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Supergirl Season 2 Episode 14 Evaluation: Homecoming

Mon-El: It’s Jeremiah’s return. What if Cadmus allowed us to rescue Jeremiah so he could sabotage us Simply when this doomsday bomb is about to be detonated. I imply, think about it.
Winn: Okay, you recognize what I knew I shouldn’t have given you my Netflix password. As a result of watching that much 24 without delay is not wholesome.

– Permalink: Okay, you understand what I knew I shouldn’t have given you my Netflix password. As a result of watching…

Is anybody else completely on board with a Mon-El/Winn bromance now I believe it might prove to be fairly entertaining.

We’ve seen how nicely Winn plays pool. Darts were clearly a nasty thought.
Still, he and Lyra are pretty adorable. Hopefully, she’s not hiding something sinister.

As ordinary, Chyler Leigh was unimaginable. Her performance was heartbreaking.
I’m slightly involved that Alex goes to seek out herself with a gun pointed at Jeremiah once more down the road and haven’t any choice however to pull the trigger.

As a lot as I’d like to see Jeremiah’s return lead to a happy ending, it feels extra possible it’s going to finish tragically. Maybe not at Alex’s hand but dying heroically to save lots of her or Kara is an actual chance.

In fact, there have been some comfortable moments.
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Mon-El waking up alone, Kara flying by means of the window with flowers and espresso, Mon-El proceeding to place said flowers in a lamp shade; it was all simply so home.

Their relationship won’t ever be regular, however that does not imply they can’t have their very own model of romantic bliss. They’re in the honeymoon part in any case.

Mon-El is a little bit of a gradual learner, however he’s finally starting to get it. He’s studying how to provide support and pay attention with out bane workout t shirt needing to protect her on a regular basis.

He is extremely fortunate he fell for such a affected person girl.
As tough because the day was, I can hardly blame Alex for needing a drink, but it’s also concerning me slightly bit. Is anyone else apprehensive she’s changing into an alcoholic I hope not, nevertheless it would not shock me if the story eventually progresses to that time.

Alex and Kara each had somebody to console them, however what about poor J’onn Perhaps Eliza could possibly be a friend to him. She was the only one of many Danvers clan to keep her head on via all of this.

What did you guys consider Jeremiah’s return What do you suspect Cadmus needs with the alien registry

If you need to catch up, you can always watch Supergirl online.
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Homecoming Evaluate
– 2.5 bane workout t shirt / 5.Zero

– three.6 / 5.0
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