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After You’ve Reduce The primary Part

The scissors-over-comb technique, usually utilized by barbers, is essential for many various cuts for women and men. This particular approach permits you to chop near the head and follow the hairline. When you do it right, you find yourself with a softer look, however not a freshly shaved look like you get with clippers.

You’ll need to begin with a head of freshly washed, damp hair. Reduce the highest ½ of the haircut, removing the bulk. Directions for this can be found in the Beginner’s Information to Reducing Hair in chapter 11. After that’s accomplished, you possibly can transfer onto the big curly hairstyles lower ½ of the haircut. Listed here are some guidelines that can assist you:

* Beginning on the hairline, carry a piece of hair together with your comb in your holding hand (left hand).
* Minimize off the hair that sticks previous the comb with your scissors (in your slicing hand). The lower blade (the stationary blade) have to be parallel to your comb.

*Keep the blade of your scissors moving as you lower a section (one comb’s worth) of hair. For those who stop “mid cut”, you may get little nick marks.

*Open and close the blades all the way so that many of the chopping is completed with the middle part of the blades slightly than the tips. Cutting with the tips can result in choppy, uneven cuts.

* Try to do all of the chopping work along with your thumb(upper) blade moderately than your lower (finger) blade. Your lower blade ought to stay as still as possible – that’s why it’s known as the stationary blade.

* Reduce the hair close to your comb but do not truly contact it (except the fashion is very quick). You can find yourself cutting into your comb and damaging your scissors.

* After you have lower the first section, carry among the minimize hair along with the subsequent part you need to cut to act as your guide. Don’t cut any of the hairs out of your earlier lower – they are just there to information you.

* You will need to keep your comb at a constant distance and angle from the scalp to get a smooth cut. This is especially tough in curved or rounded areas such as the nape of the neck.

* Work your way round the bottom ½ of the haircut, lifting either vertical or diagonal sections. Avoid horizontal.

* Stand to at least one facet as you do this system, indirectly in front of what you’re slicing. This allows you to extra easily see the angle of the comb and the amount of hair you’re slicing.

* It helps to have lengthy scissor blades for this method. Shorter scissors can outcome in additional unevenness in addition to horizontal “steps” as a result of your hand will big curly hairstyles be in the best way.

This system takes lots of follow, but once you get it right, you’ll blend and reduce very brief hairstyles with a clear, even look.