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Is Emily Blunt The new Catwoman

If there’s one factor Spider-Man 3 taught us, apart from the fact that we by no means need to see Tobey Maguire dance ever again, it’s that too many characters sink a superhero movie.

It was an issue faced by this summer time’s Spidey sequel and it seems like it’s going to plague Zack Snyder’s a lot-anticipated and far-feared Batman Vs Superman: Daybreak of Justice, which hits in 2016.

The newest rumour doing the rounds captain america love shirt korea is that Emily Blunt, currently showcasing her impressive action credentials in the excellent Edge of Tomorrow, will likely be joining the film as Catwoman. As a result of a movie which already options Batman, Superman, Lois Lane, Lex Luthor and Marvel Lady really needs another major character.

Reports have surfaced on a quantity of sites that counsel she is could be very close to signing up however no confirmed word has been released simply but. It is not the first time she’s been linked with a superhero movie having been touted for roles in Captain America, The captain america love shirt korea Avengers and as Catwoman in the dark Knight Rises.