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December Store Calendar Reveals Darth Vader Pod

Followers of this 12 months’s pods will probably be pleased to be taught that a fifth one can be obtainable as a reward with buy in December and January.

Promobricks has published photographs of the December retailer calendar for the USA and Europe that reveal a Star Wars Darth Vader pod which will likely be free with Star Wars purchases over $60 from fifteenth December to 14th January in the USA, and from the 18th December to 31st January in Europe.

See a bigger picture after the break, and go to Promobricks for details of all of the December provides.
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€ fifty five purchase

superior, so it’s probably some bs like a hundred CHF or one thing for Switzerland….
Hello Huw,
thanks for the credit. We have the German and French retailer flyer online now:

I found an entire bunch of Batman pods in TRU in Villach, Austria, for sale for 5 EUR. So maybe TRU can have these as well…

I hope there will be discounts on some Star Wars sets during this promo, otherwise this Dart Vader pod does not justify full worth SW buy.

Reminds me of Vader’s egg from The Empire Strikes Back.


Need IT!!
The very best Pod

Does anyone know when the UK model of the Lego store calendar might be out
Looks like Vader would be one of the worst characters to have a POD for. the factor that made TLBM one fascinating is as a result of it had components that weren’t present in the opposite fifty three Bat-fits. Even the Ninjago was a special outfit for the person. Vader seems to be the identical as he all the time is. This could have been a terrific probability to put in a lesser used minifig.

Sadly I don’t actually accumulate the pods,but for this I would must make an exception.
^ I agree, a zombie StormTrooper would have been better for October. I haven’t got this specific DV helmet however I doubt there might be SW units for me that I need desperately (Y-Wing is rhe only one to this point and it’s because of Moroff).

Don’t get me unsuitable if you happen to desire a DV and haven’t gotten one of the sets that he is in this is a great option to get it.

I don’t know why they did Darth Vader considering you would get him AND Emperor Palpatine in 75183 Darth Vader Transformation for the low value of $24.99 USD

I love when people complain a few free merchandise.

^ I feel of these as ‘Conditional’, not ‘Free’
If it was free, certain I would seize one. Since it requires a large outlay at a time of yr already requiring bigger than normal outlays it’s a straightforward go

Wow, I waited for YEARS for ol’ Darth to point out up in an affordable set and finally obtained my palms on one this 12 months with 75183. And now they’re giving him out for (kind of) free!

Positively not complaining, I am glad that there’ll be extra who can get a Darth Vader without having to purchase €100+ units, however as somebody who waited for so, so long it’s a bit shocking to see him as a freebie.

^ You still have to purchase Star Wars set(s) prices at the very least $60.
So the set 75183 for $25 is a better technique to get Vader. (AND a broken Anakin AND Palpatine)


You people are unbelievable. For those who spend $60 on Star Wars from LEGO anyways, than it’s free with buy.

If you do not need him, then don’t buy Star Wars, drawback solved, but complaining over something LEGO give out ad does not have to is insane.

@David 1895 It is stating the obvious to say if one isn’t involved then don’t buy. But it misses the business-CX dialogue, which is relevant. Promotional objects captain america family shirts 2017 are a price of marketing constructed into the pricing of Lego merchandise. Thus having a dialog concerning the perceived worth is Exactly a relevant discussion. And if such occurs to contribute to the performance of sales (professional or con) in that promotional interval then it’s Material to the event and model administration of the line going forward.

This ‘Pod’ thing is ridiculous.
Has anybody heard something concerning the falcon TLG despatched out an e-mail saying it would be coming very quickly but its been a ghost city with Lego.

Truthfully I don’t mind if Lego places their most recognisable characters in a battle pod, although they don’t seem to be unique. They did that with TLNM Kai, now they do it with Vader… and if it’s the OT one from 2015, then, great job Lego!

An old Luke Skywalker would have been even better, although.
I do not mind the concept of vader. As I identified even the Kai was completely different. what I do have a problem with (and as a buyer I’m able to have and opinion) is that it appears like the standard vader. There was a cartoon that got here out 5-6 years ago that included a vader however he had a medal or something that made him totally different. It was an incentive to buy THAT factor. David1895 is right none of us HAVE to buy anything from Lego, and there are numerous “freebies” that I personally pass on for a lot of causes, but with something just like the 20 year anniversary there Ought to be something higher. simply my not-so-humble opinion.

humorous story, I barely accumulate star wars… This really does not affect me aside from the truth that I wish to get the buildable figures throughout that timeframe anyway.

For those who spend $60 on Star Wars from LEGO anyways, THEN
Yep- conditional
Is it a cause to spend extra on the units in order to get them from Lego straight & get this item reasonably than pay less elsewhere Given the ‘complaints’ as you title them, it seems many people believe not & are discussing their causes as to why not.

Since there may be nothing unique I relatively buy Vader’s transformation and save my cash
Good pod totally free not one thing I’m after . What I wish to know is when are the Christmas mini units being given away. I didnt see them mentioned on the Decembers calendar. Anyone one received any ideas

I am not complaining, but I will just state that the incentive to purchase (for me) simply isn’t there. Unique Batman determine I acquired it. Exclusive Kai Undoubtedly intrigued, I’d get it. Exclusivity of figures was the reason I was interested in the previous ones, so this one is a meh in my e book.

disagreeing doesn’t mean complaining.

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Missed chance to provide us one thing new or rare, like a Cloud City Luke or Lando, Rey with rebel pilot helmet or whatever. Identical with the poly luggage, we obtained another Stormtrooper almost equivalent to the one in an obtainable set, several instances!
I’m not complaining about a free merchandise, I simply suppose there could have been a minifig that I and plenty of others would like to have, and lead us to spend money to get that pod.

I am extra interested in the Mini London captain america family shirts 2017 Bus set. I never bought that when it was initially launched.
@M_blockhead_357 it appears just like the bus and Vader pod overlap for just a few days.

If there are any buses left on the fifteenth I am going to test if there are any Starwars gross sales and try to get them both with one buy.

As someone with 201 Star Wars Lego sets, I am in all probability a target of this promotion however am unimpressed and can cross.

A novel or interesting minifigure would, and has in captain america family shirts 2017 the past made me spend the $$ on units I most likely don’t need/want that a lot. This providing doesn’t compel me to spend my cash at vs amazon where every thing ends up discounted 20% or more.

Undecided if anyone else seen, but I believe this includes on of the chrome-y shiny lightsaber hilts. Can’t be certain from the image, though.

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Effectively price it if it is a brand new Chrome Darth Vader. Otherwise not likely involved. Like alot of people I already have just a few Darth Vader figures with the brand new helmet. I missed the batpod since they never reached us in Australia. There were loads of faux listings which discouraged me buying from overseas. I’ve stopped buying online now except from well-known shops. Costs for supply from overseas has skyrocketed which additionally doesn’t assist.

The calendar has been posted over on thebrickfan and it reveals that new units will probably be out there from November twenty fifth! Together with a picture of a Nexo Knight set that I don’t believe has been broadly revealed (non-leaked, watermarked) yet earlier than now.

Definitely need to pick this up. Good little bonus item.
Good stocking stuffer for the young collectors out there.
Chrome hilt maybe

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Is this Darth Vader chrome
Would be an superior promo in that case.

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