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God Versus Satan

Religion and Philosophy
God Versus Satan
Up to date on September 6, 2013 Titen-Sxull moreContact Author Introduction
Christians typically declare that Satan is accountable for main people astray, for possessing folks with evil spirits and for temptation. Some will even go as far as to lay famine or conflict or natural disaster at the ft of Satan. In the long run though the Christian world view leaves just one being responsible for the whole lot – God. God can choose to change the course of something or anyone and the free will protection usually utilized by Christians truly leaves Christianity very little wiggle room.

In this hub I wish to look once joker 3s shirt more at the concept of free will and look at the concept that God is ethical, simply and heroic especially in his ultimate defeat of Satan that Christians deem a praise-worthy triumph.

Perfection Valley
So why does the existence of free will leave Christianity with little or no wiggle room It has to do with the fact that, in keeping with Christians, God is ideal, all figuring out, all highly effective and all loving. Before the creation of life God is presumed to be alone, a perfect being all by himself in an ideal emptiness, or maybe he is already created his Heavenly realm and merely has nobody to share it with.

God begins to create residing beings, beings that are, once more, presumably excellent simply as God is, though much less highly effective than God to be sure. One might argue that having much less energy than God, or less information, is itself an imperfection, since God is the usual of perfection to start with. I won’t even go that far, I am going to skip to the creation of Lucifer and the other angels.

Whether or not or not angels possess free will is not answered in the Bible outright though from Lucifer’s actions it appears they did. It will seem that God created angels with the power to disobey him. Within the Christian context free will appears to seek advice from the facility to defy God’s will or simply as having a choice between whether to serve God or not. So the angels God created seem to have free will.

On condition that they’ve the flexibility to disobey God it is inevitable that they’ll. To some readers this could appear like a re-tread of earlier content however believe it or not I’m still getting comments and listening to arguments from theists that contain the idea that human beings have been created perfect and simply selected to disobey God.

Apparently it’s lost on some that free will itself is an imperfection. I’ve been constantly instructed by Christians that God did not need to create robots, or simply make copies of himself, but that he wished beings that may love and worship him by their very own choice. The problem with that is that, according to those same Christians, God is permitted to punish people for not eager to love him. So God needs you to have the liberty to decide on To not love him However exercising that freedom is strictly forbidden.

Should you walked onto a gross sales lot and were instructed that should you didn’t buy a automotive your knees could be damaged that would not precisely be a free alternative now would it not Yet this is strictly how the God of the Bible operates and how the overwhelming majority of Christian doctrine continues to portray the scenario. You’ll select to love God or else you can be punished for exercising your potential to decide on in a different way.

If this model of God actually had any UNCONDITIONAL love in any way than those that disobeyed or disbelieved would not be punished, they can be rewarded together with the remaining. In any case why hassle creating beings capable of holding their own opinions, forming their own moral codes or having their very own objectives if in the end you will punish them for conforming to their very own individuality If you are going to permit them to all have their very own thoughts than why are you demanding that every one their ideas be clones of your own To the astute observer it would appear the God of Christianity DID need robots and unintentionally created beings capable of thinking for themselves.

Ignore for Santans
Lucifer is the primary sinner to ever exist, the primary being wherein free will back-fired for God. In response to many Christian’s Satan’s rebellion from God, his pleasure, was the first true evil, the first sin. Lucifer was second in power and authority only to God himself however that’s form of an arbitrary distinction as God is all-highly effective. Irrespective of how a lot majesty and power God bestowed upon his favorite angel Lucifer would still be immensely weaker than God. So why is it that Christians seem to think that God goes to win some VICTORY over Satan

Many tens of millions of Christians imagine that there might be a ultimate battle, a remaining combat between the dragon Lucifer, or Satan, and their God. God, they consider, will in the end prevail and go on to guage the dwelling and the lifeless afterward whereas Lucifer and his cohorts are solid right into a Lake of Fireplace. But God’s victory looks as if a forgone conclusion that anyone could predict. An all-powerful being cannot lose and cannot fail.

Satan is supposedly out tempting the faithful, possessing of us along with his evil spirits and setting the stage for the Beast. So Satan has not yet been defeated solely as a result of God has chosen to not defeat him. That is another act of needless negligence, and arguably evil, from the Biblical God. Satan is, according to many, doing untold damage. Not solely is Satan main people astray and placing their souls in hazard of eternal hellfire but many see the clawed fingers of Satan inflicting warfare, famine, dying and pestilence.

Super Heroes and God
Think about that Superman is tracking down a mass assassin. The assassin isn’t a supervillain with any powers, however a reasonably ordinary man who simply happens to be doing a little very evil issues. Superman manages to seek out the murderer however decides to let him kill some extra, permitting the killer to grow more infamous and wrack up a much bigger body depend will make it in order that when Superman lastly does make the arrest he gets far more accolades from the general public. Indeed the longer Superman waits to catch the guy, and the more effort it appears like superman is putting into the endeavor, the more dramatic and victorious it should all seem when eventually the man is brought to justice.

Finally the murderer doesn’t stand an opportunity in a battle with Superman. The last son of Krypton would tear apart the murderer in a struggle and could easily tear the man limb from limb. Yet when eventually he does confront the man Superman feigns being harm because the criminal slashes at superman with an clearly ineffective weapon. Like a wrestling performer pretending to be hurt within the ring to play up the drama Superman lets the combat drag on for a very long time earlier than finally crushing the pathetic man with a single punch that nearly kills him.

To make matters worse it’s discovered that Superman knew the man for years and in fact knew that the killer was harmful and was planning on committing murder even earlier than the first victim was killed. Superman might have stopped the man earlier than anyone was hurt and decided not to.

Does superman deserve the credit score for bringing the man to justice Possibly, but he also deserves among the blame for the misdeeds of the killer. Superman has additionally proven himself to be an enormous asshole. Not solely did he permit the killer’s physique count to grow however he pretended that there was a snowball’s likelihood in hell that the murderer would win in a battle. He made himself look good by successful a combat that he might have ended non-violently.

This is precisely what God is doing in the Bible, biding his time before Satan’s final defeat. Christians seem to eat this all up, singing God’s praises and looking out ahead to the day when they are all in Heaven and Satan is at last defeated. Or maybe, as some say, Satan is already defeated and is now just awaiting judgment. The point is that there is not some grandiose fight being fought right here, no arch-rivalry. Satan just isn’t the Yang to God’s Yin. The combat could not be more one-sided. The victory is petty at greatest as an all-highly effective being that could undo the Universe with a single command pretends he is scorching shit because he can defeat a weakling villain that he helped create.

Certainly that is the last word irony of offering any praises to God in any respect or the ludicrous concept that an all-powerful being would DEMAND praises or require them to start with. Why are you celebrating the victory of a God who can’t lose or praising the ability of a God who did nothing meritorious to earn his energy and does nothing meritorious with his power Children starve to demise and die of disease, wars and violence ravage the world and natural disasters strike even essentially the most vulnerable and innocent amongst us.

Does Superman let criminals and villains run amok hiding behind the childish idea that their “free will” prevents him from intervening Do even extraordinary policemen hand over their makes an attempt to convey individuals to justice on the identical foundation If fictional comedian e-book heroes and bizarre women and men on this planet at present are doing extra heroic issues than God why all the worship

Jesus Effing Christ
What’s my point right here My point is that God has done nothing worthy of praise. Even if we count the creation of life and the Universe God seems to have mucked that up by adding free will and therefore guaranteeing the existence of sin. Plus God damned his own creation after the Fall, so he instantly ruined everything he labored so arduous to create. Many Christians will say that God despatched Jesus to avoid wasting them and that’s why he deserves praise.

But what’s Jesus saving you from Remember the automotive salesman analogy Jesus is saving you from a punishment that God is threatening you with for the act of not accepting his “free gift” of salvation. Not solely does this make Salvation a false alternative but it additionally means that God is saving you from himself. Calling Salvation a free reward can be absurd, since you could serve God as a way to be saved. Permanent submission to the need of one other being just isn’t freedom, it is the precise opposite.

Or perhaps Christians will argue that God solely dishes out justice after we’re lifeless. In fact nobody with a good quantity of empathy might argue that eternal hellfire is ever a Just punishment anymore than it would be just for Superman to decapitate common criminals with his heat imaginative and prescient. This idea violates numerous Biblical stories during which God intervenes on people’s behalves. God’s revenge in opposition to Pharaoh might have taken generations and generations of enslavement however when it hit it was horrific and brutal and Pharaoh was still alive and nicely. Furthermore if God just isn’t willing to do heroic deeds or give doses of justice till the hereafter than what’s the purpose of prayer for healing or help of any variety

The deeds of a God Without Limits
So if the neatest thing God ever did is to prevent from his own wrath what does that say about God Actions converse louder than phrases and if we’re going to evaluate the Biblical God by his actions than what conclusions can we draw We’re speaking a couple of God that Christians claim is all-powerful and all-knowing, a God who can do no joker 3s shirt wrong either morally or through simple failure. So, if God is so good, how can there be something mistaken At all

Christians will declare that the defect is in us, in human beings, however there can be no defect current in us by accident. The only method human beings may be defective in the Christian world-view is by DESIGN. And how can a God punish folks he designed to be flawed when those flaws understand themselves If we’re designed to be imperfect than we cannot be expected to be perfect. Christianity, in any of its forms, is logically damaged, bereft of any evidence and morally bankrupt.

The Bible definitely does not describe what Christians claim to believe in, it is God is not even according to what they consider about him and that speaks volumes. Ultimately it isn’t Satan that God – or fairly God’s followers – have to fret about, it is motive, logic, empathy and intelligence. For if we ever grew to become like God, gaining such forbidden data, we might notice he doesn’t exist.

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sendinganonymous 3 years ago
What about the numerous individuals who fail to get healed If theres a God who is answering prayers and healing then He is doing an uneven, lousy job. This God’s track file is pitiful. Even when a healing takes place, how do we know its a miracle Sometimes the body is ready to heal by itself naturally whether or not or not we pray. I had a beloved aunt who was a Christian and a great one that was afflicted with most cancers for almost 22 years earlier than dying from it. A believer will say that it was a miracle that she survived so lengthy. Not necessarily. She survived so long attributable to intense chemotherapy and a strict weight-reduction plan. My poor father had a historical past of coronary heart disease. He survived 30 years before dying from it. Was it a miracle he survived so lengthy No. He survived as a result of he obtained medical care at high quality hospitals and he went through surgery and he took special medicine and had a pacemaker and he went on a strict eating regimen and since he was taken good care of by his household. Me and my household helped him to outlive that lengthy and medicine and hospitals helped him to outlive that lengthy. If we had neglected medical care and expected a miracle from God to heal him, then he would have been dead with the primary heart assault a few years in the past. I thank the medications and that i thank the medical doctors for healing my father. Not God. This absentee landlord for a God allows us to suffer and die by one horrible fate or another. For every person this God heals, He allows ten million others to endure and die. He has a miserable track document for healing. An F minus. A failing grade. Because many people are unable to simply accept that there isn’t any God and that we are alone in the universe, so we select to consider in a merciless, stupid, insane, negligent, deadbeat, incompetent, absentee landlord for a God which is the Bible God. I agree with Artwork Black when he says that the Christian God is an evil bastard. Religious folks worship a merciless God and most of them dont understand it except for maybe hardcore Calvinists. The Calvinist God is the cruelest being possible. Religious people worship evil and most of them dont realize it. Their very own Bible says that God creates evil and inflicts evil. This unfair, unwise, unkind, unreasoning, unforgiving, cruel God ensnared humanity with this experiment with free will and Adam and Eve and allows their sin to be handed on to all future unborn humans and refuses to forgive them and goes proper forward with cursing and punishing the complete world for the sin of two individuals. Merciless merciless unreasoning bastard. A clam has extra sense than this God. This Good can not keep His personal commandment Thou shalt not kill. Bungle, goof, dunce, idiot, screwup. I need to blush for disgrace at the cruelty, insanity, stupidity, incompetence, and negligence of this God. Kids of a lesser God Its extra like Kids of a stupid God. This God is the original Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde with a cut up personality or bipolar personality which can be seen in His habits in the Bible, and which might be seen in the nature He created(the same God who created roses also created the ebola virus), and which will be seen within the human beings He made. He was in Mr. Hyde mode when He cursed and punished your complete world for the sin of two folks, Adam and Eve, and He was in Mr. Hyde mode when He created ebola, cancer, tooth decay, stonefish(a venomous fish with an unimaginably painful sting), centipedes, ticks, tsunamis, and physical deformities. The Mr. Hyde in Him continues to permit suffering and evil and He continues to neglect His creation. Cruelty and negligence are His methods and but He expects us all to love Him and worship Him and He expects us all to have blind religion and blind belief. Hes an irresponsible, negligent, egomaniacal, narcississtic, cruel bastard. He allows the Devil to tamper, screw, corrupt, and break His creation. He has abdicated the world to the Satan. Is there an even bigger embarrassment than this Is there a bigger screwup than this God Is there a bigger crime than this Its disgraceful habits for a God. This God is a much bigger screwup than Charles Manson. Charles Manson is more moral and has more reasoning than this Bible God. This Bible God is in the identical rogue’s gallery as Chtulhu, Zeus, Poseidon, Aries, Shiva, and Kali all of which have a merciless, violent side. Its pitiful and embarrassing.

Lybrah, christmas is just not a christian holiday and plenty of atheists do have fun it.
Lybrah 3 years in the past

Though you guys do not consider and have no cause to have a good time…Merry Christmas anyway.
…except you, AustinStar

AuthorTiten-Sxull three years ago from back in the lab once more
“Just because your asthma and acid reflux went away, that does not imply something and it wasn’t my level.”

No, it was MY Point and it flew proper over your head. What would you will have completed in case your physique had not healed You would have most likely prayed tougher right, a bit of extra fervently maybe and then simply shrugged your shoulders and stated “Its in God’s hands now”. That means that until the problem turned so extreme you had to seek emergency medical consideration God would have obtained the credit for healing it even when it had gone away by itself like my issues did. It is called confirmation bias. In the situation you would consider it the work of God whether or not it was or not.

“There isn’t a reincarnation in Buddhism–you are considering of hinduism.”
You are half-right, the model of reincarnation I described is more indicative of hinduism, nonetheless Buddhism does comprise reincarnation, although not all forms of it do. The most famous after all is the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan Buddhists. I remember watching a documentary on the subject the place once they suspect a toddler in a nearby village of being the reincarnation of a Lama or other spiritual chief they carry that individuals old objects before the youngster along with objects that deceased leader did not own, and if the youngster chooses to select up and use the objects of the deceased individual that is an indication that they are indeed the reincarnation. Again this apply falls sufferer to the identical affirmation bias as your prayer instance.

“you are going to have feelings of despair and nobody is going to care.”
You do understand that I don’t believe in hell or your God proper You might as nicely tell me that Captain Hook is coming to kidnap me and Peter Pan won’t be there to save me. To you it seems very actual, however to me it’s apparent fiction, and fiction only scares you if you suspend your disbelief, like when immersed in an excellent e book or a scary movie.

“I am not nervous about different gods as a result of I know those don’t exist.”
Right. So now you realize why I am not nervous about your God.

“nobody believes in that or has for 1000’s of years”
Right, as a result of Christianity changed it, and a few day something will exchange that. Of us like me are hoping that the one thing that replaces religion isn’t just one other religion.

And the rationale I keep bringing it up is because you keep lacking the parallels. You might have simply as much reason to consider that Zeus is actually actual as you do to consider that Jesus is actually real however you choose to have faith in Jesus. You don’t have a cause. You do not have evidence. All you have is religion, and that makes it fully arbitrary and completely non-contingent on whether or not or not your beliefs are literally true. Religion of that type is intellectually dishonest and self-deceptive by nature.

Do not you care even a little bit about whether or not what you believe is actually actual Don’t you understand that faith Can’t assist you identify actuality from fantasy Repeating to yourself time and again that you have already found the truth has to develop into unconvincing after some time right

I left Christianity because of a seek for the truth, I would not pretend to have the whole fact but, if such a factor is even humanly attainable. Gods, aliens, ghosts, all of it would still be real, the distinction between a skeptic and a believer is that I am not going to delude myself, be emotionally manipulated or degrade my very own intellect in an effort to imagine one thing, even and particularly if its one thing I want to consider.

Karthik Kashyap three years ago from India
Furthermore.. The god himself says, “I am a jealous god”.. Really If that god was actually divine, why would he fall into human feelings of cruelty and jealousy Furthermore, it is funny that a god who “created the heaven and earth in 7 days” was ignorant about a human’s sin And the creation of the “heaven and earth” itself feels like a youngsters’s story. Any person in the fitting mind would snigger at it. The “omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent” god will get offended simply just because someone doesn’t comply with his iron line Due_Facce Wow!! All I see is a egoistic human behaviour in that god.

And all these are just the beginning of Bible. Any sane individual can point out the countless amount of rubbish being written in Bible. I agree that each one religious books are crammed with tales. But, a minimum of in these books, tales have been created round certain information. However, believing in the Bible or any monotheistic religious books verbatim is the heights of stupidity.

The one strategy to know what’s true and real is to observe the proof and settle for regardless of the evidence confirmed. If the proof showed that the god of the bible had been true I’d cease being an atheist right now and turn out to be a christian again, but in all my 20 years of research I found that it doesn’t. I care about what’s true greater than the empty promise of a god who within the bible has shown extra cruelty to mankind all for eating a fruit he supplied, and since he’s all realizing knew that they’d eat it, and subsequently inflicting and creating more suffering than was obligatory for his creation all simply so we’d have free will to comply with him with out query which is a direct contradiction to the concept of free will.

I take it back, even when I discovered that the god of the bible have been real I wouldn’t develop into a christian because the god of the bible is an evil murderous bastard who doesn’t desrve followers.

artblack01 3 years in the past from New Mexico v=GScdUIYXglAwidth:300px;peak:250px” data-advert-shopper=”ca-pub-7547369567510288″ information-page-url=”//” information-advert-slot=”1186173963″>