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This is not my statement!
This post is just not meant to offend anybody or degrade anybody in any approach, shape or type! If this offends you, I am truly sorry. Nonetheless, I think it must be talked about and it matches in here. I might additionally appreciate any suggestions you may have on the topic 🙂

I knew from the primary time my niece spent the night with us that she was afraid of black individuals. She was wonderful being in our house with my nephews, but she by no means stayed with us alone until she was 2. Then for some reason, she was scared to dying of C’s daddy- who is, clearly, a black man.
Regardless that he talked to her in a sweet voice and she watched me and my youngsters give him hugs and kisses to indicate he was nice, my niece was still scared. So scared that she didn’t transfer off the sofa the rest of the night- not even to go to the bathroom!
I didn’t make an enormous deal of it- she was just a baby who was by no means round any black folks, or really anybody without her mom and dad there. Besides that, she had by no means been at our home alone and was scared. I know that lots of occasions youngsters are less scared if their dad and mom are around! But C’s dad insisted she was frightened of him because he was black.

Final weekend, we had been visiting my mother and my sister came over with my niece and nephews.
My niece, who is three now, got here as much as me and mentioned “I don’t wanna see B! (C’s dad) I do not want to go to your house!” I requested her why not, and she would not give me a solution, but she seemed very scared. I decided to simply come out and ask..
“Is it because he is black ”
My niece nodded her head and stated “I don’t love black individuals!”
I tried to not take offense to it- she is just a three yr previous little girl. Actually, I even laughed about it!
However then, I began considering and questioned WHY would not she like black individuals !
Why As a result of she hasn’t been round many, perhaps (even though she’s had her entire life of three years to get used to C’s dad). Maybe she was just agreeing with me- she didn’t have a solution, so she went together with the primary motive she heard
Or maybe, it is as a result of she’s being raised by a family who places black individuals down.. Possibly it’s as a result of everybody says C’s dad goes to come get her to scare her into behaving.
Almost certainly, it is as a result of instead of my sister (or anyone else) speaking to my niece and telling her that black individuals will not be ‘unhealthy’, they are regular people and they don’t seem to be going to harm you, everybody laughs and thinks it is the funniest factor that she’s scared of black individuals and admits it.
One thing I do know is that when you are taught to hate sure people, you just do as a result of that’s what you were taught. I’m ashamed to admit this, however I’m going to anyway.. When I used to be a child, I remember my complete household being afraid of black individuals and speaking unhealthy about closure virgin hair them. For no matter purpose, I was always fascinated by them and couldn’t understand why I shouldn’t like them. When we were driving wherever and noticed a black person, we were told “Lock your door and do not take a look at them!”.. So that’s what we did. It wasn’t till I actually received to know a black person that I realized they are just like anybody else. I had a really tough childhood (I will not get into all the details), however my mom’s pal and her black husband let us in their residence anytime we wanted or needed to be there and he not solely handled us properly, he treated us like we were the identical! Oh, I might go on perpetually about this topic and that i could let you know some loopy stories you would not consider!

Anyway, later on I tried to clarify that black persons are similar to her- I even informed her C and Mr. C were half black. She acted just a little scared, but she said she did not imagine me.
C had one among her black Cabbage Patch Child dolls together with her, and my niece was running away every time anyone picked it up! She yelled anytime C got here near her with the doll. When i instructed her C’s dad was coming over, she ran to the bedroom screaming and crying : /
Everybody else thinks it’s funny, however I am unable to assist feeling just a little resentful. My kids got mad that she stored saying she did not like black individuals too. She stored going as much as all of us, placing her arm next to ours and saying “You’re not black- you’re white like me!” But my youngsters know who they’re, and so they stored telling her “We’re half black!. Does that mean you don’t love us ” 🙁
I explained to my youngsters that she is just somewhat woman who has solely recognized one black particular person- who she hears everyone talking unhealthy about- and she would not know any higher. I nonetheless really feel bad though, as a result of I would like my youngsters to love themselves and not really feel like they are so much totally different than my facet of the household. Because they are not- persons are individuals, it doesn’t matter what their race! My kids (principally C) already hear one negative remark after one other about their hair, which typically makes them need hair like mine and that i need to counter each unfavourable remark with 10 constructive ones.. I simply want them like the way they look. Yes my niece is simply three now, but what if her perspective in the direction of black folks by no means changes What if she decides later that she would not like my youngsters I truthfully do not care- I’ll keep them away from anybody who does not like them!
I do not make too massive of a deal about it, though I do want my sister would set her straight as a substitute of encouraging her worry.

This type of factor is the precise reason I decided to start out this blog. I would like C to know that she is just not alone, she is regular and beautiful. She wants and deserves to see other little girls like herself with her hair sort and i really feel that the optimistic feedback people depart about her hair are doing her self esteem good!

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So what do you concentrate on this Is it regular child behavior, and would you be offended Would you feel unhealthy for your kids Also, is that this one thing you’re dealing with now or have dealt with in the past