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Red Hood Gang (Staff)

The Red Hood Gang was dc comics shirt created by Batman: The Killing Joke author Alan Moore, who expanded upon the story informed in Detective Comics #168 that includes the man who would turn out to be the Joker as a master criminal recognized because the Red Hood.

Main Story Arcs
The Killing Joke

In Alan Moore’s famed story, the Red Hood Gang approaches a struggling comedian who was a former worker of Ace Chemical. The gang wanted this man to pose as their leader, and information them via his previous office so as to rob the building next door. This man, financially struggling to maintain himself, and pregnant wife afloat, reluctantly agreed to the job.

Prior to the robbery, the man’s spouse and unborn son died in a freak accident, which lead him to try to back out of the robbery, one thing the Red Hood Gang would not stand for, as they would then threaten and power him to undergo with the job.

Unfortunately, throughout the robbery, Gotham Metropolis’s new vigilante protector, Batman would present as much as cease the crime. In the chaos that adopted Batman’s arrival, the man posing because the Red Hood Gang’s leader falls right into a vat of chemicals, and when he emerges within the water exterior, he finds himself to have bleached pores and dc comics shirt skin, green hair, and a hideous smile. This man would later go on to turn into the Joker, Batman’s most harmful foe.

Zero Yr
In the brand new 52 DC continuity, Batman author Scott Snyder revisited the Red Hood Gang throughout the new fifty two’s one 12 months anniversary Zero Month, the place all of the books would be numbed #zero, and revisit the past of starring characters. Snyder’s story confirmed a Bruce Wayne who had only recently returned Gotham, had not turn out to be Batman but, but nevertheless had started his crime combating career.

One in all Bruce’s early targets was the Red Hood Gang, which he managed to infiltrate undercover. Sadly for Bruce, the chief of the gang knew his group had been infiltrated and managed to weed out a disguised Bruce as the wrongdoer.

Though the gang tried to kill him, Bruce manages to flee into the sewers after the police show up to interrupt up the robbery. The gang eventually follows him into the sewer system, however a prototype motorbike hidden in the tunnels permits Bruce to escape. The gang is later seen outside of Bruce’s condo, scoping it out for their subsequent hit.

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