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Agents Of SHIELD: Ghost Rider Returns As Aida’s Plan Unfurls

Warning: This story comprises main spoilers from Tuesday’s episode of Marvel’s Brokers of S.H.I.E.L.D. Learn at your own risk.

Ghost Rider, properly, rides again!
Throughout Tuesday’s Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.Gabriel Luna reprised his function because the flame-licked spirit of vengeance, arriving just in time as Aida (Mallory Jansen) plans to use the Darkhold to remodel the true world into the Hydra-dominated one of the Framework.

See, now that she’s human, nicely Inhuman, Aida is feeling the gamut of human emotions. She finally will get to make her own choices, and her first alternative is to be with Fitz (Iain de Caestecker). However, he has no curiosity in being with her. So now Aida feels rejected, offended, and worst of all, she feels vengeance, and she units her sights on destroying Crew S.H.I.E.L.D. — and the world. EW turned to executive producers Jed Whedon, Maurissa Tancharoen, and Jeffrey Bell to get the scoop:

Entertainment WEEKLY: What precisely does Aida need
JED WHEDON: Her primary programing is do everything you can to emulate humanity, so she’s justified in all her actions as a result of everything she’s doing is attempting to get a better understanding or trying to get her nearer to that point the place she is that thing that was originally designed to be — indiscernible from a real human.
JEFFREY BELL: She goes, “No, no. I’ve never had a alternative. I finally get to make a selection, and i select you,” to Fitz, “and you select me.”
MAURISSA TANCHAROEN: That’s not how this works, is it
WHEDON: And so when it doesn’t, issues turn really, actually bad. But that’s such an awesome moment as a result of her first alternative is, “I need you.”
BELL: After which Mallory goes…
WHEDON: She goes full on.
WHEDON: “I won’t be ignored.”
TANCHAROEN: The most interesting part of making Aida into a real girl is she is experiencing the feeling of these raw, sensory experiences that she’s never had before. It’s all new to her, and in a means, she’s very very like an infant experiencing this stuff for the first time, and it could possibly be like both ends of the spectrum, simply fully raw. So how does one deal with that How does one deal with the first time of disappointment, rejection, and rage Maybe she took the fad to a different stage.
WHEDON: And to Mallory’s credit score, we’ve also taken this character by means of the complete spectrum from robotic to human.
BELL: She’s been, like, five people this season.
WHEDON: Proper. We’ve taken her and made her stroll every step along that street, and she has been capable of ship at each turn. It seems like each time we give her a new factor, we go like, “Oh, that’s much more interesting. Oh, that’s even more attention-grabbing.” We expect that by the top, she’s as advanced a villain as we’ve ever had.

Fitz rejects her, so what does her wrath appear to be in the finale
WHEDON: Not everybody will survive. Not everybody will survive.
BELL: There’s a line the place she’s having all these feelings, and Fitz tries to assure her. “There’s so many emotions, that’s why I’ve determined to really feel only one: vengeance. I like vengeance. It’s clear. It’s sharp” — and it’s like she found one thing to grab onto, and so she’s pretty clear in what she desires.

How will the team feel, morally and ethically, about killing a human version of Aida relatively than a robotic version
WHEDON: I think they’ll be conflicted at first, but then she does sufficient terrible stuff that they’ll get over that.
TANCHAROEN: They’ll be like, “We need to do one thing.”
BELL: There’s enough unhealthy things, it’s like, “You know what I’m kind of over it.”

Ghost Rider is back! How has his time in hell, essentially, changed him
TANCHAROEN: He’s slightly worse for put on.
WHEDON: Yeah, he’s had some experiences. Regardless that we really feel like we advised three fully separate seasons this year, it was important for us to attempt to tie them all collectively, to carry Ghost Rider, the Darkhold, LMDs, and branded superman t shirt vietnam the Framework all together again. Aida was created by using the Darkhold, and there’s really one one that can defeat her.
BELL: Ghost Rider.

Are we finally going to see Daisy and Ghost Rider fight alongside one another
BELL: Yes, which is also essential to us to see these two guys again-to-back doing some cool stuff.

How epic is that struggle going to be
BELL: Exactly as epic as we are able to afford.
WHEDON: Not as epic as the primary draft [of the finale script]. The first draft was pretty epic.

Did you write the finale with a sense of closure in case the present just isn’t renewed
WHEDON: No, we were informed to write a season finale, so we wrote a season finale, not a sequence finale.
BELL: Or a s—ty collection finale. [Laughs.]
WHEDON: branded superman t shirt vietnam It’d be like, “Wow, that was sad.”

How does the showdown between Staff S.H.I.E.L.D. and Aida evaluate to what we’ve seen with different massive bads over the years
WHEDON: Effectively, it’s super comparable, besides there’s a flaming skull.
BELL: And it’s a lot costlier.
TANCHAROEN: And expertly crafted by this younger fellow proper right here.
BELL: Oh please. It’s all teamwork. Thanks. I will say this about it, and it’s what I really like in regards to the present, we’re an ensemble show, and it takes everybody to defeat her.
WHEDON: If we defeat her.
BELL: If we defeat her, and she doesn’t kill us off. Everybody has to play their position in the story for us to kill her. I like that.

Anything you guys can tease about your finale cliffhanger
TANCHAROEN: You need to see what occurs, right
WHEDON: I say now we have a cliffhanger, however I believe the cliffhanger is the tease.

The season finale of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. airs Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.