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Demise Battle And One Minute Melee Fanon Wiki

Solid Snake vs Deathstroke is a What-If episode of one Minute Melee, that includes Solid Snake from the Steel Gear series and the return of Deathstroke from DC Comics.

Description Edit
In a earlier episode, Deathstroke gave Deadpool a run for his cash, but can he hope to win once once more against Stable Snake, the solider of motion

Interlude Edit
(Player ONE CHOOSES Strong Snake.)

(Player TWO CHOOSES Deathstroke.)

Stable Snake glared at a picture of a man wearing a orange and blue mask with a $5,000,010 bounty. Solid Snake pulled out his 1911 Operator and cocked it. He would homicide this villain on the spot and declare that bounty, no matter what.

His ears then heard the sound of helicopter propellers. Strong Snake looked as much as see a helicopter land on a building not too deadpool chimichanga shack work shirt far away from him. A man then exited the helicopter. Upon nearer inspection, Solid Snake realized that this was the man he was tasked to kill.

Solid Snake immediately readied his 1911 Operator and shot it in the air to alert Deathstroke to his presence. Sure enough, Deathstroke turned to him.

“I believe that is you.” Stable Snake mentioned as he ripped Deathstroke’s bounty off the lamp pole and held it up.

“You are not the only one who is wished, lifeless or alive.”
Deathstroke then held up a similar wanted poster, besides the image was changed with Strong Snake. Angered, Solid Snake instantly shot the poster, forcing it out of his hand.

“That is between you and me, Deathstroke!”
“Put together to be terminated.”

Deathstroke then readied his twin machine guns as Stable Snake readied his 1911 Operator.
Nobody BLINK! Combat!

Solid Snake proceeded to fire multiple bullets at Deathstroke. But the wounds soon regenerated, much to Stable Men’s thing of fantastic four Print Long Sleeve T-Shirt Snake’s surprise. Deathstroke then fired his twin machine guns at Solid Snake, however Stable Snake effortlessly dodged all of the bullets. He then raced towards a close by automobile for cowl as Deathstroke continued firing. Once Deathstroke stopped firing, Stable Snake shot Deathstroke in the stomach along with his 1911 Operator, prompting Deathstroke to fire again. Deathstroke then jumped off the deadpool chimichanga shack work shirt constructing and landed on the car that his opponent was hiding behind. Just earlier than he might deliver the killing bullet to Strong Snake, Solid Snake narrowly dodged in time and continued to dodge the bullets till Deathstroke ran out of bullets.

Strong Snake then readied his Stun Knife and ran at Deathstroke and stabbed him within the stomach with it. He then proceeded to electrocute Deathstroke earlier than taking pictures him within the stomach together with his 1911 Operator. Deathstroke then knocked Stable Snake again together with his lance. Strong Snake raced at Deathstroke to stab him once more, but Deathstroke all of the sudden shot a laser out of his lance, which pierced via Stable Snake’s stomach, knocking him again. A truck then rammed into Strong Snake, making him land on the windshield.

“No matter you do, do not slow down.” Strong Snake informed the truck driver. He then climbed to the highest of the truck with difficulty. He then readied his 1911 Operator as he looked for Deathstroke.

He was then shot by way of the shoulder.
Solid Snake then discovered Deathstroke, who was revealed to have his sniper rifle. He fired once more, however Stable Snake used his acrobatic expertise to leap from vehicle to vehicle until he shot Deathstroke in the neck along with his 1911 Operator. He then leaped toward Deathstroke and proceeded to punch him repeatedly until Deathstroke impaled his stomach along with his Promethium sword. As Stable Snake tried to get better, Deathstroke slashed Strong Snake’s chest twice before kicking him back, making him land on the windshield again.

“Just pretend I am not here.” Strong Snake told the truck driver earlier than trying to climb to the top of the truck. He then noticed Deathstroke standing him above him. He readied his Promethium sword.

And with that, he impaled Strong Snake’s cranium with the Promethium sword. Strong Snake’s lifeless body slid down the windshield and beneath the truck. Deathstroke then leaped off the truck.

“Piece of cake.”
Deathstroke then casually walked away.

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