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What To put In Your Stage Manager’s Kit

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What To put In Your Stage Manager’s Kit
Up to date on October 6, 2012 The Inexperienced Lady moreContact Creator What Does A Stage Supervisor Want
What To place in Your Stage Manager’s Equipment

In a theatre manufacturing the Stage Supervisor or SM is the keeper of all records and schedules, the organiser, the problem solver, the nurse, the agony aunt. The Stage Manager is the go-to individual for all the things. The SM liaises with each member of the manufacturing group and the performers. From pre-manufacturing, through the rehearsal period the SM is conserving all the pieces organised and on monitor. When the manufacturing moves into the theatre for the tech rehearsals, the SM is in cost. Typically a director will move on to the following job once the present opens.

There are some essential stuff you want to keep in your SM package. Most have two kits – one for stuff you need to maintain all the time handy and one other for other tools and issues that normally stays in the theatre or your automotive.

I’ve a kind of small artists software belt that I picked up at a type of two greenback long straight black hair with bangs type stores for under $4.00 (go figure!). I keep all of the helpful things I would like on my person so I can grab something regardless of where within the theatre I am.

Skilled Utility Belts
Value Vary | Tooling Around – Toolbelts
Professional leather toolbelts for the entertainment and fashion industry. These embody hairstylist, make-up artists, cameramans, DYI and all goal toolbelts.
ON- HAND Package

Pens, lead pencils and sharpener ( or go for the press-sort, no must sharpen), eraser, marking pen/sharpies, paper clips, publish-it notes.

Small scissors, multitool, tape measure (25m).
Work/Riggers Gloves. Carpenter’s gloves have the thumb and first two fingers minimize out so you can still do positive work, I sometimes wear one like this and one full glove when lighting or set moving.

Sewing needles and thread both gentle and dark, Security pins.
Spike/Marking tape in different colours (I always keep white, yellow and pink.)

Glow tape and PVC electricians tape
Gaff or cloth tape – black. All the time write ‘SM Gaff-palms off!’ inside long straight black hair with bangs your roll. Gaffer tape is a valuable commodity in theatre and everyone will want to ‘borrow’ it. Watch out for the set crew! I keep mine attached to my belt loop or instrument belt.

Torch – cover the beam with a bit of blue lighting gel to cut the glare and reflection. Some use a clip-on e-book light with a dimmer. Additionally, you may get small USB lamps that attach to your laptop computer.

Stopwatch (most phones can do that).

Tissues, Throat lozenges.
IN THEATRE Equipment

Get a primary software package.
Screwdrivers, pliers, wire cutter, utility knife, level, cable ties, string for traces, scale ruler, set square, large scissors, nails and screws, cordless drill.

Extra Workplace Provides-
Coloured pencils, highlighters, glue (PVA), stapler (with remover), hole punch, rubber bands, paper clips. Clear sticky tape, double-sided tape.

Further scripts.
Someone is sure to forget theirs and also you can’t lend yours out.

Small sewing equipment – that includes a dressmakers measuring tape and some Velcro strips.

Extension cord(s), USB cords. (Remember that each one electrical appliances must be examined and tagged before getting used within the theatre.) Digital digital camera. Batteries.

Personal Provides –
Tampons, band-aids (get good cloth kind ones, as typically the plastic one’s won’t stick to actor’s sweaty pores and skin.) Cotton balls and cotton tips, lip balm, paracetamol or related, hair pins, wet wipes, anti-bacterial hand cleansing lotion.

First assist equipment (typically the theatre may have one, test it to make sure it’s full).
Tool Kits
Stanley 94-248 65-Piece Homeowner’s Instrument Package Buy Now Wonderful Theatre Provide Firm

The Manufacturing Store Theatre, Movie, AV provides
The Production Store opened its doorways in early 1998 with the intent to supply its clients with the finest high quality products available and to take action to a degree of service that is second to none within our business.
What kind of Toolbox
How you keep your kit(s) collectively is entirely as much as you. Many people don’t wish to lug an enormous toolbox around, and they are often expensive.

You need to use a canvas bag, a bit of trolley or suitcase on wheels, whatever suits you. Remember a Stage Supervisor additionally has numerous paperwork to carry around, too.

Scour the hardware stores and even a budget Reject Store sort shops and begin building your equipment!
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Your finest bet is an art supply retailer. The one in the picture artist’s device belt that I found within the artwork part of one of those bargain shops that sells all sorts of stuff. It price me $4, however I feel it was a case of right place, right time. Another various is a make-up artists software belt. Keep a lookout at department shops and bargain stores or search ‘artist tool belt’ on ebay or amazon.

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