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Did The ‘Abrams Secrecy’ Put Star Trek Into Dar..

Did the “Abrams secrecy” put Star Trek Into Darkness at a disadvantage
Vijay Varman
Main spoilers for Star Trek Into Darkness and The Darkish Knight Rises.
While I wasn’t the greatest fan of the brand new Star Trek film, I did assume it was a reasonable 2 hours to spend at the cinema. You possibly can see extra of my opinion beneath.…

Nevertheless, I would like to handle the low opening weekend gross of the film and see whether or not or not the promoting had one thing to do with it.

JJ Abrams’ desire for secrecy is fairly well-known. The theme of secrets may be seen quite heavily all through his early Tv reveals corresponding to Alias and Lost.

Even when Abrams made the transfer to the large screen, this theme remained:
Mission: Impossible III – What did the rabbit’s foot do
Tremendous 8 – What was the creature

Cloverfield He didn’t even direct that one and it was nonetheless essentially the most below wraps film of 2008.
Nonetheless, having watched Into Darkness, I think this may be the primary time the place the Abrams’ secrecy has backfired.

Let’s journey back to 2009. The brand new Star Trek movie had been advertised as a gateway for brand new followers. A film that someone with no prior information of Star Trek could take pleasure in. On this respect, it did succeed. And thus the same method has been taken girl spiderman shirts for Into Darkness.

Now in this new film we find out that the primary villian, beforehand advertised as John Harrison, is in actual fact referred to as Khan; and relies on the same character from the 1982 film. This is the essential “secret” of the movie.

Here is my point though: Who was this twist for
Was it for hardcore trekkies I doubt it since they’ve been asking for several months “Is it Khan ” It would hardly be a shocking twist for them.

Was it for the newbies The folks whose only publicity to Star Trek was the 2009 film Again, I doubt it. Assuming you’d never seen Wrath of Khan, then you’d don’t know who Khan was. All you’d see in the film is a man calling himself John Harrison; after which half way through the film saying his identify is actually Khan. It’s not a twist if you do not already know who Khan is.

So, as best as I can inform, is that this “twist” was for the small number of individuals, who’ve heard of Khan, know who he’s in relation to Kirk, however have not kept up with any of infomation in regards to the movie.

I remember something related occurring with The Darkish Knight Rises where lots of followers guessed upfront that Miranda Tate was Talia. The distinction here was that the movie collection had already set up the character of Ra’s al Ghul and the concept he had a child. The twist was that we assumed it was Bane when it was Miranda.

Because this type of backstory appears nowhere inside Into Darkness, the Khan twist fails as a result of we haven’t any previous emotional attactment to the character.

While I’d often simply put this right down to dangerous screenwriting and move on, I wish to touch on what may have been and how it might have improved audience numbers.

As a result of Abrams wanted to keep this secret, it meant that a lot of the movie’s advertising had to be restricted in what they stated. Think about for a minute that we knew prematurely that it was Khan. For one, we might have the backlash to using the character out of the way months ago.

However more importantly the film may have correctly capitalised upon the Khan vs Kirk side. You possibly can tell the world that Kirk goes to face off against his best nemisis. It’s Holmes vs Moriarty! It’s Batman vs The Joker!
Hell, it’s Wile E. Coyote vs Highway Runner! Come girl spiderman shirts and see how Kirk takes down his ultimate archenemy!

Simply imagine the above picture as a proper film poster with Pine and Cumberbatch
Don’t get me improper. Into Darkness will nonetheless make a boatload of money. But since Paramount Photos was expecting over $100 million [1] and contemplating that there’s been 4 years of inflation and the new film has 3D costs; it is undoubtably disappointing that the movie didn’t beat its predecessor for the opening weekend.

If Kirk will not face Khan’s wrath in Trek 2, who WILL he fight