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October 28, 2017

So does he simply know that, or had Clark Kent really learn Pausanias
In took me a minute or two to figure out they’d simply killed Snoopy.
How Superman deals with zombies.
Interlac graffiti.
It was so good to see Ira West once more. I’ve always appreciated him.
Aquaman versus the Evil Seawitches.
Speaking of witches, I am no fan of the “magicks”, however Earth 33 is somewhat fascinating.
I like the revelation that the Displays are rising extra dissimilar.
Blue Satan in Men’s riddle me this Cotton Long Sleeve Tee green lantern t shirt target sports Shirt a Batman costume.
Despite the fact that he is a brain in a jar, he stills needs a harem I’m guessing it simply a mode thing.
I although Previous Superman was feeling sorry for himself; I ought to have known better.
Good lord; first, Egg Fu, now I-Ching!
Jimmy Olsen, Clark Kent’s Pal.
I had to study the phrases “shoat” and “bardo” to learn my comics this week. Do you know the way infrequently I be taught new phrases Very infrequently.
Todd Rice ain’t afraid of no Superdaddy.
Zatanna metes green lantern t shirt target sports out some simply desserts on Halloween!
Crabby Monitor workout routines his power of superexposition in spades! It actually did help me get a handle on the big picture. I additionally like the Countdown has, virtually suddenly, change into a whodunnit.
Wait; did the Riddler just say he was going to hire gays from now on
Robin’s an professional on girls’s footwear.
The Watchdogs. Lycanthropic vigilantes are cool.
Mister Terrific in informal tropical wear.
Snapper Carr’s smarter than we thought. Much.
“There he’s. Flip your Legion flight ring translators on.”
So, do you suppose Himmler’s brain lived anywhere near the zombies
Julius H. Schwartz! That is Tiger Moth, Dragon Fly, and Silken Spider! Lastly somebody adopted up on that. Thanks, Grant Morrison. I owe you three.

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