Agents Of SHIELD Teases Ghost Riders Return

Marvel Agents of SHIELD Twitter account tweeted a cryptic message on Monday morning that appears to trace at the return of Ghost Rider.

The tweet reads, Forecast is predicting flamin sizzling weather. The text is adopted by a hearth emoji and a winking face emoji.

The winking emoji accompanying the strange tweet suggests that it’s a hint at issues to return. The references to heat and flame might point in the direction of Ghost Rider, whose skull visage and automotive, the Hell Charger, are wreathed in hellfire.

Robbie Reyes (Gabriel Luna) is Ghost Rider. As revealed earlier in this season of Brokers of SHIELD, Reyes acquired the ability of the Ghost Rider when one other Ghost Rider bestowed it upon him, saving Reyes from dying after an otherwise fatal automotive crash. The darkish side of the deal was that Reyes became possessed by a spirit of vengeance, filling him with fury and compelling him to mete out vicious and violent justice in the direction of the wicked.

Forecast is predicting flamin sizzling weather 暉  #AgentsofSHIELD

Reyes was final seen before Agents of SHIELD took its Men’s Darth Vader Print Long Sleeve T-Shirt mid-season break. On the conclusion of the host Rider arc, Reyes discovered that he had been betrayed by his uncle, Eli Morrow, for management of the mystical tome referred to as the Darkhold. Morrow used the Darkhold to build a Quantum Particle Generator. The conflict ended when Ghost Rider held Morrow quick to the system, sending them each through an inter-dimensional portal. Reyes and Morrow haven been seen since.

The Darkhold was additionally utilized by AIDA to create the Framework, meaning there may be a connection between Ghost Rider destiny and the world that the agents of SHIELD presently discover themselves trapped in. The Framework model of Reyes may appear, but there no cause to consider he would possess the ability of the Ghost Rider. Maybe then the Ghost Rider who fell by means of the inter-dimensional portal could land within the Framework or reappear in the real world to protect the brokers who remained there from the Superior’s coming assault.