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Does Some of This Sound Familiar

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is every bit the marvelously entertaining, visually exciting and nostalgia inducing holiday blockbuster that months, certainly years, of hype and fan anticipation have steered it would be. Make no mistake, it’s value seeing and savoring every giddy fanboy/fangirl and/or childhood memory it evokes under director J.J. Abrams succesful efforts to revive and reinvigorate this beloved franchise. The weather of fresh originality combined with comfortable nostalgia inside The Force Awakens manages to effectively take away the stigma and stench of George Lucas’ misbegotten trio of overblown and overproduced prequels that tarnished the legacy of his unique and iconic Star Wars trilogy.

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens gets again to basics in its total look, really feel and unbridled attempt at free-wheeling area opera enjoyable wonderfully benefitting from a capable jedi tshirt core group of actors and central characters.

Set 30 years, after Return Of The Jedi, this newest film locations us in a world the place the earlier obvious triumph of the rebellion over The Empire has been replaced by the emergence of its evil remnants now referred to as The primary Order. Led by evil new leaders, chief among them is Kylo Ren ( Adam Driver ) a masked, black garbed villain that reeks of Darth Vader lite.

The Order is intent on finding, now elder, lengthy misplaced Jedi Luke Skywalker ( Mark Hamill ) who has disappeared for reasons not revealed here, amongst many, to avoid spoiling the unseen movie for the fan faithful. Nevertheless, the information to discovering Skywalker is imparted to a “roly-poly” droid within the cutesy mold of R2-D2, named BB-8 by his fighter pilot handler, Poe ( Oscar Isaac ). The information BB-eight has is essential to the good folks of The Resistance; not only to beat again The primary Order; but in the process, additionally defeat their final planet sized, world killing weapon that is so immense, it makes the gigantic Loss of life Star appear to be an interstellar Chihuahua.

Does a few of this sound acquainted
The movie introduces us to new pivotal characters presumably designed to carry on the Star Wars torch into future movies. Desert scavenger Rey ( Daisy Ridley ) is the strongest, most entertaining addition who initially protects BB-8 and finally discovers a strong power and capacity she never knew she possessed beforehand. Ridley wonderfully imbues her character with wit, intensity and self-assured feminine empowerment that’s a joy to look at evolve onscreen.

Ridley soon joins forces with Finn ( John Boyega ) a disillusioned Stormtrooper who aids Rey in getting BB-8 to The Resistance, led by former princess, now Common Leia ( Carrie Fisher ). jedi tshirt Along the way in which, Rey and Finn encounter an older, somewhat wiser Han Solo ( Harrison Ford ) and Chewbacca along with the Millennium Falcon.

Of course, the most important viewers draw to this film is the jedi tshirt extremely anticipated return of Han Solo, Leia, R2-D2, C-3PO and whereas Harrison Ford gets the very best moments to channel his previous roguish mojo with Chewy, and now Rey; Ford’s moments with Fisher, whereas nostalgically sigh-inducing and moderately poignant, also lack any real narrative weight or vital development.

Worth noting is the motion capture and vocal performance of actress Lupita Nyong’o as Maz Kanata, a sensible feminine alien in the mold of Yoda; but in addition imbued with a contact of intergalactic avenue smarts and attitude. Star Wars: The Force Awakens is great enjoyable and undoubtedly a defining contemporary cultural event that hundreds of thousands worldwide will gleefully bask in embracing with abandon. Nonetheless, this new film also sadly reeks far too usually of deja vu and reboot infection by returning to the well of previous glory in its narrative theme, storyline and perhaps a tad too many figuring out references to memorable moments from the previous movies.