2017 Marvel Legends 4 Wave 1 Released! Moon Knight! X-23!

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While I used to be at Target this morning hysterically tossing the new X-Males Marvel Legends figures into my basket, I caught a glimpse of one thing out of the nook of my eye that it took my mind a second to understand. Though I hadn heard any reports about them hitting stores but, the Marvel Universe scale three.75 Marvel Legends 2017 Wave 1 figures had been all in-inventory and in entrance of my face, together with X-23 Wolverine, Moon Knight, Maestro and more!

I not gonna lie: we see so little information regarding the comic-primarily based Hasbro Marvel Universe scale 4 Marvel Legends figures nowadays that I are inclined to overlook that new figures are launched in the road at all when they e not proper in entrance of me.

Luckily, in the present day it simply so occurred that the very first half-dozen new releases in the 2017 Marvel Legends 4 figures collection actually had been right in entrance of me-and on sale for 50% off, too! Thanks, Target!

There are six figures within the series, all of which revealed way again at San Diego Comedian Con 2016 in July 2016 (it no marvel I neglect this line continues to be going!).

The figure on this sequence that I expect to be the hottest seller and hottest of the wave by far is the brand new Marvel Legends X-23 Wolverine (AKA All-New Wolverine), as it the first mass market launch for Laura. The paint apps may have been a bit cleaner on the two at my store, however Wolverine X-23 was coming house with me it doesn’t matter what.

The other motion determine in this series that I anticipate to be mega-standard is the Marvel Legends Moon Knight 4 figure.

We l be getting an even bigger and higher model of 6 Moon Knight in this costume in a pair months with equipment and more articulation, but I a Moon Knight fanboy and couldn resist buying this one as effectively.

Becoming a member of his 6 determine that at present hitting stores, it the 3.75 Spider-UK! I a mark for Spider-Man variants, however I hate this unarticulated torso so much that I couldn bring myself to purchase this specific figure, as a lot as I wanted to.

Does anyone else assume it weird that that is arvel Spider-UK on the package deal? Are there really other firms that have a personality named Spider-UK?! The world might by no means know.

Subsequent, we e obtained All-New All-Totally different Iron Man making his Hasbro Legends toy debut! Even without an Avengers wave to put him in this 12 months, I really feel like this armor needs to get a release by this time subsequent year.

I ponder if Hasbro might be holding off on releasing this armor to do a barely different Marvel Legends Ironheart figure instead

4 Marvel Legends Maestro is the fifth determine in this sequence, and a character that historically been pretty standard at any time when he launched.

I genuinely not a fan of the trendy Maestro in battle armor, so I not almost as enthusiastic about this Maestro figure as I like to be. It l be interesting to see how well this model does sales-smart.

Finally, we e bought a two-pack (of a sort) rounding out the series: Marvel Legends Lady Deadpool and Squirrelpool! Both of these figures are repacks from the SDCC 2013 Deadpool Corps exclusive set.

Regardless of Wanda Wilson principally being a non-entity within the comics these days, she remained in style and has a Lady Deadpool Marvel Select determine at the moment out there for order, and a Marvel Legends 6 figure nearly guaranteed (in my mind) for a 2018 Deadpool Legends sequence that hasn even been hinted at but and at present solely exists in my imagination.

I haven seen any on-line retailers taking orders for this sequence but, however there are ample three.75 Marvel Legends 2017 figures on eBay now at inflated costs for those who absolutely can not wait. I not in love with this sequence like I used to be, so I wasn going to spend a penny above MSRP on these figures. Your accumulating mileage could differ, of course. For those who wish to try their luck with the shared DCPI # for this sequence at Target, the quantity is 087-06-1970.

Anyone else spot this simply-launched wave of Hasbro Marvel Universe figures at their own stores yet? Who (apart from me) is still collecting toys from this line, and what do you suppose of those new releases?