Batman: Endgame Or Joker: Endgame (which To buy)

It was far more psychological and was told by unreliable narrators, making the whole thing seem nightmarish and superior. And yes, I would say that the back up subject could very well be it’s own problem. They just chose to place the 2 collectively when the only issues came out. It’s largely simply known as a back up as a result of it did not actually have Batman in it.

I might recommend each, personally. You Would not get the total story in the event you just bought Joker: Endgame, however you possibly can get away with just studying Batman: Endgame. It just wouldn’t be nearly as good imo

Wait, I have never read the back-up. Does the Joker seem in it? What is a tough synopsis of the plot? Google tells me it is teenagers combating contaminated folks, but that does not seem that psychological to me.

those are the Detective Comics tie-ins, I imagine. The back-up story I used to be referring to is the one that is included in the long run of the actual Batman comic. I don’t know what the trade of Joker: Endgame includes, but when it is simply tie-ins and never the back-up arc I would not trouble shopping for it.

The back-up arc in Endgame involves an Arkham doctor being kidnapped by a bunch of loopy inmates that the Joker released. He informed every of them different tales of how he got here to be the Joker, and they go on a kind of scavenger hunt to discover which one is the true one. Whoever was informed the true one survives or something The varied origin tales they inform vary from absurd to disturbing, as they are being informed by unreliable narrators: the Arkham inmates. It simply shows the effect the Joker has on other crazies and how he feeds their various psychoses.