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Poison Ivy (Comic Guide)

Abusive Mother and father: As of latest fifty two and on, Ivy’s father was extremely abusive in direction of her mom. He all the time bought her flowers as an apology. Of course, he ultimately killed Ivy’s mom and buried her of their beloved backyard. Naturally, a few decade later, Ivy killed him.
Adaptational Heroism: She will get hit with this in just a few continuities:- Batman: Arkham Sequence: She’s captain america t shirt buy online visa portrayed as being extra targeted on defending her plants than happening eco-terrorist sprees, and refuses to group up with other villains. In Arkham Knight, she even helps Batman save Gotham from Scarecrow’s Cloudburst, though doing so prices her her life.
DC Super Hero Ladies: She’s portrayed as an Adorkable straight-up superhero.
DC Comics Bombshells: She only ever makes use of her powers in opposition to the German hierarchy.

She is the Veronica to Catwoman’s Betty and Batman’s Archie. Although Catwoman is a criminal additionally, she’s far more sympathetic and has more good/heroic qualities.
She is the Betty to Joker’s Veronica and Harley’s Archie. In comparison with the Joker, she is much more loving and affectionate towards Harley.

A rare instance of a villain creating another, hostile-to-them, villain. Ivy herself is normally the creation of a pre-mutation Floronic Man, a minor DC villain with Swamp Factor model powers.
One submit-90s storyline involves a Man-Consuming Plant she overused for assorted petty causes creating sapience and changing into Harvest, which yearns to kill her.

Averting that is not less than tried in “Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life and Loss of life”, where she tries to market extra legit eco-friendly creations of hers versus her traditional methods of simply running around turning folks into plants or feeding them to mutant carnivorous bushes.
A possible aversion seems in another instance: when Harley pointed out that a few of her plants (reminiscent of vines as robust_or stronger_than steel beams or organisms that produce gentle) might help humanity, Ivy bitterly responded: “I do not do this, Harley. I don’t save folks. I am poison, remember ” It is implied that given the chance, she would like to make use of her plants for good (or at least authorized monetary acquire), but folks do not anticipate her to, so she doesn’t.

Upon meeting Harley, Ivy softened somewhat in direction of people, but still manages to be fairly strict at any time when Harley screws up her plans. Which is steadily.
In the new fifty two Birds of Prey, she is totally unapologetic for her murderous crimes prior to now, however is keen to assist Black Canary and firm and work as a team. Even when she does mutter complaints alongside the way in which.

Generally she is an extremist eco-terrorist bent on protecting Mom Earth from the ravages of humanity; originally and simply as usually, she is only a glorified superhuman crook and seductress in it for the Women’s Fan Art Spider Gwen Custom Long Sleeve T Shirts cash. She’s even occasionally shown concern for “innocent” human life, youngsters especially, most famously in a particular concern of Gotham Central, and in Gotham City Sirens. Some more moderen portrayals additionally verge on Humanoid Abomination, depicting her as a being who, whereas principally human in look, is of utterly alien and inhuman morality and thinks extra like a sentient plant with a facet of Hive Queen.
Of all folks, Paul Dini once wrote Ivy straight up merciless and unsympathetic. The story in query depicts her seducing random individuals (both men and women) off the street, taking them to her lair and feeding them to her carnivorous plants. On top of that, it exhibits Ivy enjoying and mocking the lengthy suffering of the victims being slowly digested by the plants. Batman was so disgusted by her actions that, for a quick moment, he entertained the thought of ending Pamela’s life.
Is she insane because of a lonely, uncared for childhood Was her turn to villainy the results of chemical and biological alterations affecting her mental stability or cognitive processes with critical psychological consequences is she driven by her history of being betrayed by males Or is it some combination of all the above plus some backyard-selection sociopathy Notably, Neil Gaiman gave her an origin that hints at all of those possibilities, however finally suggests the answer is unknowable. Later writers have chosen to emphasize explicit angles or thrown in their very own ideas.

– It’s value noting that, in all of her origin tales, a man has royally screwed her over. Silver Age Her lover and partner in crime betrays her and tries to poison her. Woodrue Experimented on her and turned her into an abomination against her will. New fifty two dad Straight up murdered her mother and buried her of their garden.

Normally, her plants are her darlings and she’ll even attempt to sacrifice her own life to avoid wasting theirs. Later in her publication, she started treating Harley Quinn this fashion as well, as maybe the only human being Ivy actually loves.
Starting round Batman: No Man’s Land, Ivy has also taken a protecting stance toward children.

Ivy went from a normal woman who simply used plants as a gimmick out of insanity to a half-plant girl with precise power over plants and who, Depending on the Artist, even looked plant-like. Many individuals appear to desire this latter iteration.
Ivy additionally went from a Straw Feminist to an Eco-Terrorist.

Despite her needs, she doesn’t really stand a chance with Batman. His affections are torn nearly utterly between Catwoman and Talia Al-Ghul. Poison Ivy, although physically tempting to him, doesn’t even blip on his emotional radar.
Pre New fifty two she was this for Harley, as no matter how shut captain america t shirt buy online visa the two were Harley would always run back to the Joker when he got here calling. Averted Publish New 52 though, ironically, their relationship changed to be a open one, through which each women are sexually out there to other people.

In her “eco-terrorist” depiction. Ivy likes to complain about how she is “pressured” to do the things she does as a result of humanity will not listen to cause _ when that very same complaint might be leveled in opposition to Ivy herself!
Additionally, it is sort of hypocritical that a lady who claims to want to guard plants from being exploited does so by… manipulating plants to grow in all method of unnatural ways.
Lampshaded in one in every of her attainable pre-struggle banter routines against Swamp Thing in Injustice 2:Swamp Thing: You declare to serve the Green.

Poison Ivy: The plants are my babies.
Swamp Factor: So why deal with them as slaves