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Robbie Reyes (The Ghost Rider) Appreciation

Originally Posted by J. D. Guy
Previous news by this point,however the Spirit of Vengeance e-book will be that includes Johnny Blaze, and will not be a gathering of Ghost Riders but, alas, just a fancy naming scheme for the handful of supernatural Marvel Heroes the e-book will showcase. To not say Robbie cannot or won’t appear in it, but that he won’t be excepted to.

Women's Star-Wars-Last-Jedi Print Long Sleeve T-ShirtOn a barely brighter note, it seems Sina Grace, the write of the current Iceman solo (which is a good learn that I do suggest) has wished to sneak a Robbie cameo into the upcoming authentic Champions Legacy arc. Properly, it seems that he did, albeit the artist who drew him used an outdated hairstyle for Robbie, regardless of Robbie having been out of that fashion longer than he has in it.

Still, that is the first time Robbie’s been acknowledged in-universe or out since his ebook’s abrupt cancellation again in March, so I am captain america uniform t shirt 15 pleased, even with just a wordless cameo (with a chronologically inaccurate hairstyle).

I really captain america uniform t shirt 15 like Robbie with that hairstyle. I hope we captain america uniform t shirt 15 get to see more of him quickly.

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