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Why May Supergirl Not Breathe In Space

Because no-one can…there’s no air.
She cannot breathe in area unless she stores solar energy and holds her breath.

Women's Custom Spider joker and harley shirts Gwen Featured Short Sleeve  Tops TeesIn the trendy model of Superman (within the comics a minimum of till the next version), Superman’s sight, stamina and breath powers have been considerably lowered, and the character was additionally shown as requiring an oxygen mask for prolonged travel in area or underwater.

The identical would apply to Supergirl.
I believe though you are asking why Supergirl grew to become unconscious and needed to be rescued.

Properly, she’d simply lifted the 1 million ton Fort Rozz into orbit and past…that may have expended a…ahem…superhuman quantity of power which might have depleted Chewbacca her reserves. Plus the air is essentially too thin to breathe over 10,000 meters and Earth orbit is substantially larger than that.

So, she ran out of vitality and breath joker and harley shirts and fell unconscious.
Properly since superman has executed issues like held a miniature blackhole within the palm of his hand or picked up all of earth’s nuclear missiles and threw them within the sun or when he pulled whole planets around for supergirl to be so weak solely factor I can think of is that she was on earth for a shorter amount of time with the added fact there’s loads of proof stating that female kryptonions are a bit weaker however still she ought to have been capable of atleast fly back

In 70’s films each Superman and tremendous villains (prisoners from joker and harley shirts Krypton) have been in a position to outlive in area without any drawback! Villains even have been questioning what helpless species of life are people (on moon surface).

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