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Stems And Twigs

This small tree kourtney kardashian batman shirt youtube could be very poisonous to touch. Some say that it is much more poisonous than Poison Ivy. For extra data on the consequences of Poison Sumac, see the Poison Ivy pages (the results of contact with Poison Sumac are the identical as Poison Ivy).

Fast ID: Appears like a sumac; grows in wet areas.

A shrub or small kourtney kardashian batman shirt youtube tree, 6-20 toes tall.
Leaves: Compound, with 7-thirteen pointed, clean-edged leaflets. The leaflets typically angle slightly upwards from the leaf stem. Buds hairless.
Stems and Twigs: Hairless. Bark clean, darkish, speckled with dark spots.
Berries: Much like Poison Ivy: spreading or drooping clusters of small white laborious berries.
Habitat: Grows in wet areas (wet floor or in standing water), in marshes and partly-wooded swamps.
Range: SE Minnesota, S. Ontario, SW Quebec, SW Maine, south to Texas and Florida.

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