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Movie Scene Monday

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This is our first installment of what we’re calling Film Scene Monday, and as we speak I want to carry to you a scene that is very well known from Christopher Nolan’s The Darkish Knight. The Scene is immediately after The Joker will get his “phone call” while being held up at the MCU, ultimately setting off joker t shirt 4xl youtube a sequence of bombs that blow up Bruce Waynes beloved Rachel Dawes. This additionally starts the transition from Harvey Dent to 2 face because of the extreme burns he sustained from the explosion. The scene here that does and says so much in just the 8 seconds it runs, is when Leadger’s Joker is hanging out of the back window of a GCPD car being chased by the police through the streets of Gotham. This is the definition of The Joker, not a severe bone in his body, not a care in the world, residing free and doing what comes natuarlly to him. The way that he cracks that sideways smile and shakes his head in the breeze all without evening acknowledging that he’s being chased by Gotham’s finest. The man simply commited mass homicide and attempted to kill a city official and up to now of the story every part was working in Jokers favor. There is no doubt that Joker is psychotic and derranged, I mean who blows up total police stations and then celebrates by taking a excessive profile joker t shirt 4xl youtube suspect and a cruiser to joyride round Gotham This scene shows The Joker in his good state of chaos, and Like Joker mentioned to Dent “I’m an agent of Chaos! Oh, and you realize the factor about Chaos

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