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Suicide Squad Trailer Leak Reveals Big New Details

Just lately Heroic Hollywood released particulars for the second Suicide Squad trailer. The main points sound amazing and i personally cannot wait until the trailer drops. One in every of the eye catching particulars about the data offered by Heroic Hollywood is that it detailed one thing that sounded fairly acquainted from the new fifty two comics.

Leaked info for the new Suicide Squad trailer
Men's Desgin New black Adam Short Sleeve T-ShirtJoker throwing Dr. Quinzel into the chemical tank

Would not sound like we will see Joker throwing Dr. Harleen Quinzel into the chemical tank.
Joker pulling Harley Quinn out of the chemical tank

Nevertheless, similar to we now have seen within the comics, we will certainly see Joker pull Harley Quinn out of the chemical tank.

Harley after her chemical bath
This is basically thrilling to see and provides some clarification on how Dr. Quinzel would change into Harley Quinn in the DC Prolonged Universe. The primary trailer suggested that Joker would use electricity to hurt Harleen really, really unhealthy.

Oh Joker does not need to harm you!
Who is aware of Possibly the electro shock therapy is the principle coarse and the deadpool pop vinyl shirt design chemical bath is desert. Really, I am beginning to surprise if the woman on the table is actually Harley or is it June Moone who finally will change into Enchantress within the Suicide Squad film.

June Moone or Dr. Harleen Quinzel
The trailer presents them each as docs. Might Joker simply be making an attempt to release the Enchantress through torture so he can escape Arkham Either manner comic book nerds needs to be very completely satisfied that David Ayer, director and writer of the Suicide Squad movie, is staying canon and true to the deadpool pop vinyl shirt design supply material as he promised. That’s after all if this scoop turns out to be true.

New 52 Harley Quinn origin

So are you excited about this tid little bit of leaked information about Harley’s origin Do you think the scoop is for real Please share your thoughts below.