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What Are The Upcoming DC Animated Movies In 2017

What are the upcoming DC animated movies In 2017
Answer Wiki

Justice League Dark comes out in two weeks – digital launch on Jan 24, 2017.
Men's Cotton Sinestro corps logo Short Sleeve T-ShirtWithin the San Diego Comic Con final 12 months, along with Justice League Dark, there were bulletins for 2 more animated motion pictures in 2017.

Teen Titans: The Judas Contract is anticipated to come back out in the spring.
And there’s a Bruce Timm original film starring Batman and Harley Quinn to be launched in the summer time of 2017.

(Image from the BTAS episode Harlequinade)
Since 2011, there have been three DC animated motion pictures yearly, one in the early winter, one in the spring, and one within the summer/fall. So I’d suppose these are the three we’re going to get this yr.

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