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Batman: Arkham Metropolis Message Board For PlayStation 3

Very, very nicely put Zinie, and it does answer most of my concerns. Nevertheless I nonetheless get a nagging feeling that the Joker harley quinn daddy’s little girl shirt meant more to Batman then simply one other failure. (I know that sentence would not give enough respect to what failure means to Batman)

For example Joker say’s something alongside the lines of: “you higher do something or we both die”, to which Batman replies “I am tremendous with that”

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From that it seems that Batman is okay with the Joker dieing so long as Batman at the time wasn’t actively trying to avoid wasting him. At this level it virtually looks like he might even be a little bit relieved that Joker is useless. so all through Arkham City we’ve Batman who actually is the opposite of what you’re last publish mentioned. He believed in what he was doing, it wasn’t a job or work for him it was his life, and it was a great life (or good enough ; ] )

And then hastily Talia and Joker die (like you said I think we will safely assume that Batman knows Talia will come back alive at some stage, who’s to say she hasn’t died earlier than and come again So we can ignore her half) and he turns into this hulking depressive broody man, even more so than regular. Even to the point that a lowly cop can see that something is not right.

Sorry if I am burdening you, however I just don’t see the logic in regards to the Joker particularly.
He is relatively comfortable being Batman -> gets into arkham metropolis (nonetheless completely satisfied) -> poisoned by joker and is likely going to die as well as 1000’s of others (still blissful) -> beats just about everybody (nonetheless joyful) -> beats Hugo Strange (still glad) -> harley quinn daddy’s little girl shirt confronts Joker for the final time (nonetheless blissful, but very anxious about Talia) -> Joker dies really by his personal hand (then abruptly not joyful)

He’s not relieved that many lives have been saved that the Joker is gone or that his greatest enemy is gone or that Jason Todd’s primarily been avenged (they mention somewhere that Jason is apart of this universe) or that he stopped a sprawling harley quinn daddy’s little girl shirt super-prison. He does all this nice work, even for his lofty requirements, and yet he is depressed and goes into isolation. Why Bizarro I do not suppose it’s because he failed the Joker, he knows he didn’t “in spite of everything you’ve got executed, I nonetheless would have saved you”. He was nearly to save the Joker; the Joker’s death is on the Joker not Batman and I can not actually see any manner for the opposite to be true, even to somebody like Batman who seen his mother and father demise as his fault.