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I just hope that they launch this skin like a DLC batman t-shirt price quote to pay in each PS3 and Steam versions (I have both and no New 52 Black Adam skin unfortunatelly). And doing so, the PS4 exclusivity could imply just unlock via cellular version to receive a free pores and skin. If they do this, after all I’ll pay for batman t-shirt price quote it. Even figuring out I had unlocked the PS4 version of it as my Android model of Injustice says.

The feeling is kinda like the basic MK3 era. The_Flash Some folks bought MK3, so the producers released UMK3 (I had this one, was my first MK of all) and others bought, then they released MK Trilogy with every character from all MK games in that era. In reality, I believe we do not need this skin, as a result of the game is similar and it’s just watch gameplay movies too see the skin in motion. (I did this when i bought MKKE on Steam, because I couldn’t have Kratos, a Sony exclusive character. And I think dropping a character solely is worse than shedding just a skin of it. Thanks Katos was just an “invited” character and his function was non-cannonical.)

I pretend to purchase a PS3, if I can purchase it’s MKKE version of the game too. And play my Injustice that I bought batman t-shirt price quote simply to play in the PS3 of a friend. But I will not buy a PS4 and it is Injustice version, no less than for now. I already have two variations of the same game and the value of a PS4+Injustice is much costly to me. Perhaps I will by no means buy this model, because I don’t want it. I need the pores and skin (we all want it), however not the sport anymore. Enjoying it from the start another time is already repetitive with two variations. With three shall be a nightmare. Even loving the sport.