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Teen Titans Wiki

Nevermore is the sixth episode of the Teen Titans collection and the primary season.
When Raven becomes out of management during flash gordon youth t shirt a struggle with Dr. Light, the others turn out to be worried which leads Beast Boy to sneak into Raven’s room with Cyborg to figure out what’s happening together with her. Beast Boy quickly finds a mirror which sucks him and Cyborg into a strange world, now they must discover a way out, but whereas doing so they come throughout Raven, however every time she appears she acts in a different way than earlier than.

Raven takes on Dr. Mild.
The villainous Dr. Gentle makes an attempt to loot a gold transport, and even the Teen Titans seem helpless in stopping him. But Dr. Mild makes the mistake of antagonizing Raven, who immediately turns demon-like and attracts him inside her cloak with shadowy tentacles. Robin manages to snap her out of it, and Dr. Gentle is launched simply in time, although severely traumatized. When Beast Boy asks her about what has occurred, she snarls at him, her eyes glowing red, before she calms again and slinks into the shadows.

The next morning, Beast Boy tries his finest, but achieves solely the worst, making an attempt to cheer Raven up again. He goes to apologize (with a little “encouragement” from Cyborg) but finds her room empty. In opposition to Cyborg’s recommendation, Beast Boy ends up exploring it and discovers a wierd-wanting mirror, which sucks him and Cyborg into another dimension, an odd void full of floating rocks and blood-red stars flash gordon youth t shirt inhabited by shadowy creatures; they presume that that is Raven’s home and the mirror serves as a gateway of sorts.

Beast Boy and Cyborg are perplexed by Happy Pink Raven.
Proper after their arrival, they’re beset by a flock of shadowy ravens, and they encounter Raven, who is, to their astonishment, unusually giggly and wearing pink. She tells them flash gordon youth t shirt of a forbidden door which can be the only approach again to Earth. Whereas Beast Boy and Cyborg make their way to the gate, they go by way of a kind of dreamworld; the pink Raven vanishes and then pops up again, this time clad in gray and unusually timid and apologetic. She leads them via an indestructible maze, but on the exit they are attacked by a double-confronted statue, which proves impervious even to Cyborg’s sonic blasts. But simply when all hope seems lost, Raven —this time in green and unusually bold —arrives and destroys the creature.

Raven’s not-anymore-hidden selves
The confusion about Raven’s sudden personality and coloration switches is swiftly answered: What Beast Boy and Cyborg have encountered weren’t one however three completely different Ravens, every one representing distinct however hidden sides of her personality. Then the true Raven, who has since observed the intrusion into her room, clears the riddle completely: The strange void is absolutely Raven’s thoughts, and the mirror is a meditation system for tapping into her subconscious. In the meanwhile, nevertheless, the inside of her mind is a very dangerous place as a result of the darkish heritage of her father, represented by the facet Rage, had gotten free the previous night time.

Raven preventing her father’s manifestation.
This facet, in the type of her father, attacks Raven proper after her elaborations, threatening to consume her utterly. Although she tries to get them back to Earth, since if she loses, each could be trapped inside her thoughts forever, Beast Boy and Cyborg stay by her side and take up battle in opposition to the fad. Upon their suggestion, Raven fuses her remaining aspects within herself and, using their united power, defeats the craze and reabsorbs her. This fight also creates a new sense of friendship between the three, and upon their return, Raven graciously accepts Beast Boy’s offer to cook up dinner.

Teen Titans Raven
Beast Boy

Trigon (Raven’s Anger)
Dr. Mild
Fowl Monsters
Stone Monsters

Different Characters


– Written by: – Greg Klein
– Tom Pugsley
– Directed by: – Michael Chang

Starring: – Greg Cipes as Beast Boy
Scott Menville as Robin
Khary Payton as Cyborg
Tara Robust as Raven
Hynden Walch as Starfire

Also featuring: – Rodger Bumpass as Dr. Gentle (first appearance)
Keith Szarabajka as Trigon (first look)
Tara Robust as Emoticlones (only look)

This episode’s title was a reference to a line in the well-known horror poem by Edgar Allen Poe entitled “The Raven”, wherein a raven repeatedly utters the phrase.
When Raven says that the mirror is a portal into her mind and never a toy, the last four phrases are aimed proper at Beast Boy by means of gritted teeth.
Raven’s mirror as a portal into her thoughts may be a subtle reference to Charles Horton Cooley’s “Looking Glass Self” concept of socialization.
This is the primary episode to characteristic Raven actually smiling.
When the Emoticlones are swirling very quickly round Raven simply before joining her to form White Raven, a red one will be seen. Nevertheless, Red is Rage. This is probably an animation goof.
This episode options the first look of Dr. Gentle and Trigon.
In this episode, Trigon is voiced by Keith Szarabajka; nevertheless, in all subsequent appearances, he’s voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson.
This is the one episode to function the Emoticlones in Raven’s thoughts.

Trigon looks completely different in this episode – he does not have horns and his eyes are yellow as a substitute of pink. This might be as a result of he is a part of Raven’s thoughts and is not the actual factor.
All through the episode, the button that holds Raven’s cloak closed has a raven on it.
On this episode, Starfire says that Raven is complicated and there are issues the others will not be meant to grasp. Ironically, the entire next episode, Switched, is about her getting to know Raven better and vice versa, making them better buddies
Towards the end when Robin is attempting to carry Starfire again from knocking on Raven’s door, Robin is clearly utilizing all the power he has however Starfire appears rather more relaxed. This was one of many early clues that Starfire is actually stronger than Robin and actually, the strongest member of the Teen Titans.
When Raven enters her thoughts to confront Beast Boy and Cyborg, it’s unknown if she simply taps into subconsciousness or if her actual body is teleported in as nicely. Nevertheless, the previous does appear to be the more seemingly case.