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What May Have Been / Unbelievable Four (2015)

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  • Jeremy Slater’s authentic script for the film was deliberate to be a way more faithful adaptation, but it was rejected to avoid wasting on budget. The first third of the script served as the premise for nearly all of the final movie’s story, albeit with a number of components hastily fit in for the movie to have a conclusion: – Typically, the Fantastic Four would have used their powers in additional assorted ways, and would make the most of a greater diploma of teamwork.
  • Franklin Storm was not present within the script.
  • Ben and Reed teleported objects into another dimension, which would have later been found in the Adverse Zone.
  • Ben’s standing as The big Guy was also established in additional detail – essentially having the character serve as Reed’s bodyguard – as a technique to justify his involvement within the expedition.
  • Victor would have secretly stolen Reed’s analysis to give to Latverian spies.
  • Sue and Johnny have been originally each going to stay behind and use the Baxter Building’s know-how to help Reed, Ben, and Victor explore the Unfavorable Zone. The expedition would have concerned a portal as an alternative of a teleporter.
  • When the characters teleported into the Detrimental Zone, they’d have discovered themselves inside a ruined otherworldly metropolis with alien corpses strewn about. They might have discovered Galactus there (showing as he does in the comics), who would have seemingly killed Victor with Darkish Matter. Galactus would have fired the Dark Matter into the portal that Ben and Reed had been using simply as they escaped, affecting the 2 of them alongside Johnny and Sue. A Body Horror sequence just like the one in the ultimate movie would have performed out, with a famous addition of there being a scene the place Sue’s skin disappeared and her muscles were visible.
  • A Time Skip of four years would have been applied. Whereas Ben still would have been used as a army weapon and Reed would still have been a fugitive, Johnny was going to have been a tv star and Sue would have used her powers to help individuals affected by most cancers (and search for a cure for Ben’s situation). Throughout his time in hiding, Reed would have built H.E.R.B.I.E. as a Robot Buddy, alongside the Fantasti-Automobile. Ben also would have come to phrases with his status as a monstrous-looking being.
  • Latveria’s authorities would have completed their very own version of the portal utilizing the information that Victor stole. Victor would have come out of the portal as Physician Doom, killing the army and government leaders singlehandedly and quickly conquering Latveria.
  • Doctor Doom would then send shock troopers armed with futuristic weapons after Reed, who would escape with H.E.R.B.I.E. and the Fantasti-Automobile to warn his mates in New York.
  • Harvey Elder created artificial life (the Moloids) at the Baxter Building that Sue would have feared could be weaponized. Her fears are confirmed right when Doom’s shock troopers arrive and activate the Dark Matter on one of the Moloids, remodeling the creature into Giganto. The Moloid formula would have spilled onto Harvey Elder and he would have change into the Mole Man, who would function a Sequel Hook to the movie.
  • The team then would have met in New York to battle Giganto collectively, formally making them the Guardians_of_the_Galaxy Fantastic Four. After defeating the monster, Mister Incredible, Invisible Girl, Factor, and Human Torch would journey to Latveria to battle Doctor Doom and his military of shock troopers.
  • Physician Doom would have been revealed to be a Composite Character with traits of the Silver Surfer, while Galactus would similarly have been a Composite Character with traits of Annihilus. After serving as Galactus’s herald for four years, Doctor Doom decides that it can be better to destroy him and save the Earth by constructing the last word Nullifier.
  • The Fantastic Four would have found that the Doctor Doom they face was Truly a Doombot in a way of speaking – Victor Von Doom is physically tied throughout the Negative Zone. The Fantastic Four ultimately defeat Doctor Doom’s copy on Earth and trap Physician Doom in the Unfavourable Zone. The Fantastic Four warn the government of the risk of Galactus, continuing Physician Doom’s work on the ultimate Nullifier in a way that doesn’t threaten the remainder of the world.
  • The Fantastic Four make the Baxter Constructing their a base of operations and sow the seeds of the long run Basis by bringing in Youngster Prodigies and Teen Geniuses from all over the world to unravel the world’s issues.

– Ironically, because of the behind-the-scenes controversies turning many viewers away from the movie, the Marvel emblem was used notably more prominently in advertising than in Fox’s other superhero films around this time, presumably suggesting that the studio felt the film’s success depended on the audience mistaking it for an MCU film.

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