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Iron Man (2017)

So, as of this writing, I am now 9 movies into re-watching the MCU from begin to finish. Began about a week and a half ago with this film, which kickstarted the MCU nine years ago. It received me occupied with a variety of issues in these films, how they hyperlink up, what sort of easter eggs crop up, and my ideas on the films after coming back to them years later. I found myself enjoying some films considerably more than I remember (Iron Man 2, The Incredible Hulk), and liking some less than I remembered (Iron Man three), and that i felt the need to get these thoughts to web page, as the MCU has had such a phenomenal impression on me since its inception, given what an enormous nerd I’m. It’s loopy to suppose that absolutely the juggernaut that’s the MCU started with such humble beginnings in Iron Man (although I wouldn’t accuse Tony Stark of being humble!).

I’ve always enjoyed this movie, and consider it one of the best within the MCU. Provided that it was the freshman, and at the time, Jon Favreau basically had to beg, borrow and steal to get this film made, it’s completely amazing what has develop into of it.

First off, let’s get started with the constructive stuff:
First film of the MCU, and kickstarted the complete thing. That’s positively a plus, right there.
Was definitely a gamble, provided that Marvel was heavily within the purple at the time, and they were taking a definitively B-tier superhero, and banking a complete universe on him. This gamble, fairly clearly in hindsight, paid off in spades.
RDJ was born to play this role. No actor in your entire MCU fills out their position the way RDJ does. He has develop into Tony Stark in the minds of many, and we equate him batman t shirt full sleeve usa with the character, a lot the same as we do with Hugh Jackman and Wolverine. He plays Tony Stark to absolute perfection, managing to be both extremely arrogant and selfish, while additionally being so goddamn likeable.
The movie by no means really feels like it lags. We open with motion nearly immediately, and whereas there is downtime within the center part of the film as he builds his swimsuit and learns to operate it, it never feels slow. It all the time feels enjoyable and pleasant, just about top to backside.
The action is nice, and it’s nonetheless just awesome witnessing the delivery of Iron Man, and seeing it come to life. I nonetheless feel the same approach I did nine years in the past after i noticed it the first time.
RDJ telling the group of reporters that he is Iron Man is still one among my favorite MCU moments ever.
Yinsen giving his life for Tony, and telling him not to waste his personal, is batman t shirt full sleeve usa still one of the touching moments I’ve seen within the MCU films.

The much less-great things:
Jeff Bridges is fairly mediocre as Obadiah Stane. He’s a middling villain at finest, with considerably missing motivations past “I want extra money, and you’re standing in the way of batman t shirt full sleeve usa me making $10 million this year, somewhat than $5 million, Tony.”
Terrence Howard was pretty “meh” as James “Rhodey” Rhodes. It was to the benefit of the MCU that Don Cheadle replaced him in the later installments.
There’s an apparent lack of foresight regarding Tony’s father, Howard Stark, as his photos in the first movie clearly aren’t Dominic Cooper. That is pretty minor, however watching this movie with the foreknowledge of who would really play his father, this took me out of the movie a bit.

Post-Credit Scenes:
This was the place we see the delivery of the famed MCU publish-credit sequences. This laid the groundwork for what is now an expectation with Marvel movies.
We see Tony arriving home to be greeted by Nick Fury (as performed by the wonderful Sam Jackson), hinting at the “Avengers Initiative,” lengthy earlier than there was any real promise that we might see a workforce-up film. This was one thing of an extended-shot on the time, and I’m so glad that it managed to pay off.