Cosmic Disclosure – Will The true David Wilcock Please Stand Up!

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I’ve been a proponent of David Wilcock for a few years, having read three of his books, nearly all of his articles on his web site Divine Cosmos and have even attended considered one of his 4 day symposiums in 2013 in Denver, Colorado but just lately I’ve begun to query his motives. In this article Cosmic Disclosure – Will The actual David Wilcock Please Stand Up! I’ll examine his recent revelations into the secret Space Applications based on whistleblower Corey Goode’s testimony in his GaiamTV sequence Cosmic Disclosure and those articles he has launched on his website concerning the same subject and the inevitable defeat of The Cabal.

Seven of the final eight articles he has written and revealed on his web site have all been about information revealing the secret Space Program and Corey Goode and The Sphere Being Alliance and selling his GaiamTV series Cosmic Disclosure. Whereas they’ve contained large amounts of data, most of it hasn’t been anything new and appears to repeat itself based on beforehand revealed information and past occasions and history.

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However what has lead me to question David’s motives behind his Cosmic Disclosure collection is the obvious lack of preparation when questioning Corey Goode, his unprofessional perspective towards sure data revealed by his guest and his severe lack of information on relevant subjects such as the Hollow Earth idea, underground breakaway civilizations, Operation Excessive Jump and the Vril and Thule societies of Nazi Germany.

I can title a dozen properly researched books such because the Black Solar by Peter Moon or Rise of the Fourth Reich by Jim Marrs, on these subjects for every topic and for David to pretend or even maintain ignorance of these topics is dubious within the excessive. He even went so far as to make the glaringly apparent mistake of laughing at the description of Admrial Byrd flying into the Southern Polar opening of Flat Earth, not Hollow Earth thoughts you FLAT EARTH!

I am sorry but no true researcher would make this error, the two topics will not be even close to being similar and reveals a whole lack of understanding of the subject matter.
One other major concern I’ve for this show is its format. What began as one hour lengthy episodes have now been diminished to 28 minute segments and lots of those minutes are spent going over previous info revealed on earlier episodes. This drip, drip, drip method of introducing data to the general public on a pay per view Television Station is not conducive to selling a Full Disclosure Event.

If each the guest Corey Goode and the host David Wilcock are serious about making a Full Disclosure Occasion it’s paramount that they get this information to as many people as attainable, whereas presenting it in an extended enough format to cover as much floor as doable.

This makes me wonder if maybe the data is being controlled, they are being managed or they wish to seem like the self sacrificing service to other varieties, when in actuality they’re merely obeying the needs of their controllers.

Let me be clear, I am not in opposition to anybody creating wealth to help themselves however both David and Corey have repeatedly instructed the viewers that they don’t seem to be making a lot cash from this endeavor and have asked for donations. So I must ask, if they are not doing it for the money, why not present it in a free format?
Nobody is preventing David Wilcock from transferring out of the best cost of living State within the continental United States, California, he selected to dwell there and as far as I know he will not be being forced to do so.

If in reality his present is basically about Full not Partial Disclosure, then we would not be getting it as soon as every week for 30 minutes. This article Cosmic Disclosure – Will The true David Wilcock Please Stand Up!, isn’t supposed to be essential of David or his efforts, it’s being written to indicate the glaring inconsistencies within the message.

The Ascension Mysteries
David Wilcock
David Wilcock The Victim
Within the Legislation Of 1 Materials, certainly one of the principle ideas is the law of attraction, which can also be the primary concept in the ebook The secret. It’s a fairly straightforward concept to grasp, what you consider and undertaking is what’s attracted to you. So if you are continually blaming others and making excuses for the situation of your life, then you’ll entice all kinds of what David and the Legislation Of one Materials refers to as ‘detrimental greetings’ or adverse energy.

In David’s most latest put up Simply Say No to Partial Disclosure!, on his website Divine Cosmos he spends 2/three of your complete article playing the sufferer function. He writes about how he is continually sick, too busy to take care of himself and that he actually isn’t making any money, woe is me!

Playing the sufferer is the conditioned role humanity is in right now, our society loves to level the finger and lay the blame anyplace however at the individual staring them again in the mirror.

When he is isn’t lamenting his illnesses, he is selling his quite a few Television exhibits, new ebook The Ascension Mysteries, movie and Expo lectures and three talks given at that Expo that will solely prices you $144.00, except you solely have entry to them for a month, sorry that canine do not hunt.

Then he goes on to promote his book and tells us that it reveals his addiction issues of the previous and how he overcame them and got sober. Let me tell you people, a few of you could know I’m a recovering alcoholic and addict however this isn’t one thing I promote and even point out fairly often. It’s an enormous No-No in AA to brag about doing the appropriate thing, if other people want to congratulate you that is okay but on no account do we ever promote our own sobriety as a major accomplishment, this observe fuels the ego. Recovering addicts don’t want any assist or purpose to gasoline the ego, it’s often the rationale we ended up alcoholics and addicts in the primary place.

On the very end of the article, he does write about the Partial Disclosure situation that the secret Earth Alliance has been compromised into considering by way of their own negligence and greed. However what I want to make clear is at no point does he tackle any of the foremost considerations the Cosmic Disclosure viewers has had with Corey and David’s own contribution to the Partial Disclosure drawback.

Once more this reveals a whole disregard for recognizing the truth and for a self proclaimed Fact Seeker this should be glaringly obvious, that Cosmic Disclosures’ snail like tempo of unveiling data is detrimental to Full disclosure. The title to this text Cosmic Disclosure – Will The true David Wilcock Please Stand Up! is since you appear to be saying one thing and doing one other.

Wilcock is an outright fraud and you’ll learn up on it. He is just not remotely like Cayce at all and once more, you can learn up on him. He has executed no original work of his own and is propped up by the extra negative elements of the new age/conspiracy circuit. Most of what is out there may be jaded and suspect, or so I have discovered.

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Most of the feedback posted after each episode reflect what I have written right here, that if this information is absolutely so vital why must we pay to get it and why are the episodes so brief and only as soon as every week.

Then whenever you watch Corey being interviewed by others hosts and the information just appears to stream out and Corey talks for minutes with out interruption it bcomes clear that something is amiss. However when he’s on Cosmic Disclosure, he is consistently being interrupted, shedding his prepare of thought and the subject material jumps around with interjections by David.

DAN2002, POSTED ON OCTOBER four, 2015
Why for revenue?

Why is the knowledge being disseminated for profit? If what’s being stated is certainly true then this may very well be the largest story in mass known history. Will it finally be given away without spending a dime once all episodes are done?

There are some actual contradictions in this. not understanding the addressing of the portals but utilizing the portals etc. It appears that evidently the more fame David will get the more narcissistic he will get. Solely his view matters all different views that are not pandering to his view have just not figured it out but. David’s “informants” appear more like people who are inventing stories and feeding him what he wants to listen to.


Superb how these two manage to make such an attention-grabbing matter boring. That is when the speaking-head arrange needs some severe jazzing up with reference photos she calls them her “Orbies’ She takes footage of them and sends them to me. Amazing!

I wish I had considered one of Corey’s Smart Glass Pads. With that information, confusion would clear up immediately.

David, simply assume in regards to the construction you set in place. The information is beautiful, your structure is holding it again.

Like to all.

Unquestionably David your structure is holding it back and now with Gaia’s enhance from $10.00 dollars a year to $ninety five.00 dollars a year there shall be much more demanding customers. I for one won’t renew my subscription and wish you the perfect however it is usually due to the fact that I have already learn 90% of the knowledge you share elsewhere and I’ll continue to seek out the truth the place ever I search it because I’ve discovered to assume with my coronary heart.

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David’s Obvious Mistakes and Ignorance
Throughout the Cosmic Disclosure present, David has revealed a startling lack of depth to many topics, that I discover suspect. Maybe some of this is due to a lack of preparation and analysis however others make me marvel if he has some how been replaced by a clone or impostor as a result of these cases are baffling to be sure.

I don’t want of us to think I do not settle for the knowledge in the present Cosmic Disclosure as a result of I do nevertheless I wrote this text Cosmic Disclosure – Will The actual David Wilcock Please Stand Up!, to show the discrepancies that appear odd and complicated.

In episode Two, Season Two, Cosmic Disclosure: Agarthans: Advancing the Frontier they (Corey and David) are talking about the key German base beneath the Antarctic Ice and how the Germans received their discovered it and built it. I have highlighted in bold the components that seem odd to me.

DW: What did the Germans see? To begin with, had anybody been to Antarctica before this? Was this like the primary time in fashionable instances with modern humans? I suppose there have been just a few– there was Cook, proper, who went there or something?

CG: Yeah, I feel there have been a couple of expeditions there. But this major city, there were three occupied cities underneath the ice. Two were–

DW: Occupied?

CG: Right.

DW: In Antarctica.

CG: In Antarctica.

DW: When the Germans got there, they have been already occupied?

CG: Nicely, one was somewhat in disarray. But it surely was perfect for their U-boats to come back up beneath the ice and are available up in a cavern space.

DW: The U-boat is a submarine?

Are we to actually accept the idea that David does not know what a U-boat is, this appears to be ignorance in the excessive? I’ve issue accepting this concept, anyone that has watched even a couple of World Struggle II movies would know this. How would anyone make all of it the way by means of school, let alone High school with out studying this data?

Has anyone been to Antarctica before? What kind of query is that? In modern times it was found in the early 1800s, 100 years before World Warfare II, did David skip all of High school?

Later in Episode Four, Season Two, entitled Breakaway Begins, he once more shows some wonderful lack of knowledge and depth to subjects like Operation Paperclip and Operation High Jump, which simply appears odd. It doesn’t seem to me that an ardent research of his caliber wouldn’t find out about these topics which can be each over seventy five years outdated.

DW: What’s Operation Paperclip, for many who do not know?

CG: Operation Paperclip is an agreement to the place we obtained German scientists and expertise that was highly advanced, and these people have been like 20, 30 years forward of us technologically, is what they are saying on paper. So we brought them in, and after the war we took these German scientists and put them into our fledgling house packages, into our infrastructure, and began giving them fairly a little bit of power as they started proving themselves as priceless belongings.

DW: Why on the earth we trust them?

CG: They have been making us cash.

DW: Doesn’t seem like a good suggestion.

CG: Nicely, it wasn’t. So what we had in 1947 was our intelligence agencies had discovered that the breakaway German groups had created enclaves in South America and Antarctica. And we knew that in Antarctica, it was a very large army base. So what the DOD had decided was to send a really large fleet under the command of Admiral Byrd. And this was referred to as Operation High Leap, which many people had been aware of the title of that operation. I can’t remember the precise number, however it was a conflict fleet.

DW: Battleships, destroyers?

CG: Battleships, destroyers, aircraft carriers, submarines, entire 9 yards.

DW: That is after World Warfare II, though. You said 1947?

Sure, David, World Conflict II ended in 1945, and when a person says ‘conflict fleet’, it normally contains destroyers nevertheless it gets worse not higher, relying on your viewpoint. When Operation High Soar gets to Antarctica it gets attacked by some superior spherical winged aircraft that sink a couple of ships. You possibly can read about all the operation in my article Nibiru Planet X How the Fourth Reich Plans to Rule the World After the Pole Shift. I have made bold the obtrusive error in the next text.

CG: It was destructive enough to get the job carried out. In order that they turned round, retreated, got here back, and Admiral Byrd went earlier than the DOD and the President, the Joint Chiefs, and gave a closed report about what he ran into. And his log continues to be the captain’s log. It is nonetheless beneath lock and key to at the present time. A few of his comments made it out into the public realm to the place he stated, the following warfare, we will likely be attacked by aircraft that can fly pole to pole in a matter of minutes. A couple little feedback bought out like that from him. However this brought about the DOD and the intelligence companies to go to the Paper Clip scientists.

DW: However wait a minute. I used to be a geek, and that i’ve learn like 300 books on Atlantis and all this. And they say that Admiral Byrd noticed the flat Earth, that there were mammoths and cavemen.

CG: That is a bunch of stuff that came out later that has nothing to do with the actual mission that he was on.

DW: Was it disinformation? Was it planted disinformation?

CG: It was both disinformation or any individual with a large imagination. I do not know which.

DW: Okay.

So evidently Secret Space Programs and Break Away German Civilizations on the Moon is less complicated to just accept than Admiral Byrd seeing Wooly Mammoths within the Antarctica? Howdy Anyone Residence?

The information launched from Admiral Byrd’s Diary reveals nothing about cavemen but does mention some elephant wanting creatures, of course he is flying in a aircraft at the time so he wasn’t up shut. So why when discussing such unimaginable data as secret breakaway societies and house applications, would that sort of information be far-fetched, it doesn’t add up.

So let me get this straight David, you read 300 books on Atlantis and not one on Operation High Soar or Operation Paperclip and you have by no means heard of a U-boat? Were you asleep throughout American History?

And you don’t know the distinction between the Flat Earth Idea and the Hollow Earth idea, one thing would not smell proper?

Now these are simply two examples among many riddled throughout the present that makes me surprise in regards to the modifying and professionalism of the show itself, one thing simply appears off too me, not quite right. I have no problems with the secret House Programs, that appears fairly apparent to me and even the breakaway civilizations inside our planet nevertheless it does seem to me that sure points get trivialized and marginalized whereas other features are treated as perfectly natural.

My suggestion can be to complete the book and perhaps write one for Corey, at the very least attempt one thing new with Cosmic Disclosure as a result of your shedding followers and followers are dropping curiosity. Folks getting turned off to Corey’s story is very comparable to Marvel Comics making horrible Spiderman films, you do not think it’s remotely attainable however clearly it has already happened.

So don’t take this text Cosmic Disclosure – Will The true David Wilcock Please Stand Up! as an attack however as constructive criticism and make some adjustments earlier than Cosmic Disclosure finally ends up being compared to Spiderman III, heaven forbid.
by somethgblue14

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sendingGilbert Arevalo 7 months in the past from Hacienda Heights, California

I’ve by no means seen the show, however I feel the ideas steered by you and hinted about in the titles and subtitles of the books you’ve got featured by Amazon are fascinating.

Marilee NiEtain 11 months in the past from Soul Tribe Sanctuary – Northern California

Had trouble deciding on just one answer to the survey about Gaia Tv. It is definitely Both.

Authorsomethgblue 21 months in the past from Shelbyville, Tennessee

Which is of course what this article is admittedly all about, as a result of a few of what they are revealing seems to play into The Cabals hand, whereas all of it seems real and honest, so it is de facto difficult to decipher which is which.

Nevertheless I’ve type of pulled back from delving to a lot into the exploration of my interior self or Greater Self for some of the reasons you talked about above. Be that good or unhealthy, it just is, ATM I may get back into however for now am content material on seeing how every little thing plays out.

Sparkster Publishing 21 months ago from United Kingdom

Unusual is not it? That is beginning to remind me very much of what happened with Steven Greer, his CE5 initiatives and the Sirius documentary, along together with his free energy lab – all crowdfunded by the general public, the movie streamed via a distribution community at a price, etc. All extraordinarily questionable and highly dubious But his CE5 contact protocols DO work and Can be used to contact (or manifest) other beings. I know as a result of I’ve done it many times each alone and with different folks. So, he speaks the truth however at the same time he additionally makes a load of cash from it whilst additionally talking BS!

I do not know what’s happening with Wilcock or Goode but check out my own experiences – I’ve obtained all kinds of weird and wonderful information from greater sources and but I typically do not know whether or not that info is deceptive or not. Not solely have I had experiences with UFOs following me but also with orbs of light, spirits, shadow entities and useless folks. I discover myself believing that UFOs and ETs should not from different planets or star techniques however are from other planes of existence (psychological, etheric, astral, and many others) – there are seven planes of existence and seven states of matter.

The weird factor is that when trying to incorporate issues which are relevant and which I’ve tested into my quickly to be launched UFO guide, strange things would generally start to happen – damaging issues, very very similar to some form of invisible power holding me back. Typically the knowledge would get wiped out in a roundabout way. It saved taking place repeatedly which is why it has taken me so lengthy to get it achieved. Through the course of writing the guide, I used to be chipped, monitored and visited repeatedly.

As far as law of attraction goes, it works because reality is a mirrored image of our interior consciousness – we are the true creators of our own reality. I also can perceive the idea of having to find out between real information from greater sources and deceptive info from deceptive sources, equivalent to “Voice of God” know-how which in fact is psychotronic thoughts control expertise which I’ve written about before. The hub I am currently working on also entails psychotronic thoughts control technology. It does exist and that’s one thing I must be weary of myself – these UFOs that had been following were capable of both studying my ideas and implanting thoughts, concepts, motivation and inspiration – but I have no idea who or what they are.

When communicating with the next power, it is vital that the higher power you talk with is inside of you not external. Nevertheless, UFOs and spirits (which might be one and the identical) do appear to be a result of utilizing such parapsychological methods – they seem after using Creative Vfsualization, Law of Attraction and Cosmic Ordering. In reality, the regulation of attraction is the easiest way of manifesting them.