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Hair Loss Induced

In case you have wavy, curly hair, you will get sleek, pin-straight tresses in the event you crank up the dial of your straightening iron in order that it generates maximum heat. Nevertheless, intense heat, when used on an everyday basis, can lead to damaged, fried-trying hair — and ultimately hair loss resulting from breakage. Limit heat straightening to particular events and use your scorching tool wisely to keep your hair healthy and intact.

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Scorching Instruments
When you run the tongs of a straightening iron or comparable heated styling instrument over your hair, you achieve only short-term outcomes. The heat beaks down the hydrogen bonds deep inside of the hair cuticle, effectively altering the inside construction of the hair. Over time, the hair’s protecting cuticle turns into damaged, leading to crispy ends, flyaways and in the end, hair breakage.

Dangers of Heat
The straightening tools obtainable to shoppers, reminiscent of ceramic flat irons, can be utilized at extraordinarily scorching temperatures — as sizzling as 410 degrees Fahrenheit — which might injury hair even thick or coarse hair. Wet ironing causes even more intensive damage. Utilizing a straightening iron on damp hair causes the hair cuticle to bubble and buckle; if you seemed on the hair below a microscope, it will look like peppered with tiny “blisters.”

Correct Use of Heat
Keep heat straightening to a minimum — no more than two or three times every week. Keep the temperature in your flat iron or heated styling software at or beneath 347 levels Fahrenheit, or set to “low/medium.” If you happen to dye or bleach your hair or use other sorts of chemical remedies, use an even lower heat setting. Use styling merchandise that present heat protection in your hair. BeautyBrains suggests utilizing a styling product that accommodates a lightweight conditioner that penetrates the hair, comparable to cetrimonium chloride.

Different Contributors
Chemical therapies could make your hair extra susceptible to heat harm. But so can frequent blow-dryer use — the recent blast from this styling device boils the water in your hair, making it brittle and susceptible to breakage. A lot shampooing, using too many styling merchandise and over-brushing or combing can even go away wear and tear on your hair. Wearing tight hairstyles, comparable to braids, cornrows, ponytails and buns, places stress in your hair follicles at the hairline, resulting in a type of hair loss referred to as traction alopecia.

Seeing a Physician
If you’re unsure why your hair is thinning or breaking and suspect that heat damage may be just one factor, see a dermatologist. After taking a medical history, your doctor will examine your hair and scalp to look at the pattern of hair loss and search for any signs of a contributing sickness. As soon as the reason for your hair loss is recognized, take measures to forestall and deal with it.

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