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Evaluate: 70610 Flying Jelly Sub

Garmadon leads an military of aquatic villains in his conquest of NINJAGO City and 70610 Flying Jelly Sub is without doubt one of the extra outlandish automobiles which participate in the attack. It’s designed to resemble a jellyfish so includes a big translucent cockpit dome and six tentacles that are organized in a circle and look excellent.

Many of the 341 pieces are devoted to the automobile belonging to the villains however the set also comes with a totally impressive boat and four wonderful minifigures. It certainly seems to supply good value at a value of £24.99 or $29.Ninety nine, a high quality which applies to almost the entire range in my view!

The LEGO NINJAGO Movie introduces some new attire for the ninja however their respective colours remain and Jay is accordingly dressed in a darkish blue robe with vivid blue highlights. The new head wrap consists of two pieces, one in all which is fitted across the neck whereas the opposite rests on top. They match together perfectly and that i just like the dark blue band working across the forehead which matches the darkish blue torso design.

The contrast between dark and bright colours appears to be like splendid. Along with the blue lining, the graphic designer has included some orange particulars equivalent to straps around the knees and an emblem on the back of the torso. Jay’s head is decorated with a smile and a frown in addition to some freckles that are seen even when the pinnacle wrap is being worn. A flail with a spike at the end completes the figure, recalling the Nunchucks of Lightning wielded by Jay in lots of early NINJAGO units.

NINJAGO Metropolis is thrown into chaos upon the arrival of Garmadon and Takuma is one among the many residents who gets caught up within the attack. He wears a conventional sand blue gown over a dark blue shirt as well as a pair of sandals printed on the ft. The folds within the fabric look nice and i like the dark orange belt but it’s disappointing that the identical clothing seems in so many units from the first wave.

Takuma’s head, on the other hand, is unique. The bushy eyebrows and facial hair are very distinctive but another neutral expression would have improved the versatility of this minifigure. The top knot hair piece may have concealed a second face so it appears a disgrace that this was overlooked, as on most of the civilian minifigures in the vary. Nonetheless, this is a great determine and that i appreciate the inclusion of named characters for the ninja to guard.

Garmadon’s army consists of many various kinds of troopers, every of whom takes inspiration from a sea creature. Jelly is based on a jellyfish and wears an infinite spherical helmet with tentacles hanging down the sides and a few orange decoration on high. It seems to be brilliant, significantly as the tentacles proceed onto the torso, but the helmet tends to wobble barely which is unfortunate.

Beneath the tentacles is a sand blue uniform which appears to be commonplace concern for every trooper. Jelly bat country joker t shirt zip wears a dark bluish gray utility belt and a pair of kneepads which also seem on Hammer Head, another warrior who takes inspiration from the famed shark family. His helmet is subsequently designed to resemble a hammerhead shark, although it’s not a really close match for the supply materials and the rectangular eyes look relatively odd to me.

Hammer Head wears a pair of pearl dark gray air tanks and a battery icon shows the air remaining on the entrance of the chest armour. Every minifigure comes geared up with an appropriately fishy weapon as medium blue fish kind the handles of a blade and a spear! These are lots of fun but I’m wondering whether or not a brand new ingredient might need been produced, just so the weapons might be extra realistically proportioned.

The Accomplished Mannequin
The name ‘Flying Jelly Sub’ means that this vehicle is able to operating underwater or within the air and it appears to be like as if it would be acceptable for either surroundings, featuring turbines, individually articulated tentacles and a pair of yellow cannisters which could symbolize ballast tanks. The general form of the craft is undoubtedly paying homage to its animal inspiration and I’m very happy with the trans-clear dome on prime.

The craft is propelled by six mechanical tentacles, every of which incorporates two factors of articulation so you can create some interesting poses. The whole structure can spin freely to type a large propellor underwater and three stickers which look suitably military adorn alternating tentacles. The yellow and black stripes on the upper sections of the limbs are also a pleasant touch, matching the color scheme of the propulsion units.

4 trans-orange chains dangle from the underside of the Jelly Sub and each one is tipped with a poisonous barb. They aren’t related to the rotating tentacles, though the chains nonetheless move round whereas the vehicle is in flight and the uncovered studs allow you to manually attach minifigures or other items as if they have turn out to be trapped among the many barbs. Sadly, the chains merely rest on the ground when the model is landed however they would look great on display if one was to construct a stand for the model.

A trans-clear dome gives the pilot a large area of view from the cockpit but also resembles the translucent body of a bat country joker t shirt zip many real jellyfish species. It appears good and that i like the sand blue elements which type the hull plating, all of which are fairly uncommon. Two orange lights are cleverly fitted to the entrance of the model utilizing revolvers, allowing the Jelly Sub to navigate the darkish depths of the ocean safely.

Two totally different weapons are mounted on both aspect of the cockpit bubble and they are often rotated on ball joints. The harpoons are mounted in place but the projectiles on the proper are flick-hearth missiles which seem to be making a gradual return this year. They give the impression of being completely wonderful and will fire an affordable distance if correctly flicked, although they are not nearly as effective as stud shooters or spring-loaded launchers.

Opening the canopy reveals a seat for the pilot together with a trans-clear mug and some controls. A new printed 1×2 slope has been introduced for The LEGO NINJAGO Movie and this options a radar display as well as a few buttons and dials. I expect the crimson swap beside the seat launches the flick-hearth missiles while the yellow levers dictate the path of journey.

A pair of massive turbines allow the pilot to steer the Flying Jelly Sub and these can be rotated all the way round to face in any direction. Two cylindrical containers are clipped to the back of the mannequin and these are pretty generic so might characterize gasoline tanks, air tanks or ballast tanks. They are decorated with hazard stripes which look quite nice and the clip attachment method lets you angle the tanks if you would like.

The set additionally consists of a boat which belongs to Takuma. This model measures over 16cm in size so is surprisingly substantial and a high stage of detail is maintained throughout. The hull is fairly plain but the construction on high looks good, significantly towards the rear where a tiny cabin is formed using 1×4 tiles set at an angle. There isn’t any inside but at this scale I think its outward appearance is sufficiently impressive.

This vessel is presumably meant for gathering seafood based on what we all know about the economy of NINJAGO Metropolis so a few buckets are placed on the deck. I imagine the dark tan bags hanging from the body above are also used for storing the day’s catch or perhaps some nets, although no such equipment are included except you take away the medium blue fish from the weaponry belonging to Garmadon’s troops.

A small lantern is fitted in direction of the bow of the boat and a golden flag flies at the stern. I like the little exhaust stack on high of the cabin and the curvature of the sides appears to be like great, matching an analogous boat present in 70620 NINJAGO Metropolis. The decorative railings are additionally a delightful inclusion, particularly since they have not appeared in reddish brown before and could show very useful in this wooden color.

70610 Flying Jelly Sub is perhaps my favourite of the automobiles which make up Garmadon’s military in the LEGO NINJAGO Film. The craft looks suitably bizarre and consists of loads of fun play features in addition to some welcome rare pieces. It’s unfortunate that the toxic tentacles can’t cling beneath the vessel whereas it is on display but I like how they flail around in flight and an acceptable balance between practical and jellyfish-based details has been found.

View image at flickr
The boat is superb too. It seems very sensible and features a remarkable stage of detail given its standing as the secondary model in a comparatively small set. I particularly recognize the angled planks of wooden in direction of the rear and the baggage hanging above the deck look nice. I might actually suggest this set and at £24.99 or $29.Ninety nine it offers good value in relation to different merchandise at the same value point.

I hope you have discovered this assessment informative. Tell us by liking this text and share your thoughts on the set in the feedback beneath.

This set was supplied for assessment by The LEGO Group but the assessment is an expression of my very own opinions.

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23 comments on this text
Takuma Obviously somebody at Lego watched the indy 500…

Nice overview! Lego really did not hold back with rare colours or new pieces for this wave. I hope someone shall be selling the boat by itself on BL.

So glad I received this set.
This is a foolish cool set.

^^^ Probably lots of Londoners know “Takuma” as somebody that doesn’t play for Arsenal!
You may get an important deal on this at the Lego store on-line right now. The £25 Jelly Sub plus the (very overpriced in the UK) £40 Water Strider for a complete of £50. Chuck in the free Ninjago Battle Pod and the free Cavemen and you’re onto a winner.

Thanks for another great overview and set of pictures, CapnRex!

I think Jay’s weapon is purported to be a kusarigama.
I notably just like the boat and the fisherman, however am not mad keen on the remainder. I want there were some method of splitting units with different AFOLs so that every received solely the parts they needed without having to pay a premium on the secondary market.

With the Jelly minifig design, I hope that means we’ll lastly get a Marvel Mysterio down the highway.
I hope Lego repurposes that jelly dome helmet for a Mysterio determine. The sub itself looks enjoyable and the boat seems great at this scale. I doubt I’ll buy this instantly, but if I discover it on sale, I will definitely choose it up! Nice assessment!

The only drawback with the TLNM units is the lack of normal, non-screaming faces on the civilians. Otherwise, awesome!

Terrific assessment as this appears to be like like one other terrific set for TLNM.
LOVE this set, what an correct assessment! This set appeared to be left over on the shelves at Legoland California, alongside the Manta Ray Bomber, in spite of everything the other sets in the preliminary release had sold, but I didn’t understand why. I feel it’s among the best sets in the complete wave!

These units are so much fun that they make me marvel why don’t we collect Ninjago instead of SW…

@Zander – why not begin a thread in the forum to see if anybody does need to half-purchase this and/or different sets Not one thing I have considered but I can see the attraction if two folks just do need completely different elements from the same set.

Purchased this set myself simply because it stuffed my ‘weirdly superior’ factor for wanting lego sets. Need to say its an ideal build with a bunch of fun particulars just like the mug in the cockpit for the drivers tea break.

Positively certainly one of the higher sets within the range up to now. Heck… should say its more enjoyable then the Green Dragon Mech, which I additionally own.

The boat certainly appears to be like like an ideal addition to any Ninjago Metropolis. I believe if I do get 70620 and 70607, this’ll be next.

Once once more, the sidebuild steals the show.
And yeah, alternate faces for the final inhabitants would be greater than welcome.

This, for my part, is the most effective “dangerous guy” set on this line. It puts the Manta Ray Bomber and even the Garma Mecha Man fully to shame!

Every thing is superior about this set: the minifigs, the builds, the price. I wish it wasn’t a TRU exclusive, tho, since I doubt that TRU will put this on sale.

Once i mentioned that I had Takuma Sato in thoughts, a Japanese ex-f1 driver who at present competes for I believe andretti autosport in IndyCar. He’s well-known for attempting overtakes that seem like suicide but sometimes work. He because the first Asian driver to win the indy 500.

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The dome just isn’t new, its a printed version of

Much better than the Manta Ray Bomber (for my part, anyway). Hope to place together my very own little Ninjago Metropolis with this ship attacking it!

nice evaluation!
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