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Voice Compare: DC Universe – Booster Gold

Tracy is respectable. I think he sounds just a little too over enthusiastic, plus I really feel he kind of rushes a couple strains or he just sounds kind of bland. It almost sounds like a kind of overly glad museum tour guides greater than Booster Gold.

Travis definitely has the goofy delivery, and he does good with it captain america t shirt white 2016 I really feel. Nothing amazing, and he didn’t have loads to go off of, however for a Lego recreation, it is just a cute little performance.

Like I mentioned earlier than, Diedrich is a very natural selection. His energy and timing work fantastically. Nothing a lot else to say actually, he’s just really entertaining to take heed to.

1. Tom Everett Scott
2. Diedrich Bader
three. Travis Willingham

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