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Reverse Flash Won’t Be From Earth-2, What is going on

The Reverse Flash is coming, however he isn’t making his return courtesy of The Flash’s Earth-2.
‘The Flash’ Season 2: WestAllen Shippers Can be Very Comfortable; EP Teases Fate Of Barry/Iris Romance

Contrary to in style hypothesis, “The Reverse-Flash Returns” will not introduce us to Eobard Thawne’s (Matt Letscher) doppelganger. As not possible as it could seem, Barry (Grant Gustin) and co. will likely be forced to face of with their authentic nemesis as soon as more.

Eddie Thawne have to be rolling over in his grave.
‘The Flash’ Season 2: Joe & His Son To Lock Horns First Have a look at Wally’s Unlawful Conduct

“This Reverse-Flash is not precisely the Reverse-Flash that we noticed disintegrate at the tip of the 12 months,” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg teased, according to Entertainment Weekly. “It is a Reverse-Flash from an earlier timeline. It isn’t the Earth-Two Reverse-Flash, it is the Reverse-Flash.”

So, how is this doable batman arkham t shirt white Apparently, you may thank The Flash’s non-conventional relationship with Father Time.

“Time on our present does not unfold linearly,” Kreisberg defined. “Sometimes batman arkham t shirt white you have seen events from one route and then you definitely start to see them from the opposite.”

Are you ready for the Reverse Flash to burst back onto the scene Barry only simply let go of his hatred for Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh)/Eobard Thawne, but when episode 11 rolls round, the Scarlett Speedster might must reevaluate the situation.