took a vocal position in the discussion to admit extra members to the Justice League. He feared that a bigger League would spark opposing groups just like the Injustice League. Superman offered him the opportunity to vote no on all candidates. After discussing Pink Arrow’s maturity, Martian Manhunter questioned age, as his niece was grownup in human years, but not but biologically. She was eventually added to the record of candidates.[28]

Martian Manhunter was present on the press conference concerning the induction of Atom, Physician Destiny, Icon, Plastic Man and Purple Arrow into the League.[29]

After being made a slave of the light’s thoughts management, Martian Manhunter welcomed Vandal Savage aboard the Watchtower with a silent kneel of obedience.[29] Within the time he was enthralled, the light used him and five other Leaguers to attack Rimbor. For sixteen hours, they went on a rampage, and instructed all current to beware the Justice League, and Earth.[Sixteen]

When Black Canary, Purple Tornado and Purple Arrow came to the satellite and Klarion discovered they weren’t underneath mind control, he summoned the six heroes that had been on a mission again to the base. Martian Manhunter wished to attack Pink Arrow, however he was taken down by an incendiary arrow.

When the Staff arrived, he fought his niece. Though he caught her making an attempt to sneak up on him, she changed into her true kind and placed him in a telepathic inferno. She then positioned a cure-tech patch on him.[30]

Martian Manhunter was present on the debriefing of Purple Arrow.[30]
Martian Manhunter and Purple Tornado monitored the disappearance of several heroes, and held a conference with Mal Duncan and Nightwing about it.[31]

Martian Manhunter was certainly one of a number of Justice League members who had responded to the emergency in Metropolis. He was unable to contact anyone contained in the power subject telepathically, nor could he density shift by means of the sector.[32]

Manhunter and the others regarded on as the alien ship fired an power beam at the pressure discipline, to no obvious effect.[32]

Martian Manhunter determined to confront Metropolis’s attacker. He levitated Flash and himself to the ship and hailed it verbally, telepathically and on all frequencies. They were backed up by a squad of Crew members inside an invisible bubble generated by Zatanna.[32]

Martian Manhunter, the Flash, and Atom sneaked aboard the alien vessel, and have been quickly approached by the Collector of Worlds. Martian Manhunter telekinetically levitated the Collector, and tried to disable him. Nevertheless, the Collector’s bolstered skeleton proved to be too powerful to dismember. Martian Manhunter and his crew had been finally defeated by the Collector, and dropped, via a hatch, from the Collector’s ship.[33]

The three heroes fell on prime of the bottle.[34]
After Nightwing contacted Martian Manhunter that they had been contained in the ship, J’onn lifted Flash and Atom to security.[34]

Martian Manhunter phased again aboard the ship, the place those who had been on Kylstar’s vessel had joined them. The original coludroid was destroyed, but dozens extra coludroids showed up and surrounded the heroes. Nightwing and Atom persuaded the Collector to shut down the beam that shrunk the town.[35]

Back on the ground, Martian Manhunter mentioned the double alien incursion with Captain Atom, Nightwing and the others.[35]

After an assault by Lobo on a Krolotean within the UN constructing, the League and the Staff convened a meeting the best way to deal with the matter. Martian Manhunter introduced his good friend Adam Unusual alongside, who may provide them with lots of information on the Kroloteans, and a related theft on Rann. The League and the Group had been cut up up into several squads to deal with the Kroloteans on Earth.[36]

After Gamma Squad saved hostages from the Kroloteans and destroyed their dwelling base, Martian Manhunter arrived on the scene with the rest of the Justice League and the Crew.[36]

Martian Manhunter interrogated a Krolotean captured by Robin, Blue mary poppins t shirts Beetle and Lagoon Boy in New Orleans. He tried for days to work on the translation of the alien language, however couldn’t get through. Miss Martian interrupted the interrogation and extracted the data of the Krolotean’s thoughts, which left him comatose.[16]

Martian Manhunter and Miss Martian broke in the Krolotean base on Malina Island, disguised as Kroloteans. While the Justice League and the Group have been discovered by the Manta Troopers and the Kroloteans, they stole a data disk containing schematics of the Kroloteans and escaped the bottom. They entered the Bio-Ship and waited till the Workforce and the Justice League evacuated the bottom, before the bomb went off. They flew away within the ship, nearly being engulfed in the explosion.[Sixteen]

Martian Manhunter and the opposite accused Leaguers had to depart for Rimbor to stand trial for their actions beneath the light’s thoughts management. Martian Manhunter stated goodbye to overlook Martian, and requested her to water the plants at his condo.[Sixteen]

L-Ron showcased an image of Martian Manhunter to Despero, as one in all Earth’s most highly effective beings that would challenged for a match. However, he moved on to other prospect contenders, because of Martian Manhunter’s absence from the planet.[12]

Martian Manhunter watched on as Superman pleaded his case to the Tribune. When the trial was interrupted by a message that the Reach was on Earth, John Stewart explained their history to Martian Manhunter.[37]

Manhunter and the other Leaguers had been found responsible of all fees and taken away. Superboy, Miss Martian and Adam Strange arrived in courtroom, introduced new proof and argued the Tribunal ought to reverse its determination. After further deliberation, the charges in opposition to J’onn and the Leaguers had been dropped and so they had been launched from custody.[38]

As Manhunter and the opposite Leaguers walked the streets of Rimbor, able to return to Earth, Vandal Savage broadcast a message by holographic displays, declaring Earth off limits to alien invasion. Superman was skeptical about Savage’s menace, but then Batman pointed to a large satellite tv for pc, the Warworld, passing by way of Rimbor.[38]

The League lastly arrived at Mount Justice, J’onn amongst them. The mountain was in ruins, and Superman questioned whether they had been already too late in coping with the invasion that embroiled the Earth before and through their absence. Members of the Workforce descended from the heavens, performing as a welcoming committee. Batman requested Aqualad, who of their last meeting was still a traitor, what happened there. Aqualad reassured them that the disaster has passed, but not without loss.[38]

When the Staff was summoned to the mission room for a face-to-face meeting with mary poppins t shirts members of the League, Martian Manhunter was among the leaguers current. Batman informed them that they would now operate facet-by-facet with the Justice League from the Watchtower. Not because Mount Justice was destroyed, but because they earned the correct to do so. The League then left the Group to its personal units.[38]

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Like all Martians, the Martian Manhunter possesses a lengthy variety of abilities, together with the next:[39]

Bodily skills: – Form-shifting: J’onn is able to shape-shifting.[Forty] He takes the form of John Jones to indicate Superboy his Earth Id.[1] He later takes the type of a Krolotean on a mission.[16] – Malleability: J’onn’s malleability was copied by the android Amazo.[8] When managed by the Starro-tech he shifts his body from back to entrance to apprehend Miss Martian who was sneaking up behind him.[30]
Healing: His form-shifting allows him to heal sooner than a human would.[40]

– Telepathy: Telepathy comes naturally to Martians.[46] J’onn can set up a telepathic link with everybody in proximity, allowing for the sharing of thoughts and recollections.[36] He used it to create a psychological training simulation for the younger heroes.[24] – Multilingualism: J’onn can communicate Martian and English. He may psychically translate languages. Nevertheless, the Krolotean language was too advanced with basically completely different construction, that J’onn was unable to facilitate translation regardless of working for days on the task.[Sixteen]

– Flight: By telekinetically shifting himself, he can simulate flight.[40]
– Organic clothes: J’onn wears organic clothing that may change dimension, form and colour in response to his mental commands.[1]

– Heat: J’onn may be weakened when uncovered to direct heat or hearth, or perhaps a telepathic simulation of it.[30]

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