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FF Vs. Dr Doom – It’s Clobberin’ Time!

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Fantastic Four vs. Dr. Doom Game» Forums » Evaluations
Subject: FF vs. Dr Doom – It is Clobberin’ Time!

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Martin Smith
New Zealand

The Unbelievable 4 vs. Dr Doom game is produced by Pressman Toy Corp, for 2-four gamers, aged 7 and up. Basically it’s a comparatively simple roll-and-transfer recreation, with some variations in motion skills and lite ‘battles’ with Dr Doom.

Each player performs as one of the Fantastic four, from the Marvel Comics stable of superheroes. As you would count on, there may be Mr Fantastic, the Invisible Lady, the Thing, and the Human Torch, each represented by a pleasant stand-up card figure with a plastic stand – that would actually work quite properly with Heroes Incorporated in case you had been minded to make up some stats for them … But the characters’ photos are based on the movie, moderately than the unique comic books, which is both a plus or a minus depending on what you considered the film (or the comics).

Along with the stand-up card figures, you get a pretty cool little unfold-and-put-together sport board that represents the rooms of the constructing you are trundling round, with a couple of wall sections, and an offshoot section that’s marked ‘Von Doom Industries’ (which is where you go when you lose a battle with the Physician). You also get a Dr Doom room section, a spinner for movement, and a special die to find out the outcome of the battles. Lastly, you get four discs divided into quarters for every of the FF members, four tokens for attempting joker t shirt malaysia menu to locate DD at the tip of the sport, and a pair of Torch discs which relate to the Human Torch’s special movement capability.

[Picture with due to BGGer Connie Gunderson]
The winner of the sport is the participant who catches Dr Doom at the tip, which suggests you’ve gotten to move around the board to take a look at the tokens – only one in every of them has DD below it, while the others just have the Doctor’s ring. In order to have the ability to attempt to catch him, it is advisable have collected a quarter-piece for every of the four FF members, which you receive by shifting to every of the rooms and landing on sure specific squares. Motion happens by spinning the arrow of the spinner, which permits you to move 1, 2, 3, four, 5, or 6 areas – Or you might spin the Dr Doom image, by which case he turns up and you have to struggle him.

Once you battle Dr Doom, you use the special 6-sided die, and also you win the battle if you roll your own FF character, another FF member who’s in the same quadrant with you, or the Fantastic Four image. [So the flexibility to get assist from another workforce member arguably provides a slightly collaborative ingredient to this aspect of the sport.] For those who win, Dr Doom leaves the board (for now). If you happen to don’t roll any of those, Doom wins and you’re banished to the Von Doom Industries section, to start out again from there subsequent turn.

It should also be talked about that each member of the FF staff has a special movement potential that may assist you to get to places extra rapidly. Mr Fantastic’s stretching skill allows him to leap a couple of areas in two components of the board, and the Human Torch can fly up from sure spots to perch on one in every of two locations within the middle till the following flip. The Invisible Woman and the Factor can move internally between certain rooms – I suppose huge ol’ Ben is breaking by means of them, and Sue is presumably using her invisibility (but I’m unsure how that works, quite).

So, with spinning and shifting (sometimes using the particular powers), collecting quarter items, sometimes battling Doom, after which trying to find him, there’s rather a lot occurring. For teenagers this makes it extra attention-grabbing and enjoyable than a simple roll-and-move game, and for adults it makes it extra attention-grabbing (and/or much less boring). And the turns are quick, so not much down-time. The sport itself is barely of the order of half-hour in duration.

It’ll most likely be obvious by now that there’s not an excessive amount of strategy required – or possible – however you may select which approach to move to maximise your success and use your special energy. The video games could be fairly joker t shirt malaysia menu shut, which is also a plus for sustaining interest and pleasure – in the final game we played, three of the 4 gamers had their 4 quarter-items and had been looking for Doom at the end, and the opposite player had three of the four.

So a fairly good sport for teenagers, and one which adults can join in enjoying without it being too tedious. If you happen to like the Marvel superheroes, you would possibly enjoy it too. The board and pieces look nice and, for what it’s (and what it costs), the manufacturing high quality is excessive. And the short time it performs in means it won’t outstay its welcome – besides that I can see some children wanting to play once more straight away!