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From Riri Williams To Kamala Khan: Meet Marvel’s ‘Legacy Heroes’!

Yes, there are quite a lot of spider-centric characters! An alternate-universe version of Gwen Stacy, the character dubbed “Spider-Gwen” has turn out to be a fan favorite. In Spider-Gwen’s world, it was Gwen who was bitten by the radioactive spider, while cool star trek shirts Peter Parker – longing for journey – grew to become the Lizard, and in the end died. Shocked at Peter’s destiny, Spider-Gwen discovered to take her powers seriously, and to embrace that age-outdated adage – “With great power comes nice duty”.

Spider-Gwen’s success – largely resulting from a stunning design by artist Robbi Rodriguez – shocked Marvel, and really got here at a very inconvenient time; “Secret Wars” was about to destroy the Marvel Multiverse! She’s back in her own ongoing now, and, after a troublesome begin, the series has really picked up of late.

Though Sony was reportedly fascinated with the thought of Spider-Gwen, we don’t have any evidence that there’s going to be a Gwen Stacy character in the MCU. With out Gwen, this alternate-universe version simply wouldn’t resonate. That stated, there is cool star trek shirts a slim likelihood that Marvel would bring again Emma Stone, and trust to moviegoers to attach the character to the cool star trek shirts Gwen Stacy of the Superb Spider-Man films. I really doubt that it should occur, however I’d be delighted if it did!

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