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Why The Supergirl Season 2 Move To The CW Is a good Thing

By now, you’ve probably heard the information: Supergirl Season 2 is confirmed, but Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist) might be flying once more on The CW rather than CBS. Moreover, as a part of a cost-reducing measure (shows that air on CBS typically get bigger budgets than exhibits that air on The CW), production of the superhero series will transfer to Vancouver, a cheaper place to movie than Los Angeles.

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What does this mean for the superhero show and will the move be a great thing Let’s break this unusual, however not necessarily dangerous resolution down…

Smaller budgets often result in more artistic exhibits.
Budgets obviously have some impact on the quality of a show. The larger the finances, the extra a show can afford to pay the people who are making it — from the directors to the costume designer to the special results supervisor, and all captain america shirt white zinfandel of their respective minions. But this would not necessarily translate to good tales (Exhibit A-M: Every episode of Fox’s quick-lived dino drama Terra Nova).

In reality, having a smaller finances to throw around on special results, costumes, and sweeping crane photographs can force the storytellers behind the show to get extra artistic in terms of their storytelling. If you can’t afford that particular effects-driven battle scene in the episode’s second act, then you are going to have to figure out a strategy to get throughout the stakes or conflict in one other method — and, usually, this different method is extra character-pushed.

Niche audiences are inclined to breed extra difficult stories.
A bigger budget on a network present additionally comes with bigger expectations for broad viewer demographics. In other phrases: as a present airing on CBS for a high worth tag, Supergirl needed to attraction to the plenty. On The CW, the present can attraction to a more nerdy, younger-skewing contingent. CW exhibits have smaller audiences, they are usually harder to shake — in different phrases, they are extra engaged and extra fandom-driven.

CBS is finest recognized for its procedurals and, although Supergirl (and other genre exhibits that air on CBS) are extra serialized than one thing from the NCIS franchise, that prioritization bleeds into every little thing CBS does. And it should. It makes sensible enterprise sense. You do not need to show off a broader, extra informal viewing audience with extra serialized, intricate plots. With a Tv present like NCIS, it is a lot easier to get pleasure from a random episode with out being caught up than it’s on The Flash, the place there are multiple universes, actors taking part in numerous doppelgangers, and wibbly wobbly timey wimey shenanigans.

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The CW definitely nonetheless encourages a certain diploma of formulation in its Arrow-verse, however there’s rather more room for building difficult, serialized plot buildings and character arcs than on CBS. Freeing Supergirl from the constraints of CBS’ emphasis on system may very well be a very good factor for the show, creatively.

A possible complication of tone could be a superb thing.
Now let’s take a second to speak about the manufacturing move from Los Angeles to Vancouver because this is not a small thing. It is not fully unheard of — The X-Information famously moved from Vancouver to Los Angeles for its sixth season and it undoubtedly changed the tone of the show. Los Angeles served The X-Information quirky, whimsical stories a lot better than it did the rainy, small town stories that Vancouver was so properly fitted to.

A manufacturing transfer means new crews, new places, and a completely new vibe. Scenes filmed outside in the larger Los Angeles area are going to have a captain america shirt white zinfandel unique vibe than scenes filmed outside within the greater Vancouver space. This appears particularly related for a show like Supergirl that captain america shirt white zinfandel has such a particular sunshine-and-palm-bushes vibe.

Might the move to Vancouver affect the tone of the present Probably, and that isn’t necessarily a nasty thing. As nice as Supergirl season 1 was in elements, it was largely uneven altogether. Maybe a complication of Supergirl’s cheeriness with a number of the dark, dreary vibes Vancouver does so properly is precisely what this show wants in its sophomore season.

This makes crossovers much easier.
Talking of the transfer to Vancouver, this makes future crossovers throughout the Arrow-verse about 1,000,000 occasions easier. To be honest, crossovers are never easy. Television shows are anticipated to churn out episodes in a short time and effectively, which generally means lengthy days crammed with heaps to do. Scheduling lead actors on one show is difficult sufficient without attempting to schedule them onto another show.

Nonetheless, the truth that Supergirl will now film in the same metropolis as the Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow makes the possibility of crossovers more likely. The episode of Supergirl through which Barry Allen appeared was one of the vital delightful episodes of Supergirl season 1. Although Supergirl may technically exist in a special universe than the rest of the Arrow-verse, that looks as if a minor obstacle for a storytelling universe that includes time travel, spaceships, and reincarnation.

Though the challenges of making a shared Tv universe can generally lead to awkwardness in particular person Arrow-verse show, for essentially the most part, the Arrow-verse is some of the bold Tv undertakings currently being attempted — one thing it doesn’t get nearly sufficient credit for. Arrow could also be past its prime, and The Flash might not be quite pretty much as good heading into this season’s dwelling stretch because it was last season presently, but the Arrow-verse is Television’s Marvel Cinematic Universe equivalent, and effectively integrating Supergirl into this shared Television universe would only make it stronger.

We want this show.
When it comes right down to it, the truth that Supergirl will get a second season in any respect is a win in my ebook. With the cancellation of Agent Carter, we need Supergirl (and more superhero-based reveals that place girls in central roles) more than ever. Pop tradition is currently saturated with superhero stories, and never practically sufficient of them are about women. The MCU is in its third part, with 13 films under its belt, and it has yet to give us a female-centric film — and would not have one deliberate till 2019’s Captain Marvel. That is unacceptable.

It seems essential to level out that, in contrast to the additionally-crucial Jessica Jones, Supergirl is something younger girls can watch. It’s someplace where they can see themselves as protagonists, of agents of their own fates and heroes of their own story, within the superhero style, which is at present the most worthy kind of cultural currency. Representation matters and, for many demographics, Supergirl is all we’ve got.

Personally, I’m excited to see what sort of story it could actually proceed to inform on The CW, that network that has usually been the only place women and young woman can go to search out stories that take our lives severely. To seek out stories that see us as one thing more than love interest and/or damsel-in-distress. To find tales that see us as protagonists.

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