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The 1989 Film

This is James Sawyer… I run just a few pop-culture websites/blogs online. A few of the more in style ones are:

For years, I’ve ran all of those sites out of my very own pocket- Registration charges, hosting fees, content material charges- I have coated all of them with out resorting to adverts or fundraising. I would like the sites to be a totally engaging experience, free from pop-ups and the feeling that I’m profiting out of your enjoyment in a roundabout way.

Photobucket is in search of to alter this. I began with Photobucket years in the past when it was the “big” picture hosting site. I wanted a place to host all the photo content for the different blogs, and on the time Photobucket was one of the best option for this. Nonetheless, I have by no means been a freeloader account- I have paid them a monthly fee for years with the intention to handle the bandwith for all my sites (the most important one being With over 15000 photographs stored there, a paid account was the proper thing to do.

…But yesterday they sent me an e-mail letting me know my plan was going away, and the only option that now works for me is paying $four hundred for an additional 12 months of service. Or I’ve 30 days to go elsewhere (but in fact they will not let me simply obtain the photos I’ve stored there).

That leaves me with 3 options. 1.) Find all my original recordsdata, re-add them someplace else, then replace every single submit at multiple sites in 30 days. 2.) Just throw in the towel and shut all the sites down. 3.) Pay the $four hundred and purchase myself a year to do option 1.

None of these are great. None are what I wish to do. I honestly am unsure what I’m going to do at this level. I highly doubt I might have the girls star wars rey shirt time to devote to doing such an enormous task of transferring services in the following 30 days, so I could be looking at downtime for the sites until I have time to do that work… and I’ve a feeling as soon as they are down, the motivation for me to get them back up will slack girls star wars rey shirt off (life has a means of holding you busy). I assume the $four hundred possibility is one of the best one for the life of the sites, as a year might be sufficient time to get all of them up to date seamlessly. However man… $Four hundred a month before Christmas hurts. A lot.

So I posted this message at a few of my Facebook fan pages… and a few people recommended I look towards crowdfunding to offset the cost.

Now I really dislike doing this… however with the one choice being main downtime for the sites, I’m asking that anyone who has enjoyed the websites and has the extra funds that they wish to donate, please accomplish that. If you don’t, that is girls star wars rey shirt okay too. I will not simply let the sites Women’s Desgin Miss Captain Marvel Short Sleeve T-Shirt die regardless. It might simply be that they must go away for awhile.

The purpose I am setting for this is enough to cowl the photobucket price to maintain the sites as-is for a year (plus somewhat additional to hopefully cowl all of the charges GoFundMe will take). This may hopefully buy me sufficient time to get by means of the arduous process of migrating all of the images (if photobucket frees them up) to a new internet hosting site and updating all the posts. If for some motive that does not work… Well, at the very least this may buy yet one more yr of life for all that exisitng content.

Thanks to anyone who learn all this. Even when you don’t donate, I appreciate that… and I would admire it in case you shared this. Not so much to get extra backers- But to spread the word on what Photobucket is doing to its paying clients.