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Wings Of Hearth Wiki

Women's Star Wars Episode Custom Long Sleeve T-ShirtQuite a few NightWings didn’t like the truth that they had been being ordered round by RainWings, and most were dominated over by King Darkstalker, the primary identified full-power dragon king before Kinkajou modified him into Peacemaker using a strip of his scroll she took from Chameleon.

The queen of the NightWings before Queen Glory was Queen Battlewinner, whose identity had been a secret to the world and to some NightWings (an IceWing had breathed frostbreath into her throat and the one means to stay alive was to submerge herself in lava to keep the ice in her throat from spreading). The NightWings kept this truth a secret, so as to prevent being seen as weak in entrance of the other tribes, as well as weak with a dying queen. To hide this, they used Queen Battlewinner’s daughter, Princess Greatness, to situation out orders her mother gave to her.

The volcanic island on which the NightWings resided is not proven on any known map of Pyrrhia because of the NightWings’ secrecy and its distance from the mainland. They’d magic tunnels leading to the mainland created by an animus dragon named Stonemover; one into the Rainforest Kingdom, and one to the Kingdom of Sand. In addition, they were secretly allied with Blister, although this alliance was broken after they surrendered to the RainWings.

Most NightWings tend to be mysterious, secretive, and have egos which have been critically challenged after they surrendered to the RainWings and moved into the rainforest to be ruled by Queen Glory.

NightWings and IceWings despise each other on account of a earlier struggle between these two tribes (attributable to Foeslayer of the NightWings and Prince Arctic of the IceWings, the dad and mom of Darkstalker). One example of this hatred is of Morrowseer’s expedition to rescue Starflight from Ex-Queen Scarlet’s Area, selecting to kill all IceWing prisoners.

Darkstalker advised Moonwatcher in Moon Rising that any NightWing hatched below one full moon may either gain the ability to read minds or to see the future, whereas a NightWing that hatched beneath two full moons shall be granted each. He also mentioned that it was once believed that if an egg hatches underneath three full batman fitted t shirt canada moons, the dragonet would be animus, but animus powers had been confirmed to be genetic (confirmed by Winter), and never moon-given. Instead, Darkstalker says that the dragonet would still have each powers, but they can be stronger. Moonwatcher believed that since the NightWing eggs hatched in darkish caves on the volcanic island, hidden from the moons, they not had powers, which Darkstalker had confirmed.

This was the case for Starflight, who would’ve gained nice powers if he had been hatched below the full three moons of the brightest night time as an alternative of contained in the cave.

The NightWing eggs have been thought to be hidden from the moons due to Darkstalker, which was talked about by Moonwatcher in Moon Rising.

NightWing hybrids can have powers, as proven with Darkstalker and Whiteout. Because the NightWings dwell within the Rainforest Kingdom now, it is possible there will likely be more moonborns and NightWing/RainWing hybrids.

Click here for a listing of NightWings.

NightWings have forked, black tongues (like SandWings) and often have black or purplish-black scales with silver, purple, or dark blue underscales (thoughts readers have silver teardrop scales by the corners of their eyes). In the Dragonet Prophecy, when Morrowseer dropped off Starflight, it mentioned that the solar picked up glints of purple and deep blue on his body. They have been described with darkish inexperienced or black eyes. The underside of their wings are at all times black and speckled with silver scales (To not be confused with the favored fan depiction of purple on the underside of the wing. This is incorrect), giving it the looks of a night sky crammed with twinkling stars, permitting them to fly at evening with out detection.

Starflight’s father, Mastermind, has executed studies about genetic wing patterns. Both Starflight and Mastermind have similar patterns, whereas Morrowseer’s were completely different. Mastermind’s principle appeared to be that the star spiral patterns are genetic.

NightWings are additionally known to have the ability to dangle “from crags and rocks and ceilings like bats,” as described by Starflight at midnight Secret.

NightWing names are generally made up of two phrases (for example, Thoughts-reader or Fate-speaker), though others are just made of 1 phrase (like Wisdom, Listener, or Greatness). A few of the names are about what that NightWing does (such as Queen Battlewinner), and a few are about how they appear (such as Strongwings, who’s bulky with giant wings). Different names are lies, as Winter says in Moon Rising (equivalent to Mindreader).

NightWings are described as “the night sky coming down on you” if they have been to attack you. They move unseen through the shadows and blend into the evening, which supplies them a fearful repute and makes them extra deadly and excellent assasins. They can be described as with the ability to melt into the shadows, turning into barely invisible.

In scrolls, NightWings are said to own legendary abilities. They are claimed to have the power of thoughts-reading, in addition to being ready to inform prophecies from forseeing the long run; this was confirmed false by Stonemover, who mentioned that no NightWing had both of these talents in the previous few centuries, which, unknown to the NightWings, was because the NightWing eggs had stopped being exposed to moonlight. However, a younger dragon named Moonwatcher obtained the facility to learn minds, in Moon Rising, as a result of she hatched within the rain forest, proving these powers still exist. Later in “Moon Rising”, Moon says that other NightWings are having eggs within the rainforest, due to this fact under the moonlight, proving that these powers will come to thrive in the NightWing tribe and make the NightWings “all powerful” again. As well as, these dragons are additionally in a position to breathe fire at any time, like SkyWings and SandWings. NightWings additionally appear to be slightly hearth-proof shown with Vengeance and Starflight.

The NightWings who lived at the volcano seem to have some type of bacteria dwelling of their saliva that doesn’t affect them. They use this to incapacitate their prey, guaranteeing it cannot go wherever, then return later for it when its wound has grow to be contaminated or it has died. Consuming this decayed food has induced them to have horrible breath. But other dragons comparable to Starflight, Fatespeaker or Deathbringer, who lived away from the volcano a very long time, ate freshly killed prey, making their saliva in contrast to those of the NightWings who lived by the volcano on the island.

NightWings have been proven to be extra lively at night, with Deathbringer and Fatespeaker as examples. They appear to have a very strong sense of odor, shown with Starflight. Sunny’s sturdy sense of smell and hearing got here from her NightWing facet and the SandWing aspect, respectively.

Darkstalker informed Moonwatcher in Moon Rising that a NightWing hatched beneath one full moon can either read minds or see the future, whereas a NightWing that hatched beneath two full moons has each. He additionally mentioned that if an egg hatches underneath three full moons the dragonet nonetheless has each powers however strengthened, he didn’t know if there can be any stronger ones.

NightWings are excellent at making up prophecies. They attend special courses to figure out find out how to make them sound real. They are also good at making it appear like they can learn minds.

Over 2,000 years after the Scorching, the Night time Kingdom was situated on a peninsula that is presently a part of the Sand Kingdom, which was described to have been riddled with valleys and mountains. After Darkstalker’s abilities have been proven, and he was believed to be a danger to the Tribe, your entire Kingdom fled the continent and migrated to a volcanic island a day’s flight from the Sky Kingdom. Greater than a thousand years later, the lengthy dormant volcano erupted, destroying their house.

The Dragonet Prophecy was written by Queen Battlewinner and Morrowseer who delivered Starflight’s and Fatespeaker’s eggs to the Talons of Peace after a volcanic eruption on their island. The prophecy was their plan to invade and take over the Rainforest Kingdom, which was and nonetheless is inhabited by the RainWings.

IceWings and NightWings have hated one another going all the way in which back to a warfare they as soon as fought in opposition to one another. Morrowseer even ordered the loss of life of all the eight IceWing prisoners within the rescue of Starflight in Scarlet’s area. This can be proven within the prophecy, which doesn’t embody an IceWing dragonet. Another probably trigger is Queen Battlewinner was blasted by an IceWing’s breath within the mouth, forcing her to reside submerged in lava.

The NightWings steadily captured seventeen RainWings for their experimentation on RainWing venom, what Mastermind called “science”. Their aim was to make venom-proof armor for an attack on the RainWings to take over their rainforest. Nonetheless, all information was lost when the NightWings fled their residence.

Moreover, they appear to have animus dragons, nonetheless, Stonemover and Darkstalker are the only known animus NightWings, but it is also proven that Ex-Queen Scarlet has an animus that has no actual powers, solely restricted and taken from Darkstalker’s talisman.

In the dark Secret, it is proven that the NightWings are being threatened by the volcanic island they inhabit, which is slowly constructing as much as an eruption and diminishing the primary supply of food. Though Princess Greatness claimed that scientific estimates had placed the eruption not less than twenty years into the long run, at the tip of the guide, the volcano erupts. Shortly earlier than this, the NightWings surrendered to the RainWings in trade for a safe place to live and food to eat. Most of the NightWings escaped by way of the Rainforest Kingdom portal unharmed. Nonetheless, Morrowseer was (almost certainly) killed by the eruption, with what is believed to be his remains discovered within the NightWing tunnel in Winter Turning, and Starflight was blinded. The occasion the place the NightWings traveled from their kingdom to the Rainforest Kingdom is called the NightWing Exodus.

NightWings kind lifelong partnerships, just like SeaWings. Their dragonets dwell in dormitories batman fitted t shirt canada situated in caves on the sides of the volcano. They aren’t allowed to go to the mainland till they’re at the very least 10 years outdated because they “can’t keep NightWing secrets secure.”

NightWing names are very literal, although typically ironic. These dragonets are often named according to their talents; for instance, Morrowseer bought his name for “seeing” the “morrow.” Morrow is short for tomorrow, which means the long run. Deathbringer’s title refers to his occupation as an assassin. Queen Battlewinner presumably acquired hers for military technique, or maybe a future battle which was predicted to be received by her. Moonwatcher was named for as she hatched, her eyes mirrored the moons. NightWings are sometimes named for bodily traits, like Fierceteeth, Mightyclaws, Bigtail, and Strongwings, or after character virtues, like Greatness or Vengeance. Exactly how they know what a dragon’s talent will probably be when it hatches is unknown. It’s plausible that they could wait and see for it to seem, or have one other NightWing predict it, though this is unlikely because it was revealed NightWings haven’t had powers in a number of centuries. Glory mentions within the Hidden Kingdom that in scrolls, NightWings at all times had “mouthful names”. This might be because most of them have 2-half names. Also, in Moon Rising, Winter says to Moonwatcher, “We know all of your names are lies”, stating that NightWing names may be what the parents hope for his or her dragonet

Full loyalty seems to be an emphasised NightWing trait, as a lot of their actions (abducting RainWings, false dragonet prophecy, murders,) point in the direction of a “blind loyalty” to their tribe, the willingness to do something for their tribe, even wiping out one other tribe of dragons.

Earlier than the NightWings fled to the volcanic island, they were, as Clearsight told Darkstalker, a tribe with a social culture, gaining from trades with the opposite tribes. Clearsight informed Listener that each NightWing dragonet wants schooling, which exhibits that NightWings valued intelligence.

Names Edit
NightWing names may be compound words describing the NightWing powers, akin to Fatespeaker and Mindreader. The names may describe the dragon’s persona or potential, reminiscent of Mastermind and Quickdeath. Descriptive words, akin to Thoughtful and Vengeance, are used as effectively, as are night-themed words reminiscent of Starflight and Moonwatcher.

Notable NightWingsEdit

Starflight is among the Dragonets of Destiny and the principle protagonist of The Darkish Secret. His alternative dragonet is Fatespeaker, with whom he turned friends with. He relies on his thoughts and information somewhat than his pathetic combat abilities. He doesn’t possess skills of mind-reading or foretelling the future, although he would’ve had each if he was born exterior the cave, under the three full moons. He was revealed to have strong feelings for Sunny, the SandWing dragonet of the prophecy. He is the half brother of Fierceteeth and the son of Mastermind and Farsight (now deceased). Starflight, nonetheless, has relationship issues when it comes to each Sunny and Fatespeaker. He is now the librarian at Jade Mountain Academy. Starflight is blind, as a result of volcano explosion in the dead of night Secret.

Morrowseer is probably the most notable and essential NightWings and has limitless access to Queen Battlewinner’s throne room. He is excluded from the rotating food schedule that NightWings have due to the lack of prey on the island, as he is just too important to the tribe’s future to eat so little. He is proven to be grumpy all the time and tries to make use of Starflight to make the dragonets select Blister as the brand new SandWing queen, but Starflight only ends up antagonising Blister. Morrowseer may’ve been killed after he was engulfed in lava and hearth from the volcanic explosion at the end of The Darkish Secret. In Winter Turning, nonetheless, the outline of a dead dragon seems on the surface of the hidden tunnel connecting the volcano to the rainforest, which may be Morrowseer. Although Tui hinted that there could also be a risk that Morrowseer survived the eruption. It was confirmed in Moon Rising that Morrowseer was Moonwatcher’s father, and his mate or wife was Secretkeeper.

Ex-Queen BattlewinnerEdit
Ex-Queen Battlewinner was the NightWing tribe’s queen earlier than they moved to the rainforest. Her existence was kept a secret and she communicated by her daughter, Greatness. She lived in a pool of scorching lava because her vital organs have been frozen by an IceWing’s frost breath whereas she was on the continent. The lava counteracts the ice freezing her from the inside. She froze to loss of life in a matter of seconds after exiting the lava pool in a furious attempt to kill Queen Glory Of the RainWings.

Princess GreatnessEdit
Greatness is Queen Battlewinner’s daughter. The queen speaks by way of her utilizing small holes in the NightWing Fortress’s walls. She wears a diamond necklace and she agrees to Starflight’s plan of the NightWings coming to the Rainforest Kingdom. Deathbringer is named her “pet assassin.” Starflight describes her as not match to rule as queen, as she does not have a majestic or commanding aura.

Deathbringer is a NightWing assassin employed to kill just a few of the dragonets. He was described by Glory as “a lot youthful and smaller than Morrowseer, wiry and graceful in his movements even when he was startled.” He’s so much much less grumpy than some other NightWings. He clearly has feelings for Glory, as proven in the Hidden Kingdom. He uses sharp silver discs as weapons against the dragonets and Blaze. At midnight Secret, he was imprisoned for aiding Glory, Kinkajou, and Clay of their escape from the island. As a result of his relationship with Greatness, he narrowly averted being executed. He’s the PoV for Assassin.

Stonemover is an animus dragon that used to stay in a cave on the Jade Mountain. He was the one which made the tunnels from the NightWing island to the Rainforest Kingdom and from there to the Kingdom of Sand. He is the father of Sunny and mate of Queen Thorn. Instead of turning evil when he makes use of his animus powers, he “turned the magic on itself” by directing it towards his scales, not his soul, slowly turning each scale of his into stone. He’s terrified of his energy and refuses to make use of it.

Fatespeaker is a false dragonet of future and presupposed to be Starflight’s replacement. She has robust emotions for Starflight and helps him fly around on account of his blindness. There is a risk that she has very weak powers for telling the longer term, though most of her predictions are incorrect (or not accurately timed, as she believes). She also works at Jade Mountain Academy and is the counselor and helper.

Moonwatcher is the PoV of Moon Rising. Her egg was left alone within the Rainforest Kingdom by her mom Secretkeeper. She is telepathic and precognitive, as a result from being hatched below the sunshine of two full moons. She normally goes by Moon and is in the Jade winglet at Jade Mountain Academy.

She is Starflight’s half-sister and is the PoV for Prisoner. She needed to be the NightWing for the prophecy, however she was hatched two years before the brightest night, which is too early.

Darkstalker is an animus. Since he was born under three full moons, he additionally gained the powers of thoughts-studying and precognition. He was a NightWing and IceWing hybrid who killed his father and is the primary animus of the NightWings. Foeslayer, his mother, ran away with Prince Arctic, and had two eggs together, although the IceWings suppose she “kidnapped” Arctic because the batman fitted t shirt canada NightWings had no animus dragons at the time. In response to the knowledge in Escaping Peril, Darkstalker enchanted his father to obey his each command after which he commanded his father to disembowel himself in public, which prompted the NightWings to flee to another home. He was trapped eternally below a sleeping spell cast upon him by his lover Clearsight and his good friend and animus Fathom. He is later awakened when an earthquake breaks the cursed bracelet. Darkstalker finds out that Moon is a thoughts reader like himself by studying her thoughts, and asks her to free him. Darkstalker can also be the first known full-energy king and was the king of the NightWings, however was defeated and changed into Peacemaker by Kinkajou in DoD. The NightWings agreed with him to be king with reasons similar to Darkstalker with the ability to grant them any energy they wish.

Clearsight Edit
Clearsight was a NightWing with exceptional precognition powers that had been more powerful than another NightWing. Nevertheless, not like most seers, she may see many different threads of the long run and will see many attainable outcomes with out them having to just come to her. She noticed many alternative timelines the place Darkstalker killed many other dragons, whether by going loopy because of his animus powers or by a sequence of occasions that eventually precipitated him to make his father, Prince Arctic, disembowel himself. After this, she and Prince Fathom took the last opportunity to cease him, by enchanting the copper bracelet which Darkstalker had given Clearsight once they were youthful, to send Darkstalker right into a deep sleep. After that, it is hinted that Clearsight travels out of the continent and finds new tribes of dragons and possibly goes onto have dragonets with another person.

Current RulersEdit
The current ruler of the NightWings is Queen Glory. Glory ascended to the throne as soon as Queen Battlewinner died through the NightWing Exodus, and Princess Greatness claimed she didn’t want the throne. In Talons of Energy Darkstalker proposes to be king of the NightWings and Glory agrees, solely when Darkstalker lastly convinces her. He took a minimum of half of the NightWings with him, however when he was defeated in Darkness of Dragons the NightWings returned to the rain forest.

Recognized NightWingsEdit
For a list of recognized NightWings, click on right here.

College students At Jade Mountain AcademyEdit
– Bigtail (deceased)

– Fearless
– Mindreader

– Moonwatcher
– Mightyclaws (formerly)
Trivia Edit

Including Legends and Winglets, there are five books with NightWing POVs, making them the tribe with probably the most POVs.
Nearly all of all NightWing names have three syllables, (Moonwatcher, Darkstalker, Deathbringer, Mightyclaws, Stonemover, Mindreader, Preyhunter, Mastermind, Fatespeaker, and many others). One has one syllable (Hope). A few have two syllables, (Farsight, Clearsight). Even much less have four syllables, (Secretkeeper, Morrowseer).
NightWings seem to have glorious evening vision, but nonetheless cannot see in total darkness like SeaWings can.
NightWings typically have literal names that describe their occupation or traits, similar to Deathbringer, Mindreader, and so on.
All NightWing names are based mostly on issues in the evening (Moonwatcher), their powers (Fatespeaker), their traits (Mastermind), or general descriptions of actions (Deathbringer) or appearances (Strongwings).
NightWings in Darkstalker (Legends) are portrayed as nocturnal earlier than transferring to the NightWing island.
According to Foeslayer in Darkstalker (Legends), NightWing mothers are the ones that identify their dragonets.
There has been a lot confusion as to how NightWing mothers name their young after professions or actions that take place later in their dragonet’s life. But there’s a risk Nightwings can rename themselves later on in life.
NightWings are proven to have first rate resistance to lava, as shown when Vengeance, who gets shoved in lava, tries to force his manner out. This trait seemingly developed on the volcano, so in the event that they fall in lava, they might have been able to shortly pull themselves out.

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Current: Queen Glory • King Darkstalker • Queen Battlewinner
Historical: Queen Vigilance

Starflight • Fatespeaker • Moonwatcher • Mightyclaws • Mindreader • Fearless • Bigtail
Deadlyclaws • Deathbringer • Eclipse • Farsight • Fierceteeth • Mastermind • Morrowseer • Obsidian • Preyhunter • Quickstrike • Secretkeeper • Shapeshifter • Slaughter • Starflight’s Daughter • Stonemover • Strongwings • Vengeance • Wisdom

Allknowing • Clearsight • Discretion • Foeslayer • Foreseer • Jewel-eyes • Listener • Morrowwatcher • Prudence • Quickdeath • Starclaws • Swiftwings • Thoughtful • Truthfinder • Tunesmith • Imaginative and prescient

Darkstalker • Whiteout • Eclipse • Fierceclaws • Shadowhunter • Sunny • Firefly
NightWing Island: NightWing Fortress • NightWing Tunnels
The Lost City of Night: Queen Vigilance’s Palace • The NightWing Faculty

The NightWing Exodus
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