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The WWE’s Miz As Booster Gold Could be Good DCEU Casting

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For those unfamiliar with the Miz (real identify Mike Mizanin), the wrestler debuted within the WWE as the host of Smackdown in the mid-2000s. Though he began as a “party host” whose job it was to get the group cheering, he ultimately moved to being an in-ring performer. Quickly, he formed a tag staff with fellow wrestler John Morrison, and the duo (generally often known as “The In Crowd”) became tag workforce champions.

A loud-mouthed trash talker, the Miz is a former high school jock who, after graduating school, rose to fame as a cast member of MTV’s reality sequence “The Actual World.” When introduced with the opportunity to develop into a wrestler by means of the WWE’s own actuality collection “Tough Sufficient,” Miz rose to the occasion, and labored his approach up via the WWE’s ranks to turn out to be wealthy and well-known by reinventing himself as a top-shelf wrestler.

There’s a bit of a resemblance between the 2 of them, isn’t there
Fast-forward to 2016, and things start to get really attention-grabbing. For the last year or so, the Miz’s efficiency on WWE’s “SmackDown Live” and “Raw” has been nothing less than a (almost definitely unintentional) audition tape for the position of Booster Gold. Booster has all the time been offered as a braggart, hiding his insecurities behind a mask of false confidence till, in his later appearances, he lastly had sufficient of being treated like a joke. At this level, he essentially demanded guardians of the galaxy baseball shirt his peers recognize that, sure, he’s every bit the hero they are. The Miz, similarly, has spent the last year of his profession insisting that the followers, and more importantly former wrestler-turned-“SmackDown Live” normal supervisor Daniel Bryan (more on him in a bit) give him the level of respect he’s earned. While the Miz’s character is, at his core, a heel (wrestling parlance for “villain”), and Booster is undeniably a hero, the parallels between the two characters are undeniable.

From the day he arrived in Metropolis, in the 20th century, Booster Gold has found himself within the shadow of Superman. While the Man of Steel doesn’t at all times approve of his methodology, he shortly acknowledged that despite his glory hound persona and constant angling to promote himself and turn a revenue from his hero work, Booster is an efficient particular person at his core, although this doesn’t forestall the 2 of them from clashing sometimes. And the place Booster has the specter of Superman always looming over him, the Miz also has spent a lot of his profession below the shadow of someone who is widely perceived as higher than him — the aforementioned Daniel Bryan.

Bryan entered the WWE after Miz, however he already had a storied career in wrestling, one that stretched back several years longer than Miz’s, and was perceived guardians of the galaxy baseball shirt by many to be among the best on the earth. From day one, the pair clashed, first with Miz being named Bryan’s mentor, a position from which he tormented and belittled the WWE newcomer, then as arch-rivals, battling within the ring to determine which really was the better wrestler. When Bryan’s career was reduce brief because of accidents, he became the overall supervisor of “Smackdown Dwell,” the show on which the Miz appeared, and was (for a lot of 2016) the Intercontinental Champion. The 2 clashed, with the traces between reality and kayfabe (a time period for the fictional world wrestlers function in) turning into more and more blurred. Miz lashed out in interviews, claiming that it doesn’t matter what he does, the public and different wrestlers have by no means revered him, a claim echoing comparable speeches given all through the years by Booster Gold. Men’s Desgin batman lego Short Sleeve T-Shirt And when that appears to the Miz to fall on deaf ears, he takes one other page from Booster’s e-book, “stealing” Daniel Bryan’s signature moves, adding them to his own repertoire with a purpose to remake himself into a “proper” wrestler, thus (hopefully) earning the respect of his friends and, extra importantly, the followers.

That the Miz’s persona has been crafted for over a decade into one that’s just about identical to Booster Gold’s could be a bonus were he to be cast because the hero. On the planet of kayfabe (or, a minimum of, in his personal thoughts), the Miz is a legend, a Hollywood A-lister whom the world admires and envies. He’s obtained the fame, the glamour and the cash — all he needs to be absolutely full is the respect that continually eludes him. This description fits both his WE character, and DC’s hero, to a T.

The best half is, this doesn’t must be idle fan-casting, or wishful thinking on the part of the Miz; Booster Gold is at present in growth for a solo film beneath the guidance of present DCTV overseer Greg Berlanti. Though Berlanti has been busy for the past several years working the ship on “Supergirl,” “The Flash,” “Arrow” and other exhibits, with “Titans” and “Black Lightning” on the way in which, lower than a yr ago he assured fans he was severe about bringing Booster to theaters.

This is where the Miz is available in. While celebrities who need to play a hero or villain in the latest DC or Marvel flick are virtually a dime a dozen, few appear to be fairly actually born to play the character they’re dreaming of portraying; Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool castings, appropriately enough, simply don’t occur every single day. However with the Miz, Warner Bros. would have a man who may — who has — lived, breathed and experienced the kind of journey Booster Gold would on the massive display screen.

It doesn’t hurt that the Miz isn’t a no-identify actor, both. Although he could not wield the extent of recognition of his fellow WWE superstar the Rock, millions (and thousands and thousands!) of individuals tune in to see the Miz carry out on a weekly foundation, with millions more conscious of him from his time on “The Real World,” and sure, his direct-to-video WWE films like “Marine 5.” There may indeed be an even bigger actor poised to sign with Warner Bros.