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Reverse-Flash (Gods, Monsters & Freaks)

Reverse-Flash is a playable character in Injustice: Gods, Monsters & Freaks. He is voiced by The Flash Tv Show actor Matt Letscher whereas the hallucinations and multiverse versions of Thawne is voiced by Tom Cavanagh.

Mother (Deceased)
Unknown Great Grandfather (Deceased)

Crimson (When Reverse-Flash)
A.R.G.U.S. (Presently)

Midway City (Presently)
Midway Metropolis

Tom Cavanagh (Hallucination, Multiverse)
Born within the 22nd Century, Eobard was initially a fan of the Flash, the place he needed to recreate the powers of the Flash. He then traveled in time to satisfy Barry in the twenty first century, but he was angered after finding out Barry and himself had history towards each other. Eobard then traveled again in time to kill Nora Allen and become the Flash’s true arch nemesis, Reverse-Flash.

Intro/Outro Edit
Intro Edit

Reverse-Flash speeds into the enviornment, throwing an unconscious speedster onto the ground before taunting the opponent.

Outro Edit
Reverse-Flash speeds in the direction of the opponent and grabs them by the collar, saying that they weren’t able to beat him. He then uppercuts the opponent into the air.

Ending Edit
Knowing that he would not have been capable of defeat Superman with out the assistance of Batman’s Kryptonite, he would have been killed instantly. Knowing that the defeat of Superman would make him a hero, he publically introduced that he would rebuild Central Metropolis right into a futuristic utopia, where everyone could have clean air and pollution would be forgotten about. Although he felt fairly at dwelling, Eobard had much better plans with the time criminal Vandal Savage, a plan the place they both destroy The Flash as soon as and for all.

Skills Edit
Eobard Thawne has a strong connection with the speed power and its powers, the place he funny blue jays shirts can simply tap into his meta-human physiology. Although he’s a speedster, Eobard’s speed power shade is pink. Eobard has accelerated healing issue, notion, enchanced agility, durability, and power. Eobard sometimes makes use of bodily vibrations to hide from the public eye. Eobard also has superhuman reflexes, stamina, and speed, which includes such abilities like Aerokinesis, Speed Mirages, Superhuman Momentum and Time Travel.

Eobard additionally has genius level intellect, which is on par with Batman’s intellect. He is a master tactician and skilled in hand-to-hand combat. He can be an expert within the speed power.

He has some weaknesses, however, similar to Carbine and Nanites.
Gameplay Edit

Particular Strikes Edit
Out of Time – Eobard shortly strikes at his target before ending with a uppercut. The meter burn has Eobard kick his opponent into the air as nicely before slamming them down.
Velocity Dodge – Just like the Flash, Eobard can dodge his opponent’s particular strikes. His meter burn allows him to run as much as his opponent after the dodge and strike down the opponent.
Speed Mirage – Eobard creates a pace mirage of himself to attack the opponent from behind. The meter burn makes Eobard create two-speed mirages, with the velocity mirages attacking the opponent from behind and in entrance.
Working Man Stance – Eobard adopts a runner’s stance, with fees of electricity and performs both a low sweep or an overhead charge.
Lightning Kick – Eobard performs a collection of quick, targeted kicks until knocking down the opponent with an overhead kick.

Character Trait Edit
– Cellular Regeneration – Eobard rapidly regenerates his well being over time, permitting him to heal himself from the injury he took from the opponent’s previous attacks.

Other Strikes Edit
– Seize – Eobard grabs his opponent and runs them over to the opposite aspect of the enviornment, smashing them on the ground.

Super Move Edit
– Time Master – Eobard grabs his opponent and runs world wide, carrying them funny blue jays shirts in the process. Eobard then opens a portal to his timeline and begins punching them several times within the abdomen before throwing them by way of a Time Sphere. Eobard then grabs his opponent and runs again by way of the portal and smashes his opponent down on the bottom.

Injustice: Gods, Monsters & Freaks Edit

Quotes Edit
Story Mode Edit

In Battle Edit
“I am the quickest man alive.” – Intro
“And that i considered you as a good friend.” – Outro
“Never underestimate me.”
“You’re not too fast.” – After an excellent transfer
“Too sluggish Barry.” – After performing a seize on The Flash
“Many timelines does not have you ever, Jesse!” – After performing a seize on The Trickster

Clash Edit
“You can’t outmatch me.” – Any Character
“Your devices should not effective.” – Any Character
“Your time is up!” – Any Character

Defense Edit
Attack Edit

Costume Edit

Eobard wears a yellow armor with a red and black lightning bolt image, making his costume look just like the reverse version of Barry Allen’s costume. Eobard additionally wears a crimson belt and traces of Men’s Print teen titans comics Short Sleeve T Shirts black. The armor also has MR fluid layers on the suit.

Trivia Edit
He’s voiced by Matt Letscher, with Tom Cavanagh providing voice work for the flashbacks and hallucinations involving Eobard Thawne.
This version of Eobard Thawne attracts inspiration from The CW’s Reverse-Flash and the comic e book model of the character.