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Comedian Books In ‘Hulk World Tour’

Printed Dec 1980 by Marvel.
1st look of the U-Foes. “Ready for the U-Foes!” Story by Bill Mantlo. Artwork by Sal Buscema. Meet the evil Implausible Four. Desirous to duplicate the accident that remodeled the FF into tremendous-highly effective beings, millionaire Simon Utecht along together with his cohorts expose themselves to the same cosmic rays. His genetic construction altered, Utecht becomes Vector, in a position to repel objects with violent pressure. His colleagues change into the gaseous villainous, Vapor, the radioactive risk, X-Ray, and the monstrous Ironclad. The U-Foes will go on to be among the Hulks most enduring foes. Witness their first epic battle. 32 pages. Cowl price $zero.50.

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“Thunder underneath the East River!” Guest-starring Thor. Story by Invoice Mantlo. Art by Sal Buscema. It’s the Incredible Hulk vs. the Mighty Thor! When these two Super-Powers clash it is all the time an epic tussle. But, this time they battle within an underground tunnel and their battle has damaged the tunnel’s integrity. Can they cease fighting lengthy sufficient to save all of the innocent drivers earlier than hundreds of thousands of gallons of water comes crashing in 32 pages. Cover value $0.50.

1st appearance of Sabra. “Energy in the Promise Land!” Story by Invoice Mantlo. Art by Sal Buscema. The federal government decides to chop the funding for Gamma Base, siting it as a Nationwide Legal responsibility. Meanwhile, the Hulk arrives in Israel and soon does what the Hulk does. However, he will learn that America isn’t the one nation with super-heroes, because the green goliath should now face Sabra super heroine of the state of Israel! 32 pages. Cover value $zero.50.

1st look of the Arabian Knight. “Crypt of Chaos!” Visitor-starring the Arabian Knight. Story by Bill Mantlo. Art by Sal Buscema. guardians of the galaxy t shirt mens The Hulk’s wandering has introduced Bruce Banner to the deserts of Egypt, Nation of the Nile, ancient birthplace of kings, and cradle of civilization. Nevertheless, ancient evils are awakened and the facility of the Hulk is required as soon as again. However can even the Unimaginable One hope to defeat the demons known as Gog and Magog Plus, witness the delivery of Egypt’s own tremendous-hero, the Arabian Knight. 32 pages. Cowl worth $0.50.

“…to Hunt the Hulk!” Visitor-starring the Soviet Tremendous Troopers. Captain America cameo. Story by Invoice Mantlo. Artwork by Sal Buscema. Cover by Frank Miller. The Hulk’s highly effective legs propel him into Russia. Seeing him as a risk the Russian army calls within the Soviet Super Troopers to handle it. But do Crimson Dynamo, Darkstar, Vanguard, and Major Ursa even have the power to stop the Hulk’s rampage. Their titanic tussle draws the attention of a robust evil, the Presence! In the meantime, Rick Jones goes to the Avengers to ask for his or her assist to save the Hulk. 32 pages. Cover value $zero.50.

“The Family that Dies Collectively!” Visitor-starring the Soviet Super Troopers. Story by Bill Mantlo. Artwork by Sal Buscema. Saved from the wrath of the Presence by Dr. Phobos, friend and mentor to the Soviet Tremendous Soldiers, the Hulk, Darkstar, Vanguard, and Major Ursa must now unite to cease the nigh omnipotent Presence and Red Guardian from achieving their cosmic scheme within the Forbidden Zone. However, a traitor resides in their midst. And a threat is revealed that could rival that of even the highly effective Presence. 32 pages. Cover value $0.50.

“Sunset of the Samurai!” Story by Bill Mantlo. Artwork by Sal Buscema. The Hulk’s world tour brings him to the shores of Japan. Nonetheless, his long time nemesis Colonel Glenn Talbot, piloting the immensely highly effective combat vessel the Warfare Wagon, has finally caught up to him. What follows is a devastating battle that leaves the land scarred and torn. Years of hatred and rivalry erupts between these two old enemies. This shall be their final battle and solely one of them will survive. 32 pages. Cowl worth $0.50.

“Encounter on Easter Island!” Avengers cameo. Story by Bill Mantlo. Artwork by Sal Buscema. Cover by Frank Miller. Because the Hulk washes ashore to the mysterious Easter Island he soon learns that he is just not alone. The powerful villain the Absorbing Man has also taken refuge right here. Reeling from his last battle with the Avengers (Avengers (1st Series) #184), Crusher Creel, his psyche fragmented, has withdrawn from the world of heroes. Now the Hulk has arrived and threatens his sanctuary. Creel must destroy the green goliath before he can alert the rest of THEM that he is still alive. Witness one of the most bizarre Hulk/Absorbing Man battles. 32 pages. Cover value $zero.50.

“Folks in Glass Homes Shouldn’t Damage Hulks!” Story by Invoice Mantlo. Art by Sal Buscema. Bruce Banner washes ashore a secluded seashore and is occurred upon by a gorgeous and mysterious woman with alabaster pores and skin. But, when her true intentions are revealed nothing will save her from the wrath of the Incredible Hulk. Plus, the back-up story “Foundlings!” Featuring the alien menace of the Wraiths, arch foes of Rom the Spaceknight. By Bill Mantlo and Sal Buscema. 32 pages. Cover price $zero.50.

“I Feel the Earth move Below my Toes, and the Sky come Tumbling Down!” Particular guest look by the Mole Man. Story by Bill Mantlo. Artwork by Sal Buscema. When the actions of the mutant often known as Avalanche disturb the domain of the Mole Man, the Improbable Four’s arch foe dispatches Landslide to deal with the situation. What follows is earth shaking. And, things go from unhealthy to worse when the man-brute known as the Hulk reveals up. 32 pages. Cover value $zero.50.

“He Flies by Night!” Story by Invoice Mantlo. Artwork by Sal Buscema. Cowl by Frank Miller. The man recognized because the Night Flier (last seen in Captain America (1st Sequence) #214)seeks the Hulk, and at the behest of the vile Corruptor will destroy him. 32 pages. Cover value $0.50.

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“You can’t All the time get What you Want…!” Visitor-starring the Rangers (Purple Wolf, Firebird, Texas Tornado, Shooting Star, and Night Rider). Story by Invoice Mantlo. Art by Sal Buscema. Underneath the mind control of the horrible Corruptor the Hulk is compelled to battle one of the best within the West, the Rangers! The Rangers’ story continues in Avengers West Coast (1985) #eight. 32 pages. Cover price $0.50.