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Where Would Batman And Harley Quinn Sit Within the DCAU Timeline

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Where Would Batman and Harley Quinn Sit in the DCAU Timeline

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The place Would Batman and Harley Quinn Sit within the DCAU Timeline
My only guess is sometime after the Return of the Joker flashbacks given Tim and Joker have been each no-show in the film.

15:46, August 21, 2017
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Nowhere, as it’s not really canon.

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sixteen:02, August 21, 2017
Quote Extra – Historical past

Warner Bros. and DC did verify it is in continuity with Batman: The Animated Collection.
There’s some stuff in there that offers an idea of where it fits. Booster Gold called from the watchtower, and he lists the names of a number of league members he may ship to help Batman, none of that are the unique seven league members.

This means it occurs during a degree that there is an expanded league, so it sits at a degree no less than during Justice League Limitless.

At which point each Randa Duane and Captain Clown had been destroyed.
Tupka217 wrote: At which point both Randa Duane and Captain Clown were destroyed.

True, but as they had been each androids, their destruction can’t be used to point avengers t shirt design youtube towards any particular level in time, since androids will be rebuilt.

That’s an assumption.
Tupka217 wrote: That is an assumption.

It may not even have a stable level within the timeline.
Two androids in background cameos really does not imply that it is not at a strong level within the timeline, particularly when there may be dialogue within the film that factors to a specific point in time. There are various, many ways androids that have been presumed to be destroyed could show up once more at a future point.

Booster Gold watching the watchtower, and his mention of prolonged league members, makes it fairly clear that it is meant to take place after the extended league was added to the roster. This was written by Bruce Timm, and he wrote it with intentions that it match in the DCAU. He wouldn’t write the script to include an prolonged league in the film if he didn’t intend for it to take place after the extended roster was added in Justice League Unlimited.

That is additionally an assumption.
If the film were to be set in the DCAU, I suppose that the occasions of Batman and Harley Quinn take place after the occasions of the flashback featured within the Justice League Limitless episode “Epilogue” and before the events of the flashback scene featured in Batman Past: Return of the Joker.

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