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Actual Life Superheroes

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Real Life Superheroes
Updated on August 31, 2017 Kari Poulsen moreI was a registered nurse for 25+ years. Working mainly within the working room, I’ve been the whole lot from workers nurse to Director of Nursing.

Cheap 100% Cotton Autumn Daredevil Comic Children's T-shirtContact Creator What Is occurring
What is happening to America Our as soon as proud nation is changing into a black gap of despair. Social Security is going broke. Our nationwide debt is sky-excessive. Medicine costs are rising by means of the roof. People are shedding their jobs, their properties and their hope. Because the goals of our fathers slip farther and farther from the the sight of most Individuals, people are losing faith in our politicians, our methods and one another.

What can we do to convey back our hope Listed here are the tales of a few people who determined to battle on the side of hope and justice. People who imagine that one person could make a difference. People who are attempting to make our world a greater place…

Real Life Superheroes
These superheroes dwell in our neighborhoods, patrol our streets and help our needy. They dwell normal lives and hold regular jobs. The superpower they hold is caring. These heroes have taken upon themselves the daunting job of helping others. Their super-caring has led them to a life the place action is preferable to inaction…the place lending a serving to hand is necessary…where love and justice are usually not just words, but a means of life.

What makes a superhero Many will never understand, however there are a couple of individuals in this world who know. We might or could not sympathize with their must don the superhero uniform and go forth to assist others, however we needs to be able to acknowledge the altruism that is behind it. Let’s get to know a few of at present’s actual life superheroes earlier than we decide them.

Phantom Zero
“I am a relatively regular citizen who wants to increase the quantity of excellent on this planet…”

~~Phantom Zero
Phantom Zero speaks of how he did not at all times slot in as a child. Growing up, his feelings oscillated between a longing to slot in and a pride in being different. Phantom Zero’s sense of being totally different was one reason he found superheroes appealing. Here had been some who, on account of particular powers or extraordinary life occasions, would never be like the opposite people of their lives. He connected with these misunderstood “monsters”.

Over time Phantom Zero got here to appreciate that completely different was not dangerous…different was distinctive, special, and admirable. Realization that it is the particular person, not possessions, that makes the man, a way of self strengthened in his soul. Phantom Zero acquired the power to be himself, to know himself and to love himself.

Phantom Zero…an unusual man turned superhero or a superhero disguised as an strange man Many people question our skill to alter our world. We query our capacity to change our reality. Not Phantom Zero! He is aware of that change is inside each one in every of our grasps. We’re every superheroes, all we have to do is to decide…a choice to stay with honorable intent. Phantom Zero has made “a pledge to increase the quantity of fine in the world to counteract the evil.” Will you be a part of him in his pledge

Phantom Zero’s Philosophy on being a real Life Superhero
“Crucial side of being a real Life Super Hero is so simple as this:

You selflessly serve a professional social mission.
It’s not about conquering groups of people to show your physical or martial prowess.

It’s not about having scads of innovative technology at one’s disposal.
It isn’t about coaching one’s mind to the limits of human perfection so they can out assume everyone and the whole lot that comes their method.

It’s about being a champion of excellent (and virtually everybody has the capacity to do a little good every day).
The reward one receives from doing good deeds is the deed itself, the service to the larger good, and the benefit that stated service offers to mankind.

At least, in my thoughts, that is what being an actual Life Super Hero is.
Phantom Zero”

Phantom Zero and Nyx
Nxy-Goddess of Night
“I respect all RLSH [Real Life Super Heroes] of each kind, it’s not a simple life we have chosen but we have chosen it nonetheless.”

In legend, Nyx was the shadowy, black-winged Greek goddess of the night time. Seldom seen, Nyx has existed since the start of time. As shadowy as the Greek goddess, Nyx writes, “Just like the night, I cannot be confirmed or disproven to certain levels; and in addition a lot like the night time, when morning comes there will be no trace of me.”

Patrolling the streets of latest York City and northern New Jersey, Nyx watches over their inhabitants. Under cover of the night, she is black and blue superman shirt 2017 there to help and protect. Preventing and intervening, Nyx makes her stand to preserve the security and welfare of humanity. Nyx writes, “I really feel a certain degree of loyalty to each being that inhabits this earth, a compulsion to observe–to help–to protect.”

Nyx’s true id is as obscure because the moonless night. She does not search acclaim or fortune. Her only pay is rising the amount of honor and benevolence in this world. In these nameless actions, Nyx strengthens and nurtures the tide of fine.

You could find Nyx on Fb and Twitter
Mr. Xtreme
Mr. Xtreme
“We don’t harass folks, don’t violate their civil rights. At the start, we prevent crime…We do what we’re allowed to do legally as citizens.”

(Mr. Xtreme-quote from UPI article Cops Not Fans of Actual Life Superheroes)
Security guard by day, actual life superhero by evening…

Mr. Xtreme fights his archenemy apathy each day. He had spent years watching and hearing of apathy’s evil deeds. At some point he decided he may no longer put up with apathy’s callous disregard for the people in this world. Donning his mask of caring, he formed the Xtreme Justice League to counteract the heartless deeds of apathy.

Now you’ll find Mr. Xtreme patrolling the streets of San Diego. Using his power of super-caring he scans town for people to help. His secret power of xtreme conspicuousness permits him to present a visual deterrent to can be criminals. Understanding that the very best offense is an effective defense, Mr. Xtreme knows it is simpler to prevent crimes from happening than to cease them once begun.

A true champion of justice, Mr. Xtreme campaigns to extend the public’s security awareness and to empower others to take motion. “…I don’t mind if people get on their cell phones or call the police or attempt to shake me down… A minimum of I’m getting individuals to see what I’m doing and hopefully that may get them into the behavior of calling the police when there are issues and suspicious activities.”

Mr. Xtreme’s Motivation
“I’m attempting to give back to the community and do something positive,” Mr. Xtreme said. “All this apathy simply sort of bewilders me and makes me sort of lose religion in humanity sometimes as a result of nobody cares. ‘Another sufferer, one other statistic’ and all we hear is, ‘it’s time for a wakeup call’, and I’m bored with hearing of wakeup calls…instead of getting on with our lives we have to commit and dedicate our lives to take a stand…

…Our role out there is a neighborhood watch: Deter crime and ensure it doesn’t occur in the primary place or raise awareness…

After i exit and do this it feels really rewarding…I’m not bound by society’s rules, I don’t have to be a kissass…I’m attempting to do one thing positive and give again to the neighborhood in a time when not too many people care.”

~~Mr Xtreme
Xtreme Justice League
A Change in Perception
Once i first examine these Superheroes, I thought it was just a joke. After doing the research for this text, my thoughts modified drastically.

From humor, to curiosity, to marvel, to joy…I have discovered a group of people who are actively working to increase the quantity of good in the world…without any want of return. True altruistic activity!

I’ve centered on Real LIfe Superheroes found in North America, however rest assured, Actual Life Superheroes are actively increasing the good all all over the world. I have not yet seen one, however after i do I will personally stroll up and shake their hand and thank them. In the meantime, right here is a giant shout-out to all the actual Life Superheroes on the planet:

Thanks for all you have completed and will do! You have got my respect and assist. Understanding you’re there has increased the joy in my world. You might be dawn in a night time of strife. Your effulgence radiates outward, rippling toward a better world. Let us all be a part of this ripple; let caring and compassion unfurl in our world, increasing and pervading to contact each of us.

There were too many fantastic Actual Life Superheroes out there to cowl every one. I have included a few more of the videos I discovered and links to search out out more about them. You can see several others if you are taking the time to go looking. It is going to be time well used. If you want a pick-me-up from the greed and apathy of our world, read of those beacons of hope and be impressed.

Grasp Legend
Master Legend Quote
“I’ve minimize trees and rescued people and animals. I’ve brought water and snacks (to these in need) with the help of my pal “The Disabler”.

I’ve done massive things and little things and all of them seem to equalize. I’ve saved just a few lives and shut down quite a lot of crack homes. I like watching them get torn down.

I would like people to understand this is not a joke. I’ve almost been killed doing this. I’m all the time out to save and protect in costume or not. I’ve scared some people and have been attacked by people I used to be helping. I stroll or drive round trying to help if wanted, giving what ever kind of assist I can provide.

I did not select this life, it chose me.”
~~Master Legend

Go read the Rolling Stone article if you want more feel goodness!
The Legend of Master Legend – Rolling Stone
With his trusty sidekick, the Ace, he fights to vanquish crime and defend the helpless – if he doesn’t get evicted first. Behind the mask of the real
A movie about Master Legend

The Legend of Grasp Legend (Television black and blue superman shirt 2017 Movie 2017) – IMDb
Directed by James Ponsoldt. With Shea Whigham, Dawnn Lewis, John Hawkes, Michael Grant Terry. The story follows actual-life superhero Master Legend and his drive to reunite along with his household.
Superhero Quote
“I have the exact same arrest powers as anybody reading this text: citizen’s arrest. If a perp is going to go away the scene or is hurting somebody, then I will step in and use cheap drive to detain them.”

Amazonian Quote
“I do what I can to help stranded motorists and others who might have assistance to handing out supplies to the homeless. I additionally do the crime fighting facet of RLSH work, I have helped people who had been being mugged, beaten or otherwise harassed in a technique or another. I will do no matter it takes to make sure that one other human being is safe. I haven’t got a demise want, but I’ll lay down my life if it means the preservation of anothers.”

Thanatos, the Dark Avenger
Thanatos Quote
“I’ve realized that as a way to combat evil, you have to combat apathy, ignorance and indifference as effectively.”

The Watchman
The Watchman Quote
“As a way to make a real distinction, people need to know that we’re out there. We must inspire others as we have now been inspired. We should be actively contributing to the betterment of our world, and folks need to see us doing it.”

The Beetle
The Beetle Quote
“I’m undecided who will take the time to learn my phrases, and uncertain who will even take them to coronary heart if they do indeed learn them. We stand at the crossroads, we few. Maybe I ought to say we many, but in the grand numbers of the populace it is indeed we few. We stand for something everyone ought to consider in. We are the eyes for the blind, the hand that lifts the fallen, and the voice for these too afraid to talk. Still we stand. Holding a continuing vigil for fact and justice in a time of disbelief and scorn. What makes us hold this publish I ponder I know that I do that for my youngsters, for the weak, and for these who’re afraid. Something tells me most of you additionally hold these same truths. The very fact is, we stand, while others lay down and let the evil overcome their neighborhoods. We fight when no one else can find the courage. And sure, we face the day-after-day onslaught of nay sayers to our trigger. I do know I have stated it earlier than, but alas I need to say it again. I am really proud to stand and combat along each different RLSH. It is not our struggle alone, however sometimes it does feel that approach. Thanks all.”

~~The Beetle
Ferrox Quote
“I am simply an atypical particular person with my coronary heart set on a goal. My purpose is to make a difference within the lives of as many creatures as I can. I don’t want recognition or praise. The emotions I’ve inside are more than gratifying sufficient. To shield off others from knowing who I am, I have chosen to comply with my husband into the league of RLSHs. At first I laughed when he instructed me what he needed to do. Once i explored deeper and found out that there were others like him, I used to be motivated. These folks will not be “weirdos in costume” they are people who share the identical goal as me. To alter the world we stay in for the good.”

Real Life Superheroes in the Information
Would you wish to become an actual Life Superhero


I would like to assist the world in another manner
See outcomes © 2009 Kari Poulsen
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sendingAuthorKari Poulsen 6 weeks in the past from Ohio
I feel it is really cool additionally. These are good folks! Thanks for studying and commenting. Sorry for the late response, generally it appears my comments do not show up for a number of days.

FlourishAnyway 7 weeks in the past from USA
I love it when people go all out to do good for others. Tremendous cool once they don a costume.

AuthorKari Poulsen 2 months in the past from Ohio
Thanks, Bill. I might additionally love to see kindness get more press. I suppose as a result of it would not scare us we cannot keep black and blue superman shirt 2017 going back for updates. Worry sells.

Bill Holland 2 months in the past from Olympia, WA
I like the tone and the message. These individuals are throughout us, however they don’t get a lot press as a result of kindness would not promote or it isn’t sexy. I’d love to see the night news crammed with stories of individuals like these that you just highlighted.

Justice League Mortal, Yaaaaa…I like superhero motion pictures! 😀
Justice League Mortal 7 years in the past

I heard that in 2011 can be a Justice League film known as Justice League Mortal I read that on

iron shadow, I’m glad to fulfill you! Thank you for caring! 😀
iron shadow 7 years in the past

i’m a brand new tremendous hero named iron shadow lord guardian
Cathi, Thanks for the compliment! I feel we’d like more superheros additionally. I feel very thankful that these people are on the market!

Cathi Sutton 7 years in the past
Exceptional and well thought out Hub! I want everyone was a “superhero”, even half time! The world would be a better place! Thanks!

Dolores, Once i first heard of them, I had the same thought…but as I learned more, I realized what a wonderful thing they had been doing. I do consider they have hearts of gold! 😀

Dolores Monet 7 years ago from East Coast, United States
At first I assumed these folks had been a bunch of crackpots and kooks. Nicely, even when they are, they’re kooks with hearts of gold. How sweet these Tremendous-heroes are, a lesson to us all.

Samango, I perceive that not all are good, but many are.
Samango 7 years ago

Some are good … some are loopy…. and others are domestic spies making lists of people who interact in “anti-social behavior”. Presumably probably the most interesting community online.

AuthorKari Poulsen 7 years ago from Ohio
Amazonia, Thanks for all you do! And thanks for linking this to the Heroes Network. I have the utmost respect for all you stand for!

Patriot, Merry Christmas to you additionally! I am glad I had the opportunity to analysis RLSH’s! It does my coronary heart good to know you all are here. 😀

BEANS! back RazorHawk! Thanks for all you do and all you stand for! I will send Whcobb a message letting him know.

Z, You all deserve all good press…not any unhealthy! Thanks for studying.
Zietgiest, Thanks for the exception! Merry Christmas to you also, and Thanks for doing what you do. 😀

Geist, You could get wordy if you want…I would like to pay attention. I have nice respect for you and all your peers. Thanks again!

Cosmo Freebird, It’s great to see that individuals nonetheless care and are prepared to do one thing to increase the quantity of good on the earth. I’m glad I may share this. 😀

Thanatos, Thanks very a lot and I’m glad you favored the article. You all are doing an excellent thing! 😀

Thanatos 7 years in the past
Thanks for mentioning me and my work. great article by the way in which.

Cosmo Freebird eight years in the past
Nice hub! Good to see that there are nonetheless individuals who care about making issues proper.

Geist 8 years in the past

Thank your for seeing by way of the simple mockery of what we do and finding your solution to the idealism of what we accomplish.

I can get “wordy” on this matter, however I will not. Thanks again.
All My Finest,

Zeitgeist eight years ago

I don’t usually respond to any form of media, however I’ll make this exception. I just wished to convey my gratitude for exhibiting us in such a positive gentle. As Patriot said, lots of people see us as a bit of a joke, which may sometimes be disheartening. Anyhow, have a wonderful Christmas, and thanks.

Zeitgeist, UK
Z eight years in the past

Nice. We’re lastly getting some good press. Who wrote this
RazorHawk 8 years ago

Ok@RI: Thanks for writing such a wonderful article about some people who I’m proud to call friends and colleagues. These are a few of the most effective individuals I have ever recognized, and the quotes you listed from each really will get the purpose throughout of what all of us intend to do.

And a shout out to Whcobb for not solely being a hero in Iraq, however for the donations he’s placing in direction of the Salvation Military and his church. I love to listen to these items. I all the time say there are many ways to save the world, and charity is a big a part of what my crew, The good Lakes Heroes Guild does.

Thanks once more and thank you to your readers for maintaining an open thoughts about us and for caring about their communities as effectively!


Patriot eight years in the past
@ Ok@RI: As a RLSH, I should say, I thouroughly enjoyed your article. Amazonia was nice enough to put up a link to it over on The Heroes Network. Sadly a lot of people do take what we do as a joke. Typically occasions we do get alot of blended reactions from Police Officers as effectively. However, there may be the other portion, like you, and people that have commented in your article, that assist, or have mentioned type words in the direction of what we do. I hope you and your readers have a Merry Christmas, and that we have inspired you and your readers to have hope, that good people are nonetheless out there.

Amazonia 8 years in the past
That is Amazonia and Ralph Deeds, I solely give my quantity out to very close pals, but I could make an exception.

Wow that is really nice, thanks for the type words in the article and the comments.
Cris, He really is a hero! I remember reading about that in your hub. I love to listen to of individuals serving to people. 😀

whcobb, I agree we’d like to assist each other more and I am glad to hear how you’re serving to others! 😀
kartika, I thought it was a joke, but after researching it, I needed to respect these superheroes. It is vitally inspiring! 😀

kartika damon 8 years in the past from Fairfield, Iowa
It is fantastic to be reminded that there are many people among us who’re doing tremendous hero deeds by helping out in their communities – thanks for an entertaining look at that!

William Cobb eight years ago from Clarksville, TN
Nice article and i loved reading it. The world is going down quick because folks solely care about themselves nowadays because of the financial stress they place on themselves. Now, do not get me fallacious, much of it’s not anyone’s faults these days, however they place the stress on themselves by worrying… Worrying is a sin and naturally will trigger undue stress. Anyway, extra people care about themselves than others and that’s a serious downside. I’m at the moment donating all of my revenue from my webpage and a couple of blogs to The Salvation Army and my residence church in Honest Play, SC, each of which have felt the economic crunch and need support. Anyway, all proceeds from my sites go to them and that i only want more individuals would adopt similar methods at least throughout the vacation season. Anyway, good post and I would like to meet a few of these superheroes…

William Cobb

* Check out my different hubs at *
Cris A 8 years in the past from Manila, Philippines

yep as a matter of truth, a neighbor of mine is an actual-life superhero. during the flood, he steadied the makeshift ropes that my family and other individuals used to cross to the house beside ours. he did that while most of his body was submerged within the raging flood water. Our household couldn’t thank him sufficient.

great hub!
tony, I agree, these persons are amazing! I believed is was a joke when i first heard of it, but it’s not…it is a very wonderful factor. Congrats on being on the front page in the present day! 😀

TINA V, We do all have the capability to be superheroes, it is our intent that dictates our actions. 😀

vrbmft, You carry up a terrific point…all of us make selections daily in how we act and relate to others. We each resolve to ward off evil or to cave in. Thanks! 😀

Vernon Bradley eight years ago from Yucaipa, California
Thanks for the invite to be a super hero. I do know there are moments day-after-day when i decide to be one or not. The “costume” could also be “fun” or who is aware of, maybe even “vital” to ward off evil, however even without the costume, in my strange Ross clothes, I have many moments each day the place I can accept or decline the invitation to be tremendous hero. thanks for reminding me

TINA V eight years ago
These days, a superhero is certainly an extraordinary person doing extraordinary things. We will all be superheroes even in our personal small manner. Nice hub!

tony0724 eight years ago from san diego calif
ok@ri this was just fascinating ! And that i be a part of you within the shoutout to the superheroes there . After all a hero is just an atypical individual doing extraordinary issues right But there may be nothing atypical about these individuals .And I like Ferrox,s quote . Thx for an ideal learn my friend

terrowhite, Thanks! They actually are super! 😀
terrowhite eight years in the past

Hey.. very good hub like your superheros.. 🙂
AuthorKari Poulsen eight years in the past from Ohio

Ralph, Thanks for the correction…is it already broke LOL I don’t have Amazonia’s quantity, but I did buddy her on Facebook and she accepted…maybe you may get it that means.

dohn, I remember studying some of it, and I actually favored it…I have to return and browse more! 😀
emohealer, There are so many people on the market doing this! I wish I could have included all of them, and may do an element 2 to honor some extra.

shamel, I agree…it looks like a very viable enterprise. Anonymous fun…and doing good for us all!

ocbill, They positive do deserve credit score for all they do! I only want I may have included more.
ocbill eight years in the past from hopefully somewhere peaceful and nice

good Hub, I used to be immediately pondering of Capt Sully which was a great deed however an anomaly so the on a regular basis individuals who do it day in’ n day out” (or night time out) do deserve their credit right here.

shamelabboush 8 years ago
You realize what, this is a superb concept to be undertaken by normal folks… I prefer it. Thanks pricey.

Sioux Ramos 8 years in the past from South Carolina
Who knew This is a very cool comiplation of awesome individuals doing awesome things and that i had never heard of any of them until now. Good….love studying excellent news!

dohn121 8 years in the past from Hudson Valley, New York
It actually have to be coincidence that you posted this, K@ri. I am in the midst of writing a serial novella known as, “Revenge, Inc.” proper right here at HP. My principal character IS an actual-life superhero. Please take a look, as it’s garnering a reasonably good-sized readership thus far. Thanks for the awesome hub! I wish I thought of it first!

Ralph Deeds eight years ago from Birmingham, Michigan
Attention-grabbing Hub!

Correction: Social Safety will not be going broke!
Ps. Any likelihood of getting Amazonia’s cellphone number 🙂

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