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Batman Film

Apparently, Orson Welles – writer/director of the best Movie Ever Made – Citizen Kane, not to mention the good “Conflict of the Worlds” radio broadcast, Contact of Evil, the Magnificent Ambersons – you get the concept. One of the pillars of high quality Hollywood cinema – if such a non-oxymoronic phrase like that can be stated.

Anyway, apparently he was planning a Batman film, and even had roles cast (Marlene Dietrich because the Catwoman! James Cagney as the Riddler!!) and design sketches, but that he needed to star as Batman/Bruce Wayne but the studio wished a extra sq.-jawed main man so plans fell apart.

Would not’ve that 100% Cotton BB-8 Cartoon Short Sleeve Customized Autumn Children’s T-shirt been wonderful I wonder if the script is fleshed out sufficient and strong sufficient that it could possibly be used as the premise of one of the newer films being planned….I would be very interested to see how Welles interpreted Batman, particularly because his script was always be batman t shirt 2017 many years earlier than always be batman t shirt 2017 the Miller/Darkish Knight Returns re-interpretation of the Batman persona which now holds sway….